Man To Be Tried for the Rape and Murder of His Aunt

Provo Utah– Damien Candland will stand trial for the rape and murder of his forty-one year-old aunt, Amy Jo Candland. Authorities say that Candland strangled his aunt with an electrical cord after raping her, and then dumped her body near a trash bin earlier this year.

Damien Allister Candland

DNA evidence allegedly links Damien Candland to the rape and murder of Amy Candland, whom he had been living with.  Amy’s brother is Damien Candland’s father. Investigators say that in the months leading to the murder, Damien threatened his aunt with physical violence.

According to police, on Feb. 21st of this year, Damien Candland was dropped off at the home he shared with his aunt. Forty-five minutes later, Amy stopped taking phone calls, did not make any calls, and sent no text messages. Her body was found that afternoon.

Shoe prints in the snow allegedly match shoes that belong to Amy’s nephew. Cell phone records allegedly show that Damien was in the area of the trash bin that afternoon. Amy’s wallet, cell phone, and car keys were found in the crawl space under Candland’s home.

Damien faces the death penalty if convicted.


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