Rapist’s Mother Blames the Victim

Apparently, Daniel Rinehart, convicted of raping his own daughter, has a mother who lives in LaLa Land. Three cheers to Carolyn D. Spears, who wrote this letter to the Kansas City Star:

“I was completely and utterly appalled, horrified, dismayed and angry when I read the statement from the mother of Danial Rinehart in the June 8 A1 story “Rinehart gets life in prison.” According to Delores Rinehart, the girl “should have spoken up if he was bothering her.”

I cannot believe she really meant that. Who was the victim supposed to “speak up” to? Her mother? She was complicit. School authorities? She was kept out of school. The neighbors? The family constantly moved around and purposely lived where his dirty deeds could go unchecked.

The girls were threatened with harm if they said anything.

For the record, Danial Rinehart was not “bothering her.” He was raping her. A father is supposed to be his daughter’s protector, not injurer.

I understand a mother’s love, but wrong is wrong. Raping your daughter is wrong. Ms. Rinehart, your comments were preposterous. Where is the love for your granddaughter?”

Carolyn D. Spears, Kansas City


(Danial Rinehart)

Visit the KC Star: Letters | Wednesday, June 23 – KansasCity.com.

More on Rinehart: https://ordinaryevil.wordpress.com/?s=rinehart

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7 Responses to Rapist’s Mother Blames the Victim

  1. stacy says:

    I’m not really suprised. My mother was, and still is, one of THEM. It’s all “head-in-the-sand” all the way….. it’s the only way they can live with themselves.

    • Cheryl Wilson says:

      Sad times, and some do not help (the ones with their heads in the sand I mean)If we could enforse the laws to make punishment fit the crimes, when its beyound doubt the person is guilty, or they confess, then we would be making a GIANT LEAP towards less prisons, more money which we need in this Country! And MAYBE some would think twice before commiting the crime in the first place!!!!
      Lets go back and make it where we where before the killers had mor rights then the Victims!!! Cheryl

    • aletheamarinanova says:

      Hi Stacy,

      My mother was one of them too. I was blamed for being the sexual aggressor –I was just a child.

      Head in the sand? or outright selfish evil?

      • Cheryl Wilson says:

        What is it with these people? OK I will tell you a little bit about mine, My Uncle molested and raped me till I turned 5 yrs of age, I told him eye to eye if he EVER touched me again I would kill him! I always thought God would get him! many yrs later on his death bed he blamed me!!! I was crushed and went threw about 2 weeks of HELL because I had never took blame for what he did until he said that! I think OUTRIGHT SELFISH EVIL!!Im sorry Stacy for what you`ve gone threw! And not trying to push God on anyone but Sweetie thats how I became a survivor and not a victim I handed all over to God then left it there until thoses two weeks came along then I gave it to him again and no Im not a holly roller! “Im a SURVIVOR!” Hugs cheryl

  2. Carol in VA says:

    ditto to the above. These people who are in denial need to humble themselves. They keep covering up for their offspring and themselves. Admit to faults as you grow up and it will be easier when grown up. Humility is necessary when praying to our Heavenly Father too. It helps alot.

    • Cheryl Wilson says:

      Yes they do! When we were growing up we were taught to take responsibility for our actions, whats wrong today I see in about every aspect is a loss of that, we need God, Prayers and accountability for our actions! Cheryl

  3. Cheryl Wilson says:

    How can anyone be in this much denial? This is ATRUE PICTURE OF WHAT A PARENT SHOULD NOT BE!!!! I was molested until the age of 5 yrs and raped by a Uncle, I remember standing there and standing up to him when I turned 5 yrs old placed both hands on my hips and said “if you ever touch me again I WILL KILL YOU!!!” some how he knew I meant what I said, on his deathbed because manyyears later I disclosed what he had done, he blamed me! Yep denial! how can a child intice a grown man? My skin crawls at the thought of these Men, women, and to see parents blame the victims is just totally WRONG!!! Cheryl

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