Man Rapes Baby; Man Goes to Prison

Minnesota– A Dakota County jury has convicted forty one year-old Michael Frederick Schmidt for the rape of an infant. Schmidt claims the baby girl’s injuries were an accident.

The victim and her family are not being identified but the rape occurred when the child was left alone with Schmidt when his wife took some other children to a park earlier this year. Schmidt told authorities that his hangnail scratched the little girl while changing her diaper. When Schmidt found out that his victim had a long, deep tear in her vagina, he claimed the child got caught on his thumb as he tried to stop her from falling off the couch during her diaper change. He says he tripped as he tried to catch her. Common sense and the testimony of two physicians countered those claims.

Schmidt is the father of five children and it is being reported that Schmidt allegedly assaulted the eight month-old male child of his girlfriend in 1994. There is a clear possibility that Schmidt has also sexually violated some or all of his biological children, two of which, refused to testify in the rape trial. Schmidt is awaiting sentencing and faces thirty years in prison.

Schmidt has asked that he be separated from the other inmates. He knows exactly what is in store for him if he is placed in the general prison population. I have never condoned or hoped for violence on any human being -no matter what they have done- but I have to say that if he is raped repeatedly in prison by other inmates, the law of cause and effect will have done justice on this man.

The baby had to endure two hours of reconstructive surgery, externally and internally. Her grandparents say they hope she ‘will never learn what happened to her’ and that doctors claim she is ‘too young to remember it’ but this is untrue. Pain and trauma, so severe as rape, does not just fly out the window as it is happening to the victim. What are the grandparents and parents of the child going to tell her when she gets older and begins to experience signs of trauma and possibly even psychosomatic physical pain? Are they going to allow her to know the truth then, or just let doctors put her on drugs and never allow her to know the cause of her pain and psychological issues?

Evidence shows that infants and toddlers can indeed remember trauma. 1 Nevertheless, whether or not the child consciously remembers the incident, the abuse must be processed within the child’s mind. If an infant is raped, they will still register it as trauma. The child may not be able to verbally express their pain or even understand it, but severe trauma was inflicted on the child’s body, and on her emotions. The event was recorded in her mind, and according to quantum physics, in her body as well. Trauma does not just bounce off the child’s brain into some corner. I hope that when she does begin to experience the symptoms of the rape, she will be told the truth and offered competent psychoanalysis therapy that will help her reprocess the pain and trauma into a benign event. Then, and only then, will this child ever be able to fully go on with her life and be truly free of the after-effects of trauma and emotional abuse.

1. Babies Remember Pain, David B. Chamberlain Ph. D., Pre-and Peri-Natal Psychology, Volume 3 Number 4: Pages 297-310, Summer 1989

Source: Jurors in Dakota County baby rape case didn’t buy man’s tale |

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4 Responses to Man Rapes Baby; Man Goes to Prison

  1. anonymous says:

    I love your post. I agree that no matter the age, you carry a weight around. I was fondled, penetrated, at age 5. i constantly carried guilt, fear, and rage. Nevertheless, i was the good girl, good in school, obeyed my mom, excelled at most things. It turned into promiscuity as a teenager as i tried to take control, for once. I cannot imagine being injured like that, at that age, and trying to work through all the physical,emotional and psychological pain, as an adult. The terrible dreams and memories that the poor little girl will have.

    • aletheamarinanova says:

      Annonymous! Thank you! Yes, so true –the nightmares she will have will be terrible.

      I am so sorry about what happened to you. I was very promiscuous as well because of the incest I endured. I kept thinking that sex and love were the same thing. I thought that if I gained attention through sex and male attention, then I was worth something.


      • anonymous says:

        Even as an adult, i find myself falling into the pattern, trying to please, yet, at the same time, thinking i am not good enough. good enough for what? I am constantly doubting myself and wondering if i was to blame. I feel such sympathy for other victims, as it is not something you can bring up at a party and have people soothing you. You are taught that what goes on behind the closed doors or in the family is not allowed conversation. It is something you keep in the closet. Until people speak up about it, and the pain it has caused them, it may be perpetuated. I applaud your blog. It is one that i read, of many, that i really look forward to reading new posts. And one that makes me think , remember, cry, and try to deal.

      • aletheamarinanova says:

        Hi Anonymous. I always say that if you want to clear a room, just mention incest or child sexual abuse and people quickly scatter or have to check on some imaginary thing they “have on the stove.”

        I even have problems with close friends -who were not sexually abused- because they look at me sideways when I try and explain why I can’t share a hotel room with a woman, or why, when our hot water heater went out, I could not take a shower at the neighbor’s house with the man home. I think, why don’t people get it? Then I think there is something wrong with me! There’s nothing wrong with me, something wrong HAPPENED to me and I have a right to my boundaries without having to feel like I am weird for not conforming to what people think is “normal.”

        “I applaud your blog. It is one that i read, of many, that i really look forward to reading new posts. And one that makes me think , remember, cry, and try to deal.”

        Thank you! (((((big hug))))) That’s why I started it.


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