Daniel Kovarbasich: There’s a Lot of Ignorance About Child Sexual Abuse and Perpetrators. Part Two in a Series

In case you missed part one, here it is: Daniel Kovarbasich:  Not Gay, He was a Victim Who Couldn’t Take it Anymore. Part One In a Series

True TV has reported that the prosecutors in Daniel’s case say Daniel ‘prostituted himself by taking advantage of Duane Hurley’s generosity.’ How stupid can a highly educated well-paid prosecutor be? A young teenage boy is in no emotional or psychological position to be given gifts and favors by a fifty five year-old man. His brain is not able to know how to handle it. Duane Hurley was the adult and fully capable of understanding the consequences when he began (allegedly) grooming a young teen into eventually having an on-going sexual relationship with him.

One of Duane Hurley’s neighbors, shown as a woman named “Denise,” was interviewed about the case. Denise said she ‘doesn’t buy it’ that in all those years no one else came forward about sexual abuse and she said Duane was ‘not that kind of person.’ Oh? and what “kind of person” sexually abuses children and teens? A man in a trench coat who stands on the street corner in front of a school? Or maybe she thinks it’s only uneducated men who live in trailer parks who rape and molest kids?. I wonder, why exactly Denise thinks her nice neighbor had over 1,500 images of gay porn, including men having sex with boys, on his computer? It was reported that the images were only accessible with the password that Duane Hurley used for his personal email and E bay accounts. It was reported that some of the children were prepubescent and the children looked in pain. Wake up Denise! Nice looking, nicely dressed, financially well-off neighbors often have a side to them that they do not show YOU when they wave to you from their driveway or when they see you at a barbeque. Reality check: Child sexual abusers don’t go around announcing to the neighborhood that they get turned on by teenage boys and that they are having sex with them!

Hurley’s neighbor’s aren’t the only people who don’t seem to have two degrees of common sense. A viewer called into True TV and asked the commentator how the allegations of sexual abuse could be true if there were no sex toys or lubricants found in Hurley’s bedroom. Are you kidding???? So what if no sex toys or lubricants were found! If a guy is getting the real thing then maybe he doesn’t need sex toys! Not everyone who has sex uses sex toys too, and or,  lubricant. Excuse me for being graphic, but maybe Hurley used his own damn saliva as a lubricant.

I am also perplexed over why some reporters and courtroom “experts” ask the most stupid questions during interviews about the case. Normally I like Beth Karas of True TV, but in an interview with Daniel’s brother, she asked him with the tone of an old school marm, ‘Don’t you think that if there was sexual abuse going on, that Daniel would have told someone?’ Hello???? Where have you been Ms. Karas? After all the sex crimes cases you have reported about, you should know by now that 95% of victims don’t tell anyone, especially not teenage boys who are being sodomized by older men. The shame and embarrassment alone will shut a kid up.

One female viewer called True TV saying that ‘teens need stronger penalties so they won’t do these kind of things.’ No lady, how about if child sexual abusers receive stiffer sentences so the message to them is DON”T SEXUALLY ASSAULT CHILDREN! This lady wanted to punish the victim and blame the child, not address the root problem, which is the fucking perpetrators. Another thing barely mentioned in passing was that Daniel said he had been sexually molested or raped by a male adult when he was about seven years-old. This alone can cause years of repressed rage inside a victim and when another perpetrator triggers that rage, a victim can –and often will– take that previously repressed rage out on a current perpetrator.

Prosecutors keep saying that Hurley ‘didn’t know it was coming.’ Newsflash for all would-be child rapists: If you are going to rape a teenage boy, and then repeatedly have sex with him, you had better be prepared for your victim to one day retaliate with all the rage that was built up with each sex act throughout the years.

Daniel didn’t claim that Hurley tried to rape him and that he had to kill him in self-defense. He said that he killed Hurley because the man had been sexually abusing him for a very long time and that the last time he wanted it, Daniel had enough. This alone is credible evidence of child sexual abuse. If Daniel were making this up, he would have said Hurley unexpectedly tried to rape him that morning and he fought back. My guess is that just, before the killing, Daniel had been forced one more time into (allegedly) having sex with Hurley but decided that this would be the last time because his rage was overwhelming. In my opinion, Daniel Kovarbasich told the truth and he is being punished for it with the ignorance of those who don’t want to believe, who don’t educate themselves about abuse, and those who prefer to think that children being sexually assaulted will always tell someone.

Daniel says that he did try to stop the relationship, but he was too full of shame and fear so he kept giving in to the sex with Hurley. Daniel probably felt in his mind that he was partially guilty because he had taken the gifts, favors and money. Daniel didn’t do anything or say anything earlier because he felt shame over (allegedly) having sex with a man and for taking material rewards for it. Daniel has openly stated that he was NOT gay and only has heterosexual desires. In my opinion, on the morning that Daniel snapped into violence, he was through with lying to himself by engaging in sex with a man.

