Melissa Huckaby Committed A Satanic Act

On June 14th, 2010 Melissa Huckaby, who kidnapped and murdered eight year-old Sandra Cantu, was sentenced to life in prison for her crime.

In spite of Huckaby’s denial that she sexually abused Sandra, and according to several new sources, Sandra Cantu suffered greatly and was indeed sexually assaulted –most likely raped with a kitchen rolling pin.

After Sandra’s body was found last March, police searched the church and they found a rolling pin with Sandra’s blood on the handle and according to the court records, “there were injuries to the external genitalia which were consistent with the diameter of the rolling pin handles.”

Melissa Huckaby apparently drugged her child victim before allegedly raping her but claims that her victim did not suffer. Hmmm, let’s see. She kidnaps the little girl, confines her, puts her through terror, brings her to a church where she probably raped her with a rolling pin, and then strangles her with the blood-soaked cloth knotted into a noose that was discovered with Sandra”s body. Even if the child had been drugged, she still experienced something. Being drugged by your perpetrator doesn’t mean there is no trauma to the body or soul.

Melissa Huckaby

AP Photo

Melissa Huckaby pleaded guilty to murder and kidnapping but the sexual abuse charges and the death penalty were dropped in exchange for life in prison. Huckaby stood in court and said she didn’t molest the little girl, but she is a liar. One might ask, why would a person admit to kidnapping and murder, but not to the rape of a child? Simply because -in many ways- the rape of a child is worse than child murder.

Investigators feel that Sandra was murdered and raped in a church. This woman sounds like a Satanist to me, but the press isn’t going there.  What so called “Christian,” as Huckaby was supposed to be, takes a child to a church where she violates the child’s vagina wih a foreign object and then murders her, only to stuff her body inside a suitcase? A Satanist does this, not a Sunday School teacher. 

Detectives and reporters keep asking what the motive was for Huckaby to murder the child. Hello??? Is anyone home??? I believe it to be quite obvious that she is a sexual deviant and probably even a practicing Satanist.

Huckaby stated in the courtroom that she loved  Sandra “a great deal.” If you love a child, you don’t kidnap, rape and murder them. I’ve had enough of this woman’s self-serving statements and lies.


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15 Responses to Melissa Huckaby Committed A Satanic Act

  1. nktrygg says:


    The person making the positive claim has the burden of proof.

    There’s been many police investigation in the US, Canada and UK – not a one has ever been proven to be satanic – the folks may be convicted for a while, but it’s overturn on appeal – because the investigation drove hysteria, not the events.

    Sexual molesting of children is pretty much the worst crime there is, and it’s done by people.

    there’s no need to layer it with a supernatural nonsense that actually takes away the accountability.

    otherwise, if this woman claimed it was satan and she asked for jesus’ forgiveness, wouldn’t you then have to give it to her?

    if she was really repentant?

    • aletheamarinanova says:


      This isn’t a debate forum. I have dealt with people like you before. If I post the sources, you will try and debate each one. I have no time for such things.

      What you call “supernatural nonsense” in no way excuses someone. On the contrary, it makes them even more culpable because they are committing sheer evil, instead of having committed a crime due to rage, passion, circumstances, or their own sexual abuse history.

      I am not talking about people who claim Satan told them to do something (although that is B.S. on their part). I am referring to those who practice and get high off the ritualistic abuse of children because they love Satan or worship Satan.

      Who am I to forgive her? The only person that can forgive her is Sandra and her family. Huckaby did nothing to me. It would be arrogant of me to say I forgive her.

      • nktrygg says:


        this may not be a debate forum, but the rules of logic don’t fly out the window.

        And you don’t know me – you claimed knowledge of convicted satantic ritual abuse cases.

        My research has indicated no such thing.

        So you providing me a direction just means that I read up on them.

        You weren’t involved in the cases, so what is there to come back on? Certainly the only debate would be if it was later overturned – as they always are

        because of faulty investigation techniques.

        Perhaps you shouldn’t try to pigeon hole people and a back and forth conversation would be mutually beneficial – perhaps others joining in.

        After all, we are both in agreement that this woman did pretty much the most vile thing.

        but, if you only want people to agree 100% with you, then that’s a fan club and you’re not doing yourself any favours living a a confirmation bias cloud.

      • aletheamarinanova says:

        I didn’t say I know you, Nktrygg. I said that I have dealt with people LIKE YOU before. You have to be prepared to be judged by your postings and I checked out your Blog site.

        “Certainly the only debate would be if it was later overturned – as they always are”

        Don’t be so sure of yourself. “Always” are?

        I have no need to convince you of anything, and if you read all of my Blog posts, you would see that I don’t give two hoots if people agree 100% with me. In fact, I have stated in other posts and comments that I like it when someone disagrees because at least they have a voice and care about something enough to speak up.

