Daniel Kovarbasich: Not Gay, He Was a Victim Who Couldn’t Take it Anymore. Part One in a Series

True TV (Court TV) has been running the trial of The State of Ohio V. Daniel Kovarbasich. At age sixteen, Daniel took a ten pound jar full of pickles and bashed it into the head of fifty-five year-old Duane Hurley. Daniel and his defense team say that Hurley began grooming Daniel for a sexual relationship when Daniel was still a child. The defense maintains that Daniel was only twelve when Hurley implemented his plan to one day rape and sexually abuse the boy.

By the time that Daniel turned fifteen, he says that Hurley was asking him for sexual favors in exchange for gifts and that the fondling and oral sex turned into rape. Daniel says that he became Hurley’s sex partner in exchange for clothes and for money.

The defense teams says that Hurley tricked the young teen into a sexual relationship by offering the boy gifts, money, and favors but the prosecution claims it was Daniel who manipulated the much older man into giving him things. Hmmm. A fifty five year-old man and a fifteen year-old boy…gee, I wonder who was manipulating whom?

No one knows for sure, and maybe even Daniel himself doesn’t know, what exactly triggered the moment that he picked up the pickle jar, hit Duane Hurley over the head and stabbed him fifty-five times but I feel that the pickle jar has great significance. Pickles are often used as a metaphor, or a joke, for a man’s penis. They are shaped like a penis and put in the mouth. It is entirely probable that Daniel used that jar of pickles out of intense rage over what a penis had come to symbolize for him.  True TV is reporting that the pickle jar was kept in the bedroom and the commentator implied that the pickles were used for a sex toy. If true, this would be even more motivation for Daniel to use that jar as a murder weapon. It’s also interesting that Daniel stabbed Hurley as many times as his alleged perpetrator’s age. I don’t believe that this is a coincidence. I feel that Daniel was enraged at himself, as well as his alleged rapist, for making him have sex with such an older man. I speak from experience on this. I was sexually abused by a female family member and I was once full of rage at myself for it.

I do not believe for one second that Daniel had homosexual tendencies when he was a young teenage boy, or that he even had homosexual tendencies when he began to engage in the (alleged) sexual relationship with Hurley. I think that Daniel was 100% a victim and only complied out of sexual conditioning by an abuser, and not due to a true sexual drive for men. It is my opinion that Hurley twisted the  mind of his victim through grooming, attention, and by treating the child to car rides and all the things that young teenage boys like.

Apparently, Daniel needed $80.00 to help celebrate his anniversary with his girlfriend and hoped Hurley would follow through with the promise to give it to him. The morning that Daniel Kovarbasich killed Duane Hurley, Daniel’s father dropped him off at Hurley’s house so that Daniel could be driven to school by Hurley. Daniel says that when he asked Hurley for the money, Hurley told him that nothing comes for free and this is when Daniel snapped. In that moment, I think he knew he was not gay. I believe that, in that moment, Daniel was tired of being abused and used by a degenerate man and that he would take it no more.

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CNN True TV In Session The State of Ohio V. Daniel Kovarbasich

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15 Responses to Daniel Kovarbasich: Not Gay, He Was a Victim Who Couldn’t Take it Anymore. Part One in a Series

  1. Anonymous says:

    What a fate of this young man! Then she smiles at him, later wickedly grins. After three months of home arrest indoor, the guy was charged with violating of the probation rules. The crime allegedly was that he took a walk for half an hour on the other side of the street. For this he again spent a month in the jail while there was hearing. To the elation of Hurley family with friends and very stupid local prosecutor who decided that the ruin of this boy will be his glory. However, last Friday he was being given another chance at probation and was removed from house arrest and electronic monitoring. Give him the God this time to be smarter and stronger.
    The ancient writer had said about Demetrius Poliorcetes: “Certainly there never was anybody upon whom fortune made such short turns, nor any other life or story so filled with her swift and surprising changes, over and over again … . They say in his sadder vicissitudes he used sometimes to apostrophize fortune in the words of Aeschylus-
    “Thou liftest up, to cast us down again.”
    But Demetrius was the adult man and he paid this for the royal power over half the world. Why the fate so cruelly playing with seventeen age adolescent?
    And, dear Nancy, try to explain to Daniel’s family, to him, if it is possible, how it is important that he survived, that he grew up a worthy man, that he not done stupid things again. Only so will not triumph of the rich buggers and their servants. I sympathize with Daniel, but its fate is more than just his fate. He should not, has no right to betray despite its weakness and anger about. Victor

