Gabriel Johnson’s Mother Found Competent To Stand Trial

“After undergoing psychiatric evaluation in June, Elizabeth Johnson, the mother of missing baby Gabriel Johnson was deemed incompetent to stand trial by two court-appointed doctors. In August, she was found competent to stand trial due to the completion of her mental restoration process. At a Thursday hearing, Johnson’s attorneys decided not to fight the ruling.

Maricopa County Superior Court Commissioner Steven Holding said “Miss Johnson does understand the proceedings… and is therefore competent to stand trial.”


(…) “In December 2009, Johnson fled the Tempe, Arizona area with baby Gabriel. During her time on the run, she contacted his father Logan McQueary, claiming she killed Gabriel by suffocating him. After finally being arrested in Miami, Florida, she told authorities she gave Gabriel to an unidentified couple in San Antonio, Texas. Extensive searches have been conducted to find him, but Gabriel has yet to be located.”

There will be another hearing on Monday. Thank God. Keep the ball rolling. Elizabeth Johnson needs to stand trial.

Source: Gabriel Johnson latest news: Mom of missing baby is competent to stand trial – National Crime |

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One Response to Gabriel Johnson’s Mother Found Competent To Stand Trial

  1. knight owl says:

    Hi Alethea, i had been thinking of baby Gabriel a lot lately. Thank you for this update and i am thrilled to hear his evil mommy is going to go to trial. She is definitely competent in my opinion to know exactly what she has done and why. She is a mean selfish lack of human decency person to do what she has done to this baby and to his Father. May she get a full plate of her just desserts. Have a wonderful day.

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