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Source: True TV, Ohio V. Daniel Kovarbasich

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12 Responses to Daniel Kovarbasich: There’s a Lot of Ignorance About Child Sexual Abuse and Perpetrators. Part Two in a Series

  1. I have been on the road of healing for over 20 years. For the past 3 1/2 years, I have blogged about my experiences on that road to offer hope to other survivors who may not have the support groups that I have been blessed to have.

  2. I don’t know anything other than what I have read here about this case. I do know that being a child who was groomed to become an incest victim by my dad, I tried and tried to tell him no over the years. I was always coerced into having sex with him anyway until I was 17 years old. That night I had reached my limits of being abused. I said no and refused to change my mind. Did he stop trying to get me to have sex with him? No. I refused to allow the abuse to continue. I had reached the point where if he didn’t leave me alone, then I would have told someone.

    • Alethea says:

      Hi Patricia. Thanks for being so honest. My father died when I was 12. I don’t think the incest would have stopped if he hadn’t died.

      I’m so sorry for your pain. I hope you are on the road to healing.


  3. postman27 says:

    This is irresponsible for you to post things without checking facts. “semen” on the sheets? Really? Where on earth did you come up with that one? They said they found NOTHING on the sheets but Hurley’s blood. Go read the trial transcript.

    • Alethea says:

      I’ll remove the reference to the sperm, but it was reported by True TV (court TV)

      Thanks for the notification.

      The prosecution did concede that there was sex between Hurley and Kovarbasich though correct?

  4. Angie says:

    http://www.kdvr.com/videobeta/de8c9015-e9d2-4ced-97e3-169a90f5c1ae/News/Mother-of-victim-warns-of-sex-offender-s-possible-release watch this it is sadly how this could have ended I wish Daniel the best of luck I think he will make it. This was a very wise judge

  5. Greg says:

    your an idiot if you think a 15 year old kid isn’t capable of using sex to get what he wants. This kid is old enough to break the law by driving a car without a license smoking cigarrettes, having sex with his girlfriend and lying about having sex with Hurley. Of course he feels dirty and guilty right afterward, but a couple days or a week go by and that goes away.He doesn’t have to be gay to get pleasure from gay sex and the lure of clothes,money and the car were stronger than his dislike of gay sex. I think Mr Hurley probably told him he wouldn’t give him the money for his anniversary surprise and Daniel got really angry, because he likes getting what he wants.
    You can see on his face that he has no remorse and is only embarrassed that people know he had oral and anal sex, he had no trouble telling about the murder part.Stop thinking 15 year olds are naive, it’s rarely the case.Guilty of murder.
    It would be very rare of a 55 year old pedophile having no earlier victims or arrests, he doesn’t fit the profile

    • aletheamarinanova says:

      Oh hello Greg, thanks for stopping by.

      Daniel was taught how to get gifts and favors for sex (allegedly). Who taught him? His alleged abuser. If you knew about the human brain, then you would know that the part that understands the consequences of our actions ISN’T DEVELOPED AT THAT AGE.

      Maybe he doesn’t have remorse, so what? That’s between him and God. It is still very soon after the killing, and Daniel probably still feels some euphoria over having ended the vile sex (alleged) with a fifty-five year-old man when Daniel liked girls. He probably still feels good inside for having released a lot of pent up rage.

      “It would be very rare of a 55 year old pedophile having no earlier victims or arrests, he doesn’t fit the profile.”

      Did you know that most preferential male pedophiles and male child sexual abusers who molest males have over one hundred victims before they are caught? You sir, are the idiot if you think there is a “profile” for a child rapist.

      Have a good day.

  6. aletheamarinanova says:

    “Denise’s grief is exacerbated by allegations that the man who shared her passion for gardening is a pedophile.”

    Oh! Okay, so anyone who likes gardening, can’t be a child sexual abuser!

    “I don’t believe the allegations that were brought out. I just don’t,” she said. “Duane coached baseball for years. There was never any indication that Duane was that kind of a person.”

    Oh, that’s right, if you coach baseball, you also have no sexual tendency towards kids. Tell that to all the victims of baseball coaches, boy scout leaders, and teachers.

    Source: CNN

  7. aletheamarinanova says:

    Sorry, but I don’t seem to have access to EVERY article and word about this case as you do. And CNN is the one reporting Daniel’s age at the time he met Hurley etc. For now, I’ll accept their version.

  8. Thanksb2god says:

    Yes, there is ignorance about this case when apparently everyone out there can’t write a story where they check their facts first. Hurley met Duane weeks before Daniel turned 14, NOT 12. Daniel also testified he did not start having sexual encounters with him until “the end of the year in 2009”. So, he had these encounters in the WEEKS prior to murdering him. Daniel also brought a gun to school and said he was going to shoot someone and was charged with inducing panic. His father was arrested that day, with Dan in the car, for obstructing justice, and carrying a concealed weapon (a knife like that that killed Hurley). The police were out looking for Daniel because he had already left the school with the gun. The father told police he had no idea where Dan was and then minutes later the police see the father in car leaving from house with Daniel in the car. If you are going to report, please report ALL the facts.

    • aletheamarinanova says:

      And I might certainly be ignorant to some of the factual content of every piece of evidence in the case, but my reference to “ignorance” is in regards to child sexual abuse and perpetrators in general.

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