  2. Victor Talakh says:

    Dear Aletheia,
    it seems the fate smiled to this youth; last week he was released from the jail under house arrest. Really this is only the beginning of his return to the life, and he is very weak (not physically, mentally) teen, and the way he should go is very difficult. Because many would like to indulge himself destroying him, others lost dubious pleasure to watch the execution of the boy, thirds sincerely believe the justice is the rule “eye for eye” …
    And I would say to Daniel (although, perhaps, he never will read these words): “When you did the evil, when you tried solve your problems with the violence, you almost died, you could be buried in the jail for the rest your life, the hope for the salvation appeared for you thanks to the people who believed that you can become better. If you betray them, you will perish forever. And let those who have said and written about you bad, will be convinced, they were wrong. Make it only you can.” Victor

    • Alethea says:

      Thank you Victor. I feel that Daniel can be helped with proper treatment and with love.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hello :). I was with Daniel’s family tonight at a church event and I plan on printing your messages on here and giving them to the family. I haven’t met Daniel yet, as the Kovarbasiches and I are new friends :)). Thank you for seeing the truth…it’s hard to come by it seems as you read other articles/blogs. May God bless you both :)). Nancy

  3. Victor Talakh says:

    Dear Aleteia. When I wrote to you last time I almost believe in fairy tale with happy end. Actually, thanks to the Internet, I was a reader, online, the Chronicles of painful ruin of a young human being which could have been saved, and even seems to be trying to save, but all together destroyed. Almost destroyed … Here is the Chronicles. There once was a boy with a pretty face in an indigent family. Boy was trouble, too emotional, restless, unbalanced. He drew attention of a secured neighbor with peculiar propensities. And this respectable member of the community three years corrupted the boy in front of everyone… Absolutely wonderful, as in this dirty history someone equally accused of immorality aged experienced man Duane Hurley and fourteen-fifteen year-olds teen Daniel. Finally, weak boy Daniel didn’t withstand, the terrible tragedy occurred. And then the Judicial Machine brought down upon him all their power. Sixteen year aged boy who committed manslauthering in the heat of passion during seven months was kept in solitary confinement in the prison for adults. The same time, in the trial he had publicly, in camera to testify about the details, about which the doctors have to keep the secret. Finally, the judge seems to be showing him leniency. But instead of the promised leniency he was again located to the same prison. Naive boy was pulled to take part in the television show where he must once again repeat macabre details of his tragedy. And there are those who even then accuse him. Likely, it has been again promised relief for him, but no relief has occurred. In the eleventh month in the prison, it seems there was hope for proclaimed leniency. But in three days for some unknown evil rock everything collapses. What an adult is this bear? And we are talking about seventeen year age adolescent. And when the boy was rude to the correction officer, only rude, and no one knows, whether he, he should be exemplary punished, his fate should be completely destroyed. To shackle the boy because of silly word… Adult people who consider themselves honest, who, what demon of evil has deprived you the intelligence, honor and conscience? The most disgusting is the wave of schadenfreude in the comments. No human voice. It could say “savage roar”, but the animals do not do so with their pups. Duane Hurley’s friends, your desires are not only fulfilled but exceeded: Daniel is not just in the jail, he is in jail and subjected to sophistical mental torture. Frankly, I don’t really want to finish the next chapters of this Chronicles. They are likely to be quite commonplace: another scum of society, crushed, degraded man wandering from one prison to other. To save him can the wonder, but I don’t know whether they are. Victor

