Statistics Back Accusations of Father/Daughter Incest


The United States Department of Justice published a study which examined inmates incarcerated in state correctional facilities and a considerable amount of the findings support the claims made by the accusers in cases of repressed memory where the daughter accuses her father of child sexual abuse.


  • Of the offenders who committed crimes against a child, forty-eight percent of victims were family members.
  • The study found that sixty-four percent of offenders who committed crimes against children were Caucasian. The majority of those who perpetrated crimes against adults were non-white. Critics of delayed memory scoff at the claims of abuse because the accused is almost always a white male.
  • The False Memory Syndrome Foundation conducted a survey which found a high number of older men were being accused of child abuse. In the U.S. Dept of Justice study, fifty-four percent of the abusers were age sixty or older and fifty-one percent had been over age thirty during the time the child was victimized. The mind causes degeneracy, not the chronology of the body, and as people get older, they can often become more depraved.
  • FMS proponents question why the accused was married at the time of the alleged abuse. The Dept. of Justice study found that fifty-six percent of the perpetrators had been married when the crime against the child was committed and that sixty-five percent of offenders who committed crimes against children ages twelve and younger, had been married at some point of their lives. One admitted child molester says, “I wanted to get married because I wanted to molest my wife’s two brothers and I also wanted society to see me as, “Oh, he’s married. He’s safe.” He also said that two days before he got married he fondled a young boy on a camping trip. This was his first victim.
  • The Dept. of Justice reports that seventy-one percent of the crimes committed against children were sexual offenses, but only seven percent of the crimes perpetrated on adults were sexual crimes.
  • Forty percent of those who harmed a child committed the offense against their own child or a step child and eighteen percent had committed an act against another child relative.


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2 Responses to Statistics Back Accusations of Father/Daughter Incest

  1. aletheamarinanova says:

    Hi Mary. Thanks for posting.

    I think we all need to stop being shocked about child sexual abuse, incest, child abduction, and about child rape and murder.

    Instead of being shocked. We all need to open our eyes and ears. We need to allow ourselves to see past our idea of what this world “should” be like, and to educate ourselves about the truths of the evil that sits at the dinner table.

  2. mary says:

    this is a shocking thing to know since i have two kids and it scares the heck outta me. makes me wanna shelter them but i know most of the time you never see it coming! this comment is for every mother that has ever had to endure such pain and for every childhood survivor there are ppl out there who will try to love you past the pain once you can find it in your heart to trust again. all my love mary

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