Brother and Sister Kill Teen, Then Rape His Girlfriend

Prague, Oklahoma–A twenty year-old woman escaped hell by jumping through a window to flee her attacker and his accomplice. After being held captive and raped repeatedly, the young woman ran naked through the neighborhood looking for help.  It is being alleged by the woman that, just a few hours earlier, twenty nine year-old Michele Elizebeth Gouker, and her brother, thirty nine year-old Glendon Gouker, murdered the girl’s nineteen year-old boyfriend and then shoved his body inside a metal barrel.

Ethan James Walton and his girlfriend had gone to the Gouker’s property to talk about a possible land deal. The rape victim said that, as she waited for her boyfriend in the car, Michele Gouker came and asked her to come “be a witness” to the signing of the paperwork. The young woman was then led to an outbuilding where she saw her boyfriend unconscious on the ground. He had been bludgeoned to death.

(Glendon Gouker)

The woman told authorities that she had been raped several times and then taken inside the house and tied to a bed for a number of hours.  Michele Gouker allegedly came into the bedroom several times to make certain that the woman was still tied down.

By some miracle, the young woman was able to get free and even armed herself with a kitchen knife.  A detective stated, “While trying to get away, she stabbed Michele Gouker in the hand,”… “Then knowing she couldn’t get to the door, jumped out a window.”

The rape victim ran through a field and to a neighboring home. She was covered with blood.

Shortly after the escape, the police arrested the brother and sister, who were amazingly, at home when authorities arrived. One of their relatives came to pick up Michele Gouker’s four-year-old twins.

We have to ask ourselves, were the children actually at home during the (alleged) rapes?

Suspect Michele Gouker

(Michele Gouker)

Police retained a search warrant for the Gouker’s firewood business, about a mile away from the Gouker home. Ethan’s body was found sealed inside a fifty-five gallon drum. The victim’s feet had been tied and he had been handcuffed.

Ethan James Walton was found dead handcuffed and bound in a gallon drum.
(Victim, Ethan James Walton)

The brother and sister have been arrested for kidnapping and murder. Authorities expect to charge them with more crimes by the weekend. Both sit in jail with no bail.

This is an extremely disturbing case. For one, the victims were lured and deceived under the guise of a real estate deal. For another, a brother and his sister (allegedly) were a team in a murder, torture, kidnapping and violent rape. In addition, two four year-olds could have witnessed the violence.

People should be very careful about being alone in a secluded place with strangers. This is a world in which we can no longer trust seemingly benign situations, and if people don’t get it by now –women are very capable of being twisted, evil, and sexually corrupted.


True Crime Report: Glendon & Michele Gouker Kill Teen Ethan Walton, Then Repeatedly Rape His Girlfriend – True Crime Report.

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15 Responses to Brother and Sister Kill Teen, Then Rape His Girlfriend

  1. victimsSISTER says:

    why is it that when a persons child does well the parents are praised yes yes you raised them right great job you should be proud… but wen a child has done wrong its always dont blame the parents… guess what they should be ashamed i knew them well and i hope they can’t go out in public without seeing the discussed looks on ppls faces i hope they hide in shame and i hope wen they look at those inbred lil twins their stomach turns as they realized what fucked up lil people they raised and i hope they decided they aren’t good enough to raise those girls and they go into foster homes and hopefully your “god” will take care of those abominations.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I live in prague and went to high school with both of them i couldnt beleive what happened when i read it in the paper i feel for the family and my prayers are with them and her his death should have never happened nor should her rape i can only hope that the people who commited this horrible crime come to realize how deeply they have hurt alot of people and i pray god will show them the mercy they didnt show either of the victims.

  3. anonymous says:

    I am the victim, and yes, the children were there during the WHOLE THING. They were running around, and watching dora. Glen and michele told the kids several times to be quiet and to not disturb me. That I needed sleep. Michele never came to the car, it was glen. To ask me to sign a “bill of sale” he was sweating and also out of breath. Im not stupid, when he said that to me I was like hmm I can sign it right here….but I lived in a world where it seemed like that kind of stuff didn’t happen. But let me tell you. IT DOES.

    • Alethea says:

      If you are as you say, the woman who was the victim in this story, I am DEEPLY sorry for the horrors you have endured.

      No, you are NOT stupid.You hold NO guilt for what happened.

      May The Grace of God fully heal you one day.

    • Tara says:

      May God bless you and keep you safe. So sorry for what you went through.

  4. Illwill says:

    A lot of religious freaks here. Look, weirdos, there is not god/heaven/satan/hell/santa/tooth fairy. Get it through your thick, inbred skulls that people are what people are. There is no grand plan, there are no ghosts or “supreme beings”, just people that either do bad things or don’t.

    These two people did not have nice parents. If the parents were religious, then it is quite likely the children are retarded as well…but let’s face it, there are retarded people that don’t rape and murder. The parents are trash, the “children” are trash and they should all be put down.