  4. Victor Talakh says:

    The judge James Burge made the wise decision. It is wise because it is based on the belief, hope and care. Mr. J. Burge cared of those to whom this youth will return. However, Mr. J. Burge exhaustively explained these reasons in his statement of September 26, 2010. Mr. J. Burge cared of the youth, for, indeed, Daniel is the principal value and principal loss in this tragic case. Our adult world was unable to defend him against an old lecher who mentally maimed the boy. The disaster year ago was the logical consequence of three-year Duane Hurley’s “exercises”. Some people say that this does not matter, now if Hurley would disfigured Daniel physically or would kill it, Danny would deserve the compassion. But did defilement of the boy’s soul is not the worst? No, Hurley didn’t subject to the death penalty, but he must be housed in the Lorain County Jail, and then there would not have been Daniel. It seems that ones who call to bury Daniel in the prison just would dispose of the reminders of their defeat in the combat against pedophilia.
    In contrast with this the judge Burge hopes that it is possible to correct the evil which happened, and, if is not possible to resurrect Duane Hurley (only to imprison him), then to save the youth. It is very easily now to crush not too strong and very naïve teen Daniel. But this would the triumph of Duane Hurley. Because if he so spoiled this boy that it can only hide him in the prison, hence the evil deed by Duane Hurley (and others like him) is unavoidable. Judge Burge does not want the victory of the aged jerk Duane Hurley. For this he believes that Daniel can become normal, not funny, young man. I also want to believe it. Confused that the decision of judge Burge, it seems, still not executed, Daniel remains in prison.
    Nevertheless, I want and I hope that in 2015 August in his home in the small town in your country will return still very young (twenty-one is the beginning of life) and very beautiful youth, Daniel, not naïve but not bitchy, ready and capable to make good to redeem the evil which it once did. And I wish to Daniel to love a beautiful girl, and that she loved it, and that their children would proud of their parents. I live on the other side of the Earth, this youth is none for me, I am none for him, but I pray for him before the God Omnipotent.
    Victor, a man from other side of Earth

    • Alethea says:

      Hi Victor. Thanks for posting.

      “Some people say that this does not matter, now if Hurley would [have] disfigured Daniel physically or would kill [him], Danny would deserve the compassion. But did defilement of the boy’s soul is not the worst?”

      GREAT point. Some of society needs to see “proof” of pain and suffering. They need to SEE a mangled child or a burned face and body.

      I hope that you are right about Daniel’s future.

  5. Kitty says:

    i would like to find the prison address for where Daniel Kovarbasich is located. i saw a documentary on his story and i sympathize because i too was abused and molested. and information would be greatly appreciated. thank you.

    • Alethea says:

      Hi Kitty.

      I could not find it online, but his attorney info is below. You can try to contact him and ask how to write Daniel:

      Michael E. Stepanik
      Attorney at Law.
      Phone: 440-244-1811

      Main Office Location:
      520 Broadway Avenue
      Lorain, OHIO, 44052

      Good luck.

  6. hmm says:

    i cant believe readin this on other sites that people are takein Duane Hurley side.. at the end of the day if someone was doing it to me or anyone in my family i wouldnt think twice about doin the same thing as Daniel did! he done right … dirty old men like that deserve nothing better!!!

  7. Thanksb2god says:

    I am torn about what to believe in this story. I have been following on TV. We now hear that the story he told about doing these things for Hurley in exchange for use of his Corvette are apparently a fabrication since Mr. Hurley has not seen his Corvette in a year and a half. And, I realize the guy had this stuff on his computer, but everyone who used this computer, including even the brother of Daniel and Duane’s friends and Duane’s famiily never came across pornography – they said it was not even manually downloaded by ANYONE, these are just temp files put on your computer automatically every time you visit a porn site (or any site). So, who is to say who put it on there? The brother said that the father had to shut off their cable because Daniel refused to stop ordering porn on their TV. So, he is ordering all this porn on TV, and is using Hurley’s computer every day but Daniel couldn’t be the one looking at porn sites? Something is fishy, that’s all I’m saying, it just doesn’t all add up. There is more to this and I am sure we will never hear the real truth.

    • aletheamarinanova says:

      Most male teens are into heterosexual pornography, nothing new under the sun. And if Daniel was overly-obsessed then it adds credibility to his claims of sexual abuse.

      Hurley’s computer had over 1,500 gay porn images with children involved in many of them. He had a duty and obligation to report them to authorities if the boys were the ones getting off on them (highly unlikely). Hurley had to know it was illegal for them to be on his computer. The computer expert testified that the image sites were in Hurley’s “Favorites” or “bookmarks” as some call it.

      Statistics show that it is older men, not young teens, who get off on pornographic images of children being sexually abused.

      • Ironmaiden says:

        I just want to point out that the police testified these pics were not illegal I .e. They were supposedly legal age maybe looked to be 16 or 17 in some but were not children

  8. shana says:

    I am surprised that there are not more victims murdering their perpetrators. This made me nauseous to read. I wish that that sick f* would have to stay alive in prison for what he did to Daniel.

    I have nothing but compassion for Daniel and really disgusted that his parents were so ignornant.

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