Teacher Caught Masterbating in a Wal-mart Toy Section

Florida– A substitute teacher was allegedly found masturbating to a Sport’s Illustrated Swimsuit Magazine in the toy section of a Wal-mart last Tuesday evening.


Twenty-eight year-old, William Tyler Black, was arrested and charged with one count of indecent exposure and one count of battery.

Authorities say Black swiped the swimsuit issue from a shelf and then took it to the toy section of a local Wal-mart and masturbated before leaving the magazine in a toy display.

Witnesses said he then continued shopping, but store security called the police.

Reportedly, the man told police officers that he had seen several “hot girls” in the store which caused him to want to masturbate.

Reports indicate that after the man ejaculated, he wiped his semen in the toy isle. The charges against him include, indecent exposure and battery because he left his bodily fluids where a child could have touched them and been harmed by a potential disease.

Black is reportedly a substitute teacher at a school in Lakewood Ranch Florida and was terminated on Wednesday.

It sure makes you want to use gloves wherever you go doesn’t it? How vile can human beings get?

Sources: Heraldtribune.com


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