Woman’s Repressed Memory Leads to the Arrest and Confession of a Child Sexual Abuser

According to Delaware authorities, in May of this year, 62-year-old Calvin Huss confessed to the sexual abuse of a 13-year-old girl during a seven-month period at his home in 1993. The victim, now in her thirties, went to police after she remembered the sexual abuse during psychotherapy sessions.

Calvin Lee Huss

Her repressed memory returned after it had been blocked from her mind for 17 years. Huss confessed a month after the woman reported her memories to the police. Huss has also confessed to sexually abusing two teenage girls in his home between 2008 and 2010.

Following the confession, police had the department of social services contact and interview the teenage victims. Both girls confirmed Huss had “molested” them.

Did Huss rape these women? We don’t know for certain because 90% of news reports don’t use the word  “rape” when a child or adult has been raped. They call it “assault,” “molestation,” or “abuse.” As one of my readers pointed out to me in a private email, many of us who have been raped want it spoken.  The term “‘sexual assault” is a blanket term for rape. Let’s call it what it is! Most of us want it spoken and hate the word, “unspeakable” in relation to child sexual abuse and child rape. Calling child rape “sexual assault” is nothing but cotton candy for mainstream Americans.

Given that repressed memory is usually associated with violent sexual acts, or severe trauma on the victim, the woman who recalled years later that she had been repeatedly assaulted by Huss, was probably raped.

In a plea deal, Huss now faces up to 15 years in prison for the 1993 case, and up to 25 years for each of the recent assaults. Sentencing is set for Nov. 19 2010.

Three cheers to Ross Cheit and his outstanding work in the Recovered Memory Project. His website is what alerted me to this case. There is another interesting repressed memory case listed on the page provided at the link above. It involves a woman’s previously repressed memory –leading to the arrest of a man for a kidnapping and “sexual assault” that happened in 1998. The woman’s memory recall was so good that her memories led police right to the suspect, who was then linked to the crime by DNA evidence. As Cheit points out, how can those who deny the existence of repressed memory ignore this case?

Sources: Port Deposit man pleads in 3 child molestations – Cecil Whig: Localnews.

The Recovered memory Project

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7 Responses to Woman’s Repressed Memory Leads to the Arrest and Confession of a Child Sexual Abuser

  1. Bonnie says:

    A quick follow up…..
    Mom has to know and she is not talking. She says that he even tried to kill her! (If that’s true.) Wouldnt you remember that? Even 30 years ago, she should remember.

    She’s the key. The silent key.

  2. Bonnie says:

    I commend you and am thankful that you can finally be on a journey of peace and the next era. I am just so happy you brought this to light.

    Repressed memories (at least in my case) are true and they exist. Now, I am sure that there are many that misuse this condition for personal gain but for the most part I think it is valid.

    Three weeks ago my brother called me. We live in Portland but he had to call me right at that moment. He apparently had a repressed memory and it finally surfaced. (He has been clean and sober for six years now, that probably helped.) Anyway, he remembered clear as day a man in my bedroom raping me. This definitely runs parallel to some oddities that I always just blew off. My brother was about four or five years old, that made me about nine.

    So. The wierd part is that I grew up in the mountains. Way out of town- very rural. My mother dated from time to time but we never knew who. My mother was terrorizing tyrant but I digress…She once mentioned that she dated this guy that sells wine, etc. She dated him more than once. I remember him coming clear out to our farm to deliver the wine, but mom didnt really drink that much. That’s all I remember. Just the delivery.

    My brother told me that he wanted to come and check on me, I was always outside. So he went up to my room and saw it all. The man told him to leave so he did. (tyrant mom, “respect your elders!”)

    He says that he walked over to the pasture and stood. Knowing something wasnt right but being five, that is about how far he got. He knew something wasnt right.

    So it all fits. Now if I can just remember!!!!!!!!It has affected my entire life.

    I feel bad and apologize for such a long post. This is fresh for me again, being just three weeks ago I am processing feelings of anger, frustration and a feeling of helplessness almost. I already had a therapist (imagine that) so I am thankful I have her. My plan is just to build a solid foundation for when/if I ever get the memory back.

    So, that’s the end of my memory.

    • Alethea says:

      Hi Bonnie. Thanks so much for sharing and posting here.

