Kidnap and Rape Victim, Jaycee Lee Dugard, Wins $20 Million in Settlement Against State Dept. of Corrections

In 1991, eleven year-old Jaycee Lee Dugard was kidnapped in the lake Tahoe Calif. area by Phillip Garrido and his wife Nancy. Jaycee Lee was raped repeatedly for years and she gave birth to two of her rapist’s children. His wife, Nancy Garrido went along with the rapes and helped raise the children.

(Jaycee Lee, shortly before her kidnapping)

Jaycee was rescued in August 2009, found living in a shed in the backyard of Phillip Garrido. He and Nancy Garrido have been charged with 29 felony counts in the case.

When Garrido kidnapped his victim and took her for sexual purposes for eighteen years, he had been out on parole for having committed a violent rape on a woman kept prisoner by Garrdio for several hours. The rapes were brutal and terrifying for the woman but she escaped. Garrido only served a few years for that crime. The state inspector general’s office filed a report stating that after his release, the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation failed to properly keep track of Garrido or sufficiently supervise the officers assigned to him.

Jaycee Lee Dugard will receive $20 million in the settlement against the state Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

The report indicated, “While it is true that Garrido’s California parole was never officially violated, our review shows that Garrido committed numerous parole violations and that the department failed to properly supervise Garrido and missed numerous opportunities to discover his victims.”

Officials chose not to let the case go to trial. Smart move because if they had, I bet the jury would have awarded Jaycee Lee twice that much. If I had been on that jury, I would have.

Jaycee Lee is now thirty years-old and lives with her mother and the two daughters she gave birth to while in captivity.

Source: California lawmakers approve $20 million to settle Dugard claims –

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