Nancy Grace is Going Down the Toilet and Natalee Holloway Was Not Completely Innocent

Just a few notes this morning to get some things off my chest.

Nancy Grace used to be a somewhat kind and open-minded person on CNN Headline news, and all she used to care about was getting help and justice for children, but something has changed in her.

Have you seen her new television program called “Swift Justice?” Has anyone else noticed how ugly Nancy Grace has become? I don’t know if her producers tell her to behave the way she does, or if she has darkness growing in her mind and heart, but in the last few years, she has really become a condescending, close-minded, arrogant human being, and it shows in her skin and facial expressions.


The other day Grace was talking about the JonBenet Ramsey case. It is being reported that the Boulder police have tried to contact the brother of JonBenet to see if he remembers anything about the night his little sister was murdered. Arrogant Nancy adamantly announces that ‘there is NO WAY that JonBenet’s brother or father killed that little girl!’ Oh really? While nine year-old boys are certainly capable of child molestation and murder, she may be right about the brother, but John Ramsey could very well have been raping his daughter and accidentally killed her that night. Or, he AND his wife could have been sexually abusing the little girl together, and both of them accidentally killed her. I don’t know what happened to that little girl, but with the approval of the father, her mother dressed her up like a little hooker and paraded her in public to the satisfaction of all perverted child sexual abusers.

Another little irritant for me is the Natalee Holloway case. CNN, and many other media outlets, bombard us with reports, images, and updates about this case but frankly, I am sick of it. And at the risk of angering my readers, here’s why I am sick of it:

Natalee Holloway was drinking, maybe doing drugs, and got into a car with strangers in a foreign country. She has a role of responsibility in what happened to her.  She was not completely innocent. Natalee Holloway is constantly portrayed as some angel –some sweet, innocent blond-haired American darling. Well Nancy Grace’s ‘all-American’ sweetheart was out partying and went off with a bunch of guys in a car.

If Natalee was murdered, and did not overdose, her actions in no way justify her murder, but I would much rather the media and Nancy Grace focus on all of the innocent children who have been molested, raped, or killed by depraved adults, than on a teenager who was having too good of a time, and who decided to risk her life by taking off with a bunch of guys she just met in a bar in a foreign country.

Children are 100% innocent, and there are hundreds of thousands of cases of child rape, child abuse, and child murder that needs attention in the media, and by well-known reporters like Nancy Grace. Too much consideration has been given to Natalee Holloway and her mother, both of whom are no angels.

There, now I feel better.

Source: CNN Nancy Grace Headline News, September 30th 2010

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13 Responses to Nancy Grace is Going Down the Toilet and Natalee Holloway Was Not Completely Innocent

  1. Jody says:

    What really bothers me is Beth Twitty going around giving lectures on how students can stay safe in foreign countries, but won’t say one word about her own daughter’s negligent behavior. I think people might respect Beth more if she were to be honest and just tell the audience that her daughter made mistakes and she doesn’t want anyone else doing the same thing. But not Beth. Of course this is the same woman who when asked if she had it to do all over again, would she still send Natalee to Aruba, Beth said yes.

    I can’t imagine any mother answering like that, but one with a tremendous ego and someone who has enjoyed all the money she has made since her own daughter’s disappearance.

  2. Carol in VA says:

    She was at a bar and trusted a stranger. Why go to a bar??????

  3. jeanie says:

    My response to your observations about Natalee Holloway; you have a point, but you also are making assumptions. There were stories going around that Joran Vandersloot had been known to use date rape drugs, which render a person unable to resist and she could have been led out, seemingly compliant and those drugs also kill, if the dose is too high.

    I repeat, Joran was known for hanging around and preying on young (relatively, I will give you) innocent girls by secretly putting date rape drugs in whatever they were drinking..some of them may have only been having soda, you know) but they didn’t agree to have it , then sexually assaulting them. They’d wake up on their departure day & things not be right & they knew something was wrong but they were leaving & so left without pursuing what happened.

    He was known for this. And this is what makes me take issue with your conclusions. You are making assumptions about what happened. You would say, well if she hadn’t been there drinking, it wouldn’t have happened. But if she had abstained from drinking alcohol, and had been out having a soda, he could still have slipped it in her glass.

    • Alethea says:

      Hi Jeanie. I’m not making assumptions, I am basing myself in what has been reported and revealed in the Holloway case.

      You say there were “some stories going around” that J. Vandersloot “had been known to use date rape drugs.” It’s much more of an assumption to go by “stories going around” than to go by media reports that have basis in facts.

      From what I understand, Natalee willingly got into the vehicle with the boys, she was not dragged out of the bar with them and shoved in the car against her will.

      I don’t believe the evidence shows that Holloway was mererly drinking soda. Quite the contrary.

