35 Year-Old Personal Trainer Accused of Severe Sexual Assault on 8 Year-Old Girl. Media Calls it “Molestation”

The media headline for this story reads, “Girl, 8, Allegedly Molested By Personal Trainer.” However, if you watch the video, it’s clear the child was either raped, assaulted vaginally with a foreign object, or the guy performed oral sex on her.  The police detective called it, a “288.7(b), ” which comes up on google as being one of the above sex acts on a child. Yet the detective couldn’t even bring himself to say what the man is accused of.

I grow tired of the old saying, “unspeakable crimes.” If child sexual abuse is ever to be stopped, society must stop referring to the crime as, “unspeakable” and “unbelievable.” These crimes against children ARE believable and we must speak about them in order to stop the human denial system that permeates mainstream America. Society does not want to hear that little eight year-old girls are sometimes raped, sodomized, or orally copulated by adult men…well too bad. Americans need to hear it.

The U.S. media and police authorities cater to America’s denial system by sugar-coating sex acts with children. The word “molested” gives the impression that the child was merely touched or fondled. This does not mean it is okay for an adult to do this, or that children who are fondled or touched inappropriately aren’t as important, or that their experience is any less of a crime, but if I were that little girl, I would want people to know the truth about what he did to me. Her identity is protected by law so people need to know what he did to a child and what ‘the guy next door’ is capable of. It’s time we stop minimizing what it is that perpetrators actually DO to children.  Denial helps no one except the child abuser.

Source, Video, and Story: Trainer Allegedly Molested Girl: Girl, 8, allegedly molested by trainer of gym – KSWB.

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2 Responses to 35 Year-Old Personal Trainer Accused of Severe Sexual Assault on 8 Year-Old Girl. Media Calls it “Molestation”

  1. shana Dines says:

    It needs to be called what it is, and it shouldn’t be sugar coated, it is very brave of you to print this. Amen! SincerelyShana

    • aletheamarinanova says:

      Thanks Shana. I don’t know about brave but I have come to a point in my life where I can’t allow fear to dictate my life.

      Good wishes!

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