Father Murders Son Execution Style After the Teen Admits to Raping Little Sister

Last November, the three year-old daughter of Karonne Ivey continued to say that her  “tootie” hurt and conveyed that something sexual had been happening to her. She then made the allegation that her perpetrator was her fifteen year-old half brother.

Karonne Ivey was “shocked” at her daughter’s claim but she believed the child and took her to an emergency room for an exam. Even though the examination did not show any evidence of sexual assault (not uncommon, even when a child has been raped), and although fifteen year-old Jamar Jr. denied that he ever touched his sister sexually, Karonne Ivey felt that her little girl could not have come up with such an accusation on her own and that something must have happened to her.

Prosecutors allege that Jamar Jr. then made a 1:30 a.m confession in a phone call to his father, saying, he “did it” but Jamar Sr. was allegedly too angry to discuss it that night and said he would go see his son the next day to talk about it.

Prosecutors claim that Jamar’s father arrived at his son’s home the next day with the intention of murdering him. They say that when Jamar jr. admitted to having raped his little sister, Jamar sr. decided to execute his son for his alleged crime. Prosecutors say that Jamar Pinkney Jr. was beaten with a pistol and made to strip naked at gunpoint by his father. They say that Jamar was then forced to go outside his home, and as his mother and grandmother watched, Jamar’s father made his son kneel in front of him. In the next moment of this horrific scene, Jamar’s father shot Jamar jr., execution-style, in the boy’s face. Jamar’s mother testified that her son begged for mercy from his father, screaming, “no daddy no, I’m sorry,” but her son received no leniency, just a bullet to his head.

Jamar Pinkney Sr. was sentenced to 35-80 years in prison for second-degree murder.


In Session, True TV

In Session, True TV

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5 Responses to Father Murders Son Execution Style After the Teen Admits to Raping Little Sister

  1. Sally Rubis says:

    Something doesn’t smell right with this case. My first thought was that the father did it and was covering his crime by killing his son – but I haven’t followed this case and will be reading more about the evidence. But still the it didn’t pass my smell test.

  2. talkingbook says:

    In a word, yep.

  3. talkingbook says:

    I hope I’m wrong, but the first thought in my head was, why would the son feel free to penetrate his sister, and even if the son did make a confession, that’s when you hand him over to the police.

    Well, the first thought actually was, the dad wanted to shut the kid up. Call me paranoid, but if the dad would do that, and the son would do that, what does it say about how the kid was raised?

    • aletheamarinanova says:


      My first thought was that sexual abuse had also happened to daddy dearest when he was a child. He had a pretty intense reaction. He had to have had some deep-seated rage inside about something to have caused him to so brutally beat and murder his own child.


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