      You say, “He was known for this” but that is a conclusion based on “stories” as you put it.

      Whether or not Jordan V. put a drug in Natalee’s drink doesn’t matter to me. She was a teenager, out drinking and hooked up with some guys in a bar. She is not completely innocent. Children who are molested and raped ARE completely innocent. I feel their stories are much more important than Holloway’s.

  4. jeanie says:

    Go to:

    Statement Analysis shows very clearly that Patsy Ramsey killed Johbenet and that John Ramsey had been molesting her.

    • Alethea says:

      Thank you Jeanie.

      The person who wrote the statement analysis makes excellent points. Not only was there evidence of sexual assault (rape or vaginal penetration with something) and chronic vaginal infections in the little girl, but I heard one of the family members say in an interview that, even at age six, JonBenet had to call for someone to come wipe her after she went pee. That, in and of itself is STRANGE.

      One website reads:”Though toilet-trained for years, JonBenét Ramsey often soiled her underwear and bedclothes; unusual in an intelligent child of six, she was still in the habit of calling out to adults to wipe her when she was on the toilet. As Schiller writes, “Anyone within shouting distance would do. Some adults, thinking she was old enough to do this herself, stopped answering her calls, and it resulted in soiled underpants.” (Burke, JonBenét’s brother, had suffered from encopresis several years before, to the point of smearing feces on bathroom walls; when Patsy Ramsey began grooming JonBenét for beauty pageants, and turned her concentration away from Burke, his condition improved.) Unsurprisingly, JonBenét had wet her underwear and her bed on Christmas night, not long before she was killed.”

      *If true* about the brother having a serious condition that relates to rage over not getting enough attention, this is strong evidence that he hated and loved his little sister. Did he hate her enough to take rage out on her that fateful night? Maybe John Ramsey had been sexually abusing the child but the brother killed her?

      Yet, the world heard Patsy Ramsey say on TV that “two people know” who killed their daughter. So if the brother had any part in the murder, it would be three people, not two.

      I have to wonder if John Ramsey was sexually abusing JonBenet and Patsy Ramsey always suspected it but was in denial until that night. Maybe she walked in on her husband and JonBenet that night, and when faced with the undeniable, killed the little girl out of a rage jealousy.

      Either way, JobBenet most likely wanted to exit this earth and be free of her strange and tormented childhood. I think her little soul was quite happy to go and be with God.

      • Cati says:

        Many years have passed and I’ve seen quite a lot of documentaries about this case. It is in my understanding that a teacher was arrested linked to this killing, he confessed it at one point.

        I just wanted to say something about the soiling pants thing. It is kind of strange, but not so much. I myself used to soil my underwear until around 5 or 6 because if I was making something I really liked or was highly concentrated I would never stop to go to the bathroom. I was absorbed. So that might seem strange, but it can also mean nothing. Some kids do, I did and was never, ever sexually abused.

  5. Nancy-Not Grace! says:

    Woe!! Woe! I do not believe the Ramsey’s had anything to do with the death of their daughter. That is a CRUEL, CRUEL statement.Unfortunately the pageant may have contributed to her death by a pervert stalker. I personally do not like padeants and there should be guidelines on them.

    As far as the Holloway case I feel sorry for the dad Dave. I believe he did not want her to go and Beth said she could. Beth must feel guilty for letting her go on that trip. My kids would never have been allowed to out of the country. It is just a sad, sad situation for all. No one wins.

    • aletheamarinanova says:

      What is cruel about the truth? The truth liberates human beings from their superficial lives and from their own egos. The truth allows children to be heard, and it releases mainstream Americans from their need to believe that nicely dressed, upscale, church-going parents don’t sometimes sexually abuse their kids.

  6. shana Dines says:

    You tell it like it is, and I really like that about you. Facts are not always pretty. I agree with you. I don’t think that Holloway deserved what she got, but you have to be very careful about what you do and who you do it with.

    As far as Jon Benet, that is still horrible and I will always believe that the parents,atleast one of them is guilty. It is crime to dress little girls up like that and make them fodder for perverts. yuk!

    • aletheamarinanova says:

      Shana, that’s what I like about you –you aren’t afraid to hear the truth.

      You’re right, I think that it should be a crime for parents to dress their little girls in sexy outfits and alluring make-up. It should be considered child abuse and child endangerment.

  7. Carol in VA says:

    Good afternoon. I agree with you. My daughter and I have discussed the very same thing. Girls go to these places and get wild and when something happens nobody tells it like it is. This does not excuse Joran V. but it didn’t help either. And also, how about the so called “chaparone”?

    • aletheamarinanova says:

      Hi Carol,

      I have thought about the chaperon too. Not much of a chaperon, but no TV commentators have said that (none that I am aware of).

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