Four-Year Old Girl Raped in Shopping Store Bathroom, Man Flees and Tackled By Customers

Sandy Utah– It is being reported that a woman and her four year-old girl were shopping in a second-hand store when the child wandered off for a few minutes.  When the child’s mother went looking for her daughter, she heard her screaming from the men’s restroom. According to witnesses, the child was found in the bathroom, half-naked, and her attacker ran past store employees and the mother.  Customers and employees tackled the man in the parking lot and held him down until police arrived.

Richard Chad Randall is being accused of rape, kidnapping, and sodomy on a child. Randall, 41, is being held in a Salt Lake County jail on $1 million bail. Reports indicate that Randall was convicted for the 1998 molestation of a nine year-old Salt Lake County girl and had completed his sentence and probation for that crime.

Sources:  Man accused of raping child, 4, appointed lawyer | The Salt Lake Tribune.

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2 Responses to Four-Year Old Girl Raped in Shopping Store Bathroom, Man Flees and Tackled By Customers

  1. Carol in VA says:

    Good morning. When will these mothers, caretakers, etc. get it through their heads? Do not let the chld get away from you. I am so heart sick hearing about these thoughtless people every day. This is a preventable tragedy.

    • aletheamarinanova says:

      I SO agree Carol in VA, but if we dare say this, most people will accuse us of being “judgmental” or they say, “you can’t blame the mother.” Well in truth, the mother does hold some responsibility for not having her child right next to her the entire time. We DO NOT live in the kind of world where parents can lose sight of their child for one second. The truth stings, but needs to be spoken.

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