        Have a beautiful day!

  2. nktrygg says:

    the press is likely not “going there” because there is no there to go to.

    Look at that pair of guys arrested in texas for planning to bomb some government building. They had 1 book on atheism in their trailer and the press jumped all over it – ignoring that there were 5 bibles in the place – and it turned out the atheist book belonged to a girlfriend who had left it there.

    the press never retracted the atheist slur, they just stopped hammering it.

    given all the pedophile priests molesting kids in churches, just because the absolutely reprehensible actions that this women did occurred there, doesn’t make her a satanist.

    Even Anton Le Vay would have been appalled by this crime – he was quite clear that children shouldn’t be harmed.

    plus, there was nothing ritualistic about the murder – just very rare for this sort of crime to be done by a woman.

    I think that the death penalty would have been too good for her – better that she live long and die in prison.


    • aletheamarinanova says:

      Nina, there have been plenty of cases of Satanic Ritual Abuse tried and won in the courts.

      The term “pedophile priest” is erroneous.

      Huckaby took the rolling pin that is used by the church to make unleavened bread for “the Lord’s Supper” and violated her victim with it sexually. In addition, she did it in a church and murdered her victim in a church. Maybe you believe in coincidences, I don’t.

      Some Satanists murder and abuse children, some don’t. There are extremists in all belief systems.

      • nktrygg says:


        you are going to have to cite these alleged successful cases that were proven to be satanic, because a review of the literature doesn’t refer to any.

        that McMartin preschool – after decades of that family be destroyed by ridiculous allegations, all fell apart

        it was determined that the counselors lead the children and none of the claims could be proven

        there were no tunnels or rooms under the building, you can’t stick a knife through a turtle and many others.

        when several of the kids became teens and young adults, they recanted their stories and said they largely told the stories for attention and because it was what the adults seemed to have wanted to hear.

        as for pedopriests – yes, many of them did molest boys and girls below the age of 12, others molested teenager – and yes there is different word for that.

        non-priest pedophiles are also generally married to woman and most molest girls (often daughters or step-daughters) but many molest stranger kids, including boys.

        Molesting, like rape, isn’t about sex – it’s about power.

        while it may not be 100% accurate to say pedo-priest, it’s a simple enough catch all

        besides, the ones who molested children are of far greater concern – there’s lots of disagreement on age of sexual consent

        but we’re all pretty much in agreement that kids must be off limits.

      • nktrygg says:

        as for what Huckaby did – often rapists will use implements, perhaps it had a meaning for her, perhaps it was just handy.

        perhaps she went to the church because she knew they’d be alone – in which case, she’da have to have been a member.

        it’s very odd for a woman to rape a child like that – usually women molest boys.

        in any event, was there any evidence of satanic books, images, items in her house?

        just because she did a vile act, does not mean she was a satanist.

        it seems to me that you are using the no true Scotsman fallacy.

        you can’t accept that a christian identified woman would have done this – and so she must be a satanist.

        unless you have proof beyond your discomfort at the barest association between you, you can’t really call someone else a satanist.

      • aletheamarinanova says:

        “you are going to have to cite these alleged successful cases…”

        I don’t “have” to do anything. You can look it up yourself. I don’t have time to do your research for you.

        Molesting isn’t about sex????? Oh really? You might want to check out my article on that:

        “while it may not be 100% accurate to say pedo-priest, it’s a simple enough catch all”

        For those of us who were sexually abused as children, it is offensive for someone to call it a “catch all,” as it minimizes sexual abuse, and places a silly and erroneous term on a very serious subject.

      • aletheamarinanova says:


        Sexual abuse by women is far from rare.

        I concede that I don’t know if Huckaby is a Satanist or not, but she did indeed commit a Satanic act on a child. It is Satan who drives a soul to kidnap a young child, brutally rape her with a foreign object, and then murder the child and stuff her body in a suitcase.

        I know darn well that so-called “Christians” sometimes commit heinous acts but I also know that those who practice Satanism and abuse children ritually often hide behind being a “Christian” in order to cover up their dark side.

  3. Carmen says:

    Oh, how disturbing. This is beyond evil.

  4. deb says:

    I had never read what she used on Sandra, makes me sick to my stomach !!! I hope she is put in general population and not in protective custody.I still think they should have kept all charges against this piece of sh*t.

  5. Ideas says:

    Why would the press not go there (Satanism)? Because Huckaby didn’t go there? Protecting the church and those who attend from the truth?

    Sometimes people categorize…criminals, crime… but the forces of evil and satanism are left out because to acknowledge these, one must acknowledge a God. Also these words conjure up terror and an entity beyond the law.

  6. sophie says:

    Sick sick sick.

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