Twenty Year-Old Woman Murders Female Rival For Liking The Same Guy

What a strange world we live in. Last Friday in Florida, twenty year-old Rachel Wade was found guilty of second-degree murder for killing eighteen year-old Sarah Ludemann.  Both women liked nineteen year-old Joshua Camacho and Sarah was murdered because of that.

(Rachel Wade)

Reports say that the day of the murder, Sarah had been at Joshua’s house and that she and several friends were headed to McDonald’s. Apparently, another female drove by Sarah in a car, slowed down and told her, “Rachel is around the corner. You should go confront her.” There was indeed a confrontation because Sarah was stabbed twice in the heart by Rachel and she died.

Rachel says that Sarah and two other girls charged her and the killing was an act of self-defense but voice mails were played for the jury which contained a ranting and angry Rachel, who had previously threatened Sarah with violence.  One such voice mail captured Rachel saying, “I’m going to fucking murder you, you bitch!”

Authorities say that Rachel’s rage was so strong that the blade of the knife had been bent during the violent attack and that Rachel did nothing while Sarah was dying.

Rachel’s attorneys argued that Joshua fueled the fire between the two women but he denies this. The Tampa Bay Online has reported that Joshua even impregnated a third woman he was seeing during the time of the murder.

Rachel Wade faces life in prison. Sentencing is scheduled for September 3rd 2010.

I know my Blog is about child abuse but this story draws into my theme of evil sitting at the dinner table. Look at the photos of Rachel, she is a young attractive woman who looks like anybody’s teenage daughter, yet she had the rage enough to stab another person in the heart for doing nothing but liking the same guy.  This story also has a third-party to the murder; the girl who encouraged the  confrontation. In my mind, and in the laws of harmony and peace, the girl who told Sarah to go and confront Rachel is also guilty of committing evil. Anytime that a person instigates violence, especially violence that results in the death of another human being, that person is partially responsible for the murder.

Click here to view slide show of the victim, her killer, and the guy that Sarah was  murdered over.


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