Abducted Four Year-Old Found Alive

Little Alisa Maier was abducted outside her Louisiana home on Monday evening while playing in the yard with her older brother. She was missing for about twenty-six hours but was found yesterday wandering in a car wash parking lot with her hair cut short.

Police are looking for a dark-colored car with a loud muffler and the child has described her abductor as a white male in his thirties. Authorities have reason to suspect the dark-colored car is connected to Alisa’a kidnapping.

Alisa Maier

(Alisa Maier, found)

Investigators have been questioning known sex offenders in the area. As of this posting, there is no mention of whether or not she was sexually assaulted or raped during her ordeal, but very little possibility exists that she wasn’t. The fact that she was found at a car wash and that her hair was cut short, tells me that the man was trying to cut evidence out of her hair and wash his car of any residual DNA and other evidence.

It’s a bit puzzling to me why there is no mention of the very high probably that Alisa was taken for sexual purposes.  At this point, the press seems to be shoveling that subject right under the proverbial rug. But I am so happy that her abductor let her go.

Source:  Missing 4-year-old girl found alive, police search for suspect – CNN.com.

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6 Responses to Abducted Four Year-Old Found Alive

  1. Hilde says:

    alethea~~ Yes I heard the Person LE wanted to talk to and found did indeed pull out a Gun when Police arrived and shot himself. He killed himself.
    Police don’t want to say much since it is still an ongoing Investigation even though the alleged perpetrator killed himself.
    This Man did one thing right in spite of all the wrong he did, he let little Alisa go and in his own Way he made sure he won’t hurt any one else by killing himself.
    It also could have been a coward Way out for him because he knew he would end up again in Prison out of which he just got out of one Month ago because of Drug Charges. I like to believe there was some Decency left
    in him and he knew he couldn’t stop himself and would eventually hurt some other innocent Child and that was the Reason he killed himself. JMO

  2. aletheamarinanova says:

    Nancy Grace is reporting that the suspect has shot himself dead.

  3. sophie says:

    It sickens me to the core what this child has gone through. Even if she wasn’t assaulted, it’s still a lifelong trauma. Bless her little heart. Thank God she’s alive, and I pray with therapy she’s able to move forward and heal, and somehow, live a normal life.

    • aletheamarinanova says:

      You’re right Sophie, it is still a trauma just to be kidnapped and held by a stranger for 26 hours. I think that if she was not sexually violated, and if she has good therapy and lots of love, she will be just fine.

      Thanks for the comment.

  4. Hilde says:

    Right now I am just so happy that 4 Yr. old Alisa was let go and is able to go home and be with her Family where she belongs.
    Although it is great News Alisa was found alive thanks to caring People who alerted the Police when they saw the little Girl at the Car Wash, first they thought it was a boy but they still called the Police,thank God!
    In spite of the good News of Alisa being found alive I can’t help thinking what happened to that little innocent Child while she was with her Abductor. Alisa
    most likely experienced Drama which might affect her for a long time to come.
    Do we honestly have to know if she was sexually assaulted which as we all know could be a real Possibility.
    My Thoughts on this is, we should be just glad Alisa is save now and let the Rest be worked out by LE and the Family.
    What is important however is that that Person who abducted Alisa and did whatever he did to her while he held her against her will, will be held responsible for what he did in such a Way that he will never be able to snatch another Child. This time it ended with a live Child, will it be different next time if that Person isn’t stopped for good now after LE will take him into Custody. JMO

    • aletheamarinanova says:

      Hi Hilde,

      I totally agree.

      I hope they catch this guy. Nancy Grace is coming on soon, hopefully she will have an update.

      Good to hear from you 🙂

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