Prosecutors and Others Denying Melissa Huckaby is a Sexual Degenerate: They Deny A Victim’s Cry

Eight year-old Sandra Cantu was kidnapped, violently raped and then murdered by Sunday school teacher Melissa Huckaby but neighbors can’t understand why a woman would commit this heinous crime so they are coming up with the most comfortable reason; ‘Women don’t get sexually turned on by molesting kids, she must have done it to gain attention.’

People Magazine is reporting that Huckaby murdered Sandra in an “attempt to attract attention to herself.” They are labeling her with having “Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome.” Melissa Huckaby wasn’t making her own child sick in order to gain sympathy from hospital staff, doctors and family members, she took a little girl and raped her with a rolling pin and murdered her in a church. If a man had done this crime, no one would be saying that he did it to gain attention. They would be calling him a sexual degenerate, and this is exactly what Huckaby is. When will society get it into their airy fairy heads that women can be sexual deviants just as much as a man?

(The murderer)

Evidence being used to support this ‘attention’ getting theory is that Melissa has a history of self-injury (cutting), that she has set fires, and verbally or psychologically attacks people. Deputy District Attorney Thomas Tesla thinks this behavior is because Huckaby “wanted to be the center of attention.” Doesn’t anyone in that D.A.’s office know that women who cut themselves, set fires, and who have fits of rage have a history of having been sexually abused as a child? Shouldn’t prosecutors know that people who are sexually abused often sexually abuse children when they grow into adults? Don’t Authorities know that both men and women can be sexually stimulated by the abuse, rape and torture of children?

Melilssa Huckay killed her victim with a noose around her neck, stuffed the child’s body in a suitcase and then threw it into an agricultural ditch full of manure. This killer has a warped, demonic mind and an ice cold heart. She raped Sandra in her grandfather’s church. People ought to be asking why she chose that church? What kind of relationship did she have with her grandfather? Who sexually abused Huckaby when she was a child? –Enough to have caused her to degrade to a point as an adult where she would get off by raping a child with a foreign object?

Deputy D.A Thomas Tesla said, “We thought there was no way a woman would do these things.” Welcome to reality Tesla. Women commit sexually heinous crimes against children, and it happens every day. We just don’t hear about it or find out about it because the public, and it appears prosecutors, won’t allow the truth to penetrate their own denial system. They had better start facing reality because children and adult survivors of child sexual abuse perpetrated by women need to be believed.

Source: INSIDE STORY: Clues to Why Melissa Huckaby Murdered an 8-Year-Old Girl – Crime & Courts, Melissa Huckaby :

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6 Responses to Prosecutors and Others Denying Melissa Huckaby is a Sexual Degenerate: They Deny A Victim’s Cry

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just point to note I agree of course woman also sexually abuse but by that same token don’t assume it was the grandfather that abused Melissa as a child – the grandmother is just as likely to have been the perpretrator.

  2. Cheryl Wilson says:

    Melissa is not what I can call a woman, shes a pedophile, a sexual deviant, a person who took a little friend of her daughters (who trusted her!) into a house of God where she proceeded to rape her! then murder her, toss her in a suitcases into a hole she covered in manure! This goes beyond what most killers feel is acceptable! That’s why this person and the ones who harm or kill children get cushy cells apart from the population of the rest of the prisoners, (because they hold a code of ethics!)and please can SOMEONE answer why Melissa did not get death? Come on the punishments should fit the crime!!! Thanks Cheryl
    Yes I realize we the public do not hear what happens a lot of the times, but this one tops what I`ve heard!!!

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