      “Repressed memories (at least in my case) are true and they exist. Now, I am sure that there are many that misuse this condition for personal gain but for the most part I think it is valid.”

      Yes –just as some adult women claim rape when they have not been raped, it does not mean that every case of rape is false. Cases of repressed memory deserve individual consideration. They all cannot be labeled as false. On the contrary, most are indicative of being true.

      Sobriety can definitely bring up repressed memories.

      “He says that he walked over to the pasture and stood. Knowing something wasnt right but being five, that is about how far he got. He knew something wasnt right.”

      Your brother’s memory sounds accurate for a five year-old.

      May I ask how your lack of memory has affected your entire life? I am curious as to what your symptoms are.

      Don’t apologize for your post, I like it when people share their stories and express themselves at length.

      Our mothers usually know a helluva lot more than they will EVER disclose to us.

      Your mother’s memory of someone trying to kill her would be a traumatic memory, so no, she might not remember much of it.

      All my best,

      • Bonnie says:

        How has this affected my entire life. Hmmm. There is one side where my mother beat my brother and I on a daily basis, basically terrorizing us. We lived off our farm during the 70’s, no where near town. We didnt know any different.

        As far as the repressed memory, it does exist. Its funny how I do remember the wine deliever and the man wearing a dress shirt with slacks and salt and pepper hair. That may not be what he looked like at all, but I always thought that was odd. My dad was hit by a train when I was 6 and that is when we moved. Mom married four times after that.

        I have symptoms reflecting all the experiences but most are co-morbid conditions.

        * I have slept with more men than I will ever be able to remember. (But not since I had my son 16 years ago.)
        * Failed relationships, insequity, co dependant, wanting to conform
        * I knew things when I was little that I shouldnt have known, I do remember that.
        * I have done such risky behavior that I literally could write a best-seller. I’m so, so serious. If it was dangerous, all the better. I could be a real tom-boy and I can be a polished lady. It just depended on the situation. When I say risky behavior, I might add that I have no criminal history.
        But the riskier the better. I’ve traveled almost the entire country with truck drivers, bikers and all kinds of people. No one messed with me though! I thank God every day for keeping me safe. I could have been just a faceless missing person at any given time.
        * I have:
        Generalized Anxiety Disorder
        Bipolar 1- I cycle rapidly. This diagnosis was about four years ago, triggered by several traumatic events happening in my life within a year. I went koo koo.
        ADD, but I really dont believe in that idea.
        Obesity AND normal weight size. I was once over 300 pounds and lost about 150 lbs. I will never allow that to ever happen again. Thats when I snapped. The weight loss was when I got the diagnosis and began meds. But being Bipolar, I have gotten used to having two closets….one for sizes 20-24 and another for sizes 14-18. By the way, the larger size closet contains mostly black. At the moment I am a 22. 🙂 LOL I am on my way back down again. Not in a depression though but this whole situation is changing me and I dont know how or why but it is. I cant wait to figure this out.

        But yes, it could have been any number of the life events disclosed but so much of it points to the event that my mind wont allow me to remember. I really want to take this burden off my brother and myself so that we can put it where it belongs. With “him.”

      • Alethea says:

        Hi Bonnie. Good to hear from you.

        The wine deliveries, and the man wearing a dress shirt with slacks and salt and pepper hair is an interesting memory to retain. It may be telling that this is the only memory you have of him. Maybe not.

        Promiscuity is definitely one of the signs of sexual abuse.

        Dangerous behavior could be indicative of many things, one of which, doing things you aren’t supposed to –like going against the rules of authority.

        PTSD, Anxiety Disorder,Depression, Insomnia,
        Bipolar, and your problems with food are all highly indicative of sexual abuse, and or, trauma. But your mother’s daily beatings were also traumatic.

        It seems, that in spite of your very hard life, that you still retain a sense of humor. Good for you. I wish you all the best in the world. I hope that you find the answers you are looking for.

  3. GeorgiaGirl says:

    Thank you for validating repressed memories of sexual abuse (RAPE)! My own memories were blocked for 44 years.

    • Alethea says:

      You’re more than welcome. I blocked mine for 30 years. I think that those of us who have experienced this, need a lot of validation.

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