Mel Gibson Is Vilified For Expressing His True Feelings But Child Rapist Polanski is Adored

Robert Downey Jr. and Lindsay Lohan go to jail for nothing more than being depressed and drug addicted stars. Linsday Lohan and Robert Downey Jr. didn’t rape, molest, or sodomize a child against her will, but they were punished with jail time. Yet Roman Polanski will never see a day in jail for raping and sodomizing a thirteen year-old girl. Oh sorry, I mean for “having illegal sex with a child.” To the victim, it was rape. In my mind it was rape, and by the laws of life and morality, it was rape.

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Mel Gibson is caught expressing his anger privately to his girlfriend for her fake boobs and manner of dress, and caught using racial slurs, and he gets vilified and ostracized by Hollywood. Roman Polanski, a child rapist, is glorified and admired by Hollywood. Unlike Polanski, Mel Gibson didn’t say that “everyone wants to fuck young girls.” Gibson didn’t lure a thirteen year-old child into a private home for a “photo shoot” and then give her illegal drugs and alcohol. Mel Gibson didn’t sodomize a child so he could continue raping her without getting her pregnant. But according to Henry Fonda, Polanski, “Didn’t kill anyone,” and Whoopie Goldberg says Polanski didn’t commit “rape rape” on the girl.

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Is it just Hollywood morons, popular filmakers, Swiss officials, philosohpers and novelists who defend those who rape and sodomize children, or do any mainstream Americans agree with letting Polanski go and that he shouldn’t be punished for his crime?

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3 Responses to Mel Gibson Is Vilified For Expressing His True Feelings But Child Rapist Polanski is Adored

  1. taegel says:

    Child rape is perhaps the worst thing you could do next to child murder. From what I understand of Roman Polanski, his tastes run to underage girls. By allowing him to remain at large, we have participated in a cycle of abuse and violence. The only travesty is that the U.S. didn’t decide to go ahead and piss off the French by sending a small paramilitary team into France to go get his ass 30 years ago. I’m not joking. The French may have their laws, but there is a greater responsibility to humanity here. Polanski needs to pay for what he’s done, one way or another.

  2. shana Dines says:

    There will be hell to pay for Polanski, i did not hear that whoopi said that or fonda, that is horrible. As far as Gibson and Lohan, I do believe they should pay for their crime, with rehab but that is horrible that Polanski is going to walk, because of Switzerland, but then I read that Switzerland is the Satanic headquarters of the world, so that makes sense.

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