Justice Served: Daniel Kovarbasich Gets Five Years Probation For Killing His Perpetrator

Although Duane Hurley was never convicted of raping and continually sexually assaulting Daniel Kovarbasich, in my opinion, Duane Hurley was guilty of the crime of sexual abuse against a young teenage boy and the judge in Daniel’s murder trial thinks so too.

Judge Burge pronounced Daniel guilty of voluntary manslaughter earlier this year but Judge Burge also said that Daniel was a victim and that it was understandable why he stabbed Duane Hurley to death.

Following the verdict, Daniel’s attorney, Jack Bradley, stressed the need for Daniel to receive psychological treatment for having been sexually abused, and that he should not be imprisoned. Judge Burge agreed and today Daniel Kovarbsich received probation instead of prison.

According to the Chronicle Telegram, Duane Hurley’s niece called Daniel, “the epitome of evil” but she has it wrong. Evil pretends to be your friend and helper but sets you up for being molested. Evil disguises itself as a ‘nice guy’ and a “good man” while hiding behind sexual degeneracy. Evil tricks and lures a young teenage boy with money and gifts and then betrays that boy by slowly seducing him into sexual acts. Evil convinces a child they are at fault and that they are the bad one. Evil acts like a loving grandparent while raping, molesting, and sexually confusing a young teenage boy. Daniel is not evil, he is just a human being who could not take it anymore.

Source: The Chronicle-Telegram – Lorain County’s leading news source.

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16 Responses to Justice Served: Daniel Kovarbasich Gets Five Years Probation For Killing His Perpetrator

  1. Ironmaiden says:

    Well the alleged molested is now in solitary confinement in jail and facing charges for making a shiv or knife and threatening to stab a corrections officer to death. Still believe this guys story? I don’t.

    • Alethea says:

      Where do people think these kids get their anger and dysfunction from, if not the very abuse they allege? Besides, even the prosecutor said there was sex between Hurley and Daniel.

      And in prison, a young boy has to have a weapon in order to protect himself from the animals that want to rape him. Think correctional officers are all good people? Heck no. Who knows what set Daniel off. Who knows what the story is there.

      Of course a teenage rape victim is going to have a lot of anger.

  2. Sally Rubis says:

    I’d love to post this article with comments on my facebook page. The kid should have a day named in his honor – a Kill Evil Day – The creature who assaulted him got exactly what he deserved in my opinion.

    • Alethea says:

      Hi Sally. Thanks for the comments. I think there is a “Share” button at the bottom of the article that links to Face book. I would not mind at all if you want to share the link on your page.

      Thanks again for stopping by. I’m happy you like some of my articles. They are often written from my own experiences and emotions.


  3. shana Dines says:

    He should be commended for killing that old disgusting pervert. Not really but I sure understand the rage and the uncontrollable need to kill him. He Daniel, should have long term treatment, not incarceration in prison. There should be special treatment places for people who have killed their perpetrators, not prison, which does nothing but make people worse.

  4. Thanksb2god says:

    I will quote the niece for you, when she gave statement to court: “Lying under oath is either important or it is not”. There were MANY things they pointed out that Daniel lied about under oath. So, I guess everyone should disregard the entire statement, except for the part about molestation, because other than that, he lied about every other statement he made – as also pointed out by the prosecutor. Just makes no sense – you claim self-defense up until the evidence comes back to prove you whacked a sleeping man on the back of the head, then the story changes. I guess I would say anything if I were facing life in prison and my story made no sense based on the evidence that came back.

    • aletheamarinanova says:

      The prosecutors in the case have already conceded that there was a sexual “relationship” between the young male teen Daniel and fifty five year-old Duane Hurley. The dynamics of child sexual abuse indicate that Hurley was a child sex predator and Daniel was his victim. The judge in the case heard all of the evidence and agreed.

      • Thanksb2god says:

        Oh, I think we all know that Mike Kinlin conceded. You notice the police were even doubtful of Daniel’s story. The prosecutor that handled the sentencing hearing did not concede. Kinlin gave his notice to leave the prosecutor’s office just days before the trial started. Certainly explains why he did not pursue continuance when he could (when they learned ON DAY OF TRIAL that Daniel had thrown first knife in sewer). As far as prosecution, appears Kinlin was on his own in conceding. No family, no friends, the police, other prosecutors agreed with that.

      • aletheamarinanova says:

        Experts say that boys rarely lie about having been sexually abused by a man, and teenage boys DO NOT want to admit to the world that they have been having sex with an older man, and especially a gross-looking older man. Children and teens do not just stab a person fifty-five times unless there is an emotional rage connected to the person. If Daniel and Hurley were not having sex, then why do you think Daniel stabbed Hurley fifty-five times in his bed?

      • Sally Rubis says:

        ditto – the kid was the victim and he snapped when he could no longer take the torture. These perverts actually believe that their victims like what is being forced upon them – this kid proved otherwise.

  5. disgusted says:

    I posted a one sentenced reply to this article and have not seen it approved by the moderator yet. I used no bad language, made no references (pro or con) about God or religion, yet the comment has not appeared yet. Perhaps it was just too late in the day when I verified my email address?

    • aletheamarinanova says:

      Nope, I had to make sure it wasn’t spam. It was a very short sentence and that’s what spammers do to get approved into people’s comment section. I have now approved it.

      Thanks for posting.


  6. disgusted says:

    A sad day in America for our justice system!

    • Sally Rubis says:

      A happy day in America for victims and a sad day for the perverts who believe their victims actually like what is being done to them. It’s a sick world, and the court made a very unpopular and sane decision – and the boat of all perverts is of course badly rocked.

  7. Shana Dines says:

    Thank God, it is about time to hear of a judge giving a sane sentence for a sexual abuse victim!

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