    There are people who are nice to others, without having to be threatened by “hell”. We’re called “atheists” and we’re better than you. Sure, even atheists can be bad people…but to quote Steven Weinberg:

    “Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it, you’d have good people doing good things and evil people doing bad things, but for good people to do bad things, it takes religion”.

    These people were bad and religious, just like their parents.

    • Alethea says:

      Religion is certainly a problem in many ways, but it has also helped tens of millions of people.

      Funny how you believe that you are better than those who have religion, yet you still tell people to “Get it through your thick, inbred skulls..” and use derogatory names like “freak” for those who happen to believe differently than yourself, and say that humans should be “put down.”

      “We’re called “atheists” and we’re better than you.”

      Try not to lump everyone in one bag when you post your thoughts, you would sound a lot more intelligent in your arguments.

  5. Victim'sMOM says:

    My sister is right… incest is NO EXCUSE for Kidnapping, Rape, Murder, and the good Lord knows what else.
    Through the reported malice acts of two heathens who have shown no sign of appreciation for human life, nor shown to be following the Christianly teaching of Glenn’s mom (so I have been told), nor God’s 10 Commandments … they have torn apart the fabric of my son’s family. The loss of my son and the reprehensible depraved actions taken by the murderous duo has a ripple effect that will continue on for decades, if not generations.

  6. shana says:

    I am sorry to hear this, but I am not surprised, many so called wonderful families really hide heinous secrets.

  7. anonymous says:

    I happen to know their parents personally. Their Father was a wonderful man and a wonderful mother as well. I wish you people would quit trying to pass the blame on the parents. What Michele and Glen have done is absolutley disgusting. But their parents are heartbroken. How would you feelif your children were involved in something like this? Are you a horrible parent? What has happend is Satan at his best. I pray that the Lord will have merxy on these two souls and that he would have mercy on yours for being so judgemental when you don’t even know!

    • aletheamarinanova says:

      Dear Anonymous,

      How many times have we heard people who do evil called “good” or “wonderful” by those who ‘know them so well?’ Sorry, but such evil cannot come from an environment of good and loving people. When will people get the fact that human beings often put on a face of good while in public or around non-family members and then abuse their children behind closed doors?

      I don’t “blame” the parents, but I do know that if these two are guilty, someone did something horrible to them in childhood. It doesn’t have to be a parent, but these two siblings wreak of having had a highly dyusfunctional and abusive childhood.

      “What has happend is Satan at his best.”

      The “Satan made me do it” excuse is outdated (even though Satan does exist). It defies psychology, and holds no human being responsible for any evil they do.

      “pray that the Lord will have mercy on these two souls and that he would have mercy on yours for being so judgmental when you don’t even know!”

      Have mercy on them? How about mercy for their victims? If those two are guilty they will rot in hell if they don’t have a spiritual epiphany before they leave this earth. And even if they do find God (in the true sense) they will still have to pay for their crime in some way in the after-life.

      Life is based on using our God-given judgment. What you call judgment is just using my God-given intelligence to call it like it is. An apple is an apple, I am not going to label it an orange in order to not sound “judgmental.” And it is a judgment on me to judge that my view is “bad.” So you also are in judgment of me.

    • Victim'sMOM says:

      Dear Anonymous —
      You are right. It is not the fault of the parents of Glenn nor Michelle that these two “children” — a 39-year-old and a 29-year-old respectively, have chosen to behave in such an egregious manner. As for mercy on the souls of the “accused” murders, kidnappers and rapists … not sure I am up to praying for that. I am sorry for the family members, old and young alike, of Glenn and Michelle, because these to have not only caused my son’s family and friends pain and suffering, but their actions have adversely affected their own family and strangers alike.

  8. aletheamarinanova says:

    Hi Shana, Thanks for posting.

    I also believe that incest must be a part of that family. What sister gets involved with, and maybe even turned on by, the rape and tying down of the woman? Answer –only a sister who has already experienced such things herself. Child abuse victims can sometimes become conditioned to being sexually stimulated by incest, rape, and bondage.

    I too worry about what has happened to those two little twin babies. Hopefully they are safe now.


  9. shana says:

    Hopefully they will be locked up forever in prison. They should get the death penalty if anyone should. This is horrible. What kind of monsters raised them? It is disturbing that it is a sister and brother team and she is 10 years younger than he is? What did he do to her? This screams of incest to them and by the brother to the sister. Horrible. Then the 4 year olds God what heinous things have they survived and witnessed? My heart breaks for that poor girl and those poor children and her poor murdered boyfriend.

    • Aunt Of Murdered Man says:

      Bad childhood or not….incest or not….God gives us the power to choose & know right from wrong……these 2 murderes know right from wrong…& had the power to choose..they chose Satans way……they WILL rot in everlasting Hell….there is no redemption for their souls……..they took a 19 yr old boy from his family. They tourchered a young woman, who by a mirical of God had the strength to fight & survive.If you feel the need to feel sorry for anyone….feel sorry for is Mother & sisters & family they took him from….& I so feel some sorrow for those innocent twins…who I hope will be brought up knowing right from wrong & choosing right from wrong. Not everyone who has been abused strays down the wrong path……

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