Man Who Killed His Alleged Childhood Rapist Sentenced To Nine Years

Aaron Vargas, age thirty-two, alleges that he was sexually abused as a child by a friend of the family. A judge has sentenced him to nine years in prison for killing his alleged rapist. Vargas put a pistol against the chest of Darrell McNeill, who was sixty-three, in February 2009 and pulled the trigger.

As Vargas stood and watched his alleged rapist suffer, he told Liz McNeill, Darrell’s wife, all about the rapes and wouldn’t let her leave the couch until McNeill was finally dead. Authorities say that it took McNeill about twenty minutes to die.

Aaron Vargas/AP Photo

About sixty of Aaron’s friends and family cried, were in shock, or merely sat silently as the judge handed down the sentence last week in a Mendocino County California Superior Court. They were hoping Aaron would only serve five-years.

According to, McNeil raped and molested several children in the Fort Bragg area. McNeill’s former wife, as well as many victims, reported his crimes to authorities. They say that no investigation was ever done and McNeill never questioned. One of his alleged victims committed suicide a few years ago.

Investigators and a probation officer had examined Vargas’ record and concluded that the abuse allegations might very well have been true, but they said that because Vargas “continued having sex with McNeill until breaking it off about four years ago eventually made theirs a consensual adult relationship.”

The alleged molestation and rapes began when Vargas was just an eleven year-old boy and more than a dozen other men came forward after Vargas’ arrest, alleging that they were also raped or molested by McNeill.  Aaron Vargas’ own brother was one of those men.

Authorities and judges are so ignorant of how child sexual abuse and the human mind work. If the allegations are true, Aaron was raped against his will at age eleven and forced into a sexual “relationship” with his rapist, through coercion, betrayal, lies, deceit, sexual stimulation, and a child’s need for love and approval. I don’t care how many times Aaron’s adult body had sex with that man, if the allegations of child rape are true, Aaron’s mind was not his own, it had been abused and programmed into a sexual ‘affair’ with his rapist.

I personally believe Aaron was raped by this man but I also don’t condone murder. I’m happy that Aaron is only getting nine years, he could have gotten life like Stacey Lannert did for killing her sexually abusive father. Stacey is out of prison now but only because of a massive effort of people who continued to stand behind her and write the judge and state senator in the case. I do think Aaron should serve some time because people can’t think it’s okay to go around killing their perpetrators years after the crime has ended.

To read more about Aaron, go to The photo taken of Aaron around the time of his rape as a boy, tells it all.

Source: Man gets 9 years for killing childhood rapist.

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5 Responses to Man Who Killed His Alleged Childhood Rapist Sentenced To Nine Years

  1. Anonymous says:

    “if the allegations of child rape are true, Aaron’s mind was not his own, it had been abused and programmed into a sexual ‘affair’ with his rapist.”

    Just that, the guy’s life was hijacked and derailed. How many men and women, including me, continue to have abusive relationships with people just because they know nothing else and their minds have been programmed to relate to other people in certain patterns, to keep the cycle of abuse going, and the hatred flowing?

    I am sorry he chose a way to get this man away from society in a way that would also give him jail time.

    • Cheryl Wilson says:

      What is sad is the fact if I were in his shoes I could of done the same thing! Only God knows how we would react in that situation, and until we are there we have no clue!
      Being a survivor, and my son being raped by a Uncle if I had of known about it at the time it was happening I very well could of shot him…. Cheryl

  2. Cheryl Wilson says:

    Aaron you are in my Prayers as well as all involved, family and friends, as well as the wife and family of the rapest! I was raped for years by an uncle, so I thought I protected my sons, and I was wrong and trusted my sister and her husband since she also had been a victim, my youngest son was raped by them and my sons waited until after they had died to tell me knowing I could very well be in your shoes right now!
    Is there anyway to get tthis reduced? I will yell and scream and write as many letters I can to help you! Cheryl

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