Blonde Mom Accused of Stabbing Her Three Year-Old Twin Girls To Death

FAIRFIELD, Calif. — “A California mother accused of stabbing her twin 3-year-old daughters to death before attempting to take her own life and setting fire to her apartment has been arrested.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that Monica McCarrick, 28, was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of murder, two counts of child abuse resulting in death and one count each of arson and destruction of evidence.

The newspaper reported that McCarrick was to be booked at Solano County Jail after being treated at John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek for non-life-threatening injuries.

Firefighters found the children’s bodies around 10:30 p.m. Tuesday inside their mother’s apartment after responding to reports of a fire and extinguishing the blaze.

The girls’ names have not been released.”

To see mom, click here:

Source: MSNBC

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24 Responses to Blonde Mom Accused of Stabbing Her Three Year-Old Twin Girls To Death

  1. Alethea says:

    Update on this one:

    “Christine McGarrick, 28, of Fairfield is now suspected of slaying Lily and Tori Ball with a samurai sword — which she then turned on herself either before or after igniting her North Texas Street apartment on Tuesday. Firefighters discovered the grim scene when responding to the two-alarm blaze.”

  2. Hilde says:

    Alethea, no more off topic I promise. 😳 I just didn’t want to ignore some Questions.

  3. knight owl says:

    Hilde, love your halloween gravatar.

  4. knight owl says:

    Hilde, so very true. Gohde can can have his blog all he wants as far as i care. I am just wondering, he leaves for good so he said, now he is right back. His MO sounds so much like another one that is this way so i am wondering who is really the blog owner.

    • Hilde says:

      i seen his Bio once, he is who he says he is but a lot older, that’s his High School Picture, don’t wonder, not worth our time.

  5. knight owl says:

    Hilde, agree. Seems these women have no problem slaying their children in the most heinous of manner and then pretend to attempt to take their own life. Yea, i really buy that. If this one really wanted to take her own life she would have. She was going for a sympathy ploy as she knew she was going to be arrested and use that, i am unstable, see i tried to kill myself too as a defense. Makes me sick.

    • Alethea says:

      and she would have done it without killing her children first.

      Killing your children before your “attempted” suicide indicates that all you wanted was your kids out of the way.

  6. knight owl says:

    Thanks Alethea. Your correct there are so many nuts out there and you never know where you will find the next one, whether it will be on ng or one with their own blog.

  7. knight owl says:

    Hilde, Gohde is back with a new topic post on Misty so he is not gone like we thought.

    • Hilde says:

      knight owl, it doesn’t matter if he is back or not, that is his privilege.
      Myself I rather not be associated with some one who
      makes a habit out treating People disrespectful.
      There are other good Blogs like this one for Example I can post on without the negativity of the Blog Owner.

  8. knight owl says:

    Alethea, bless you, your a doll but please don’t go to his site to support me, as he, in my opinion is an unstable person and he would just be furious if you did that and direct his abnormal anger on to you and i would not want that. I noticed he had erased who ever it was that took up for me post they made last nite and by the way whoever that was should you read here, thank you very much. He has erased also all my blogs and he erased his screaming blog about me he put on his blog yesterday too. If you just want to check out his site it is John Gohde and his topic was ”An unrecognizable Misty gets the shaft”. After a few post i made he got very rude to me for no reason, starting complaining i don’t know the proper way to even post and and on and on, and all i said when i read that to him was, he was being very very rude to me for no reason and for this reason i would not be posting anymore on his blog and said now with this i bid you a good day. That’s it. Then he sends me this very outlandish scathing email, name calling me, telling me i am not a psychic and all psychics can go to h*ll and i never even said i was a psychic so have no idea where that came from. I have blocked him from my email. I went back to his site after my scathing email and told him i had done nothing to him and to go back and be nice to the poster’s he has left and go his own way and i would gladly go mine. I am not a frequent blogger at all on his site and after what i know now i am glad. Thank you, your a great person.

    • Alethea says:

      Good evening Night owl,

      It’s good that you recognize that the man has serious problems and that you don’t take it personally. There are a lot of nuts out there and it’s always unsettling when one sends you an email to your personal email address.

      Stay strong and true to yourself.

      Peace and good wishes!

  9. Hilde says:

    Alethea, this again is a very sad Case where innocent Children are the Victims.
    What really is amazing in so many Cases like this one the Mother kills her own Child/Children and states after the horrible Deed is done that they intended to kill them selfs but amazingly and not surprising that Attempt of killing them selfs fails and they come away alive.
    I guess they are too much of a Coward to kill them selfs but didn’t hesitate to murder their own Child/Children like in this Case.
    I am not saying this particular Woman didn’t have any real Problems at least in her Mind, that still doesn’t justify the Murder of her Twin Toddler Girls.
    Many Women come upon hard Times and many are young with Children and all on their own and it can be very difficult, believe me I speak out of Experience.
    It doesn’t matter how bad things might seem, Children should never have to pay the Price with Abuse or Death for the wrong Choices the Parent makes. JMO

    • Alethea says:

      Hi Hilde.

      “I guess they are too much of a Coward to kill them selfs but didn’t hesitate to murder their own Child/Children…”

      So well said.

      Nothing justifies the murder of a child, ever. If things are really bad in a mother’s life, or if she has fallen on hard times financially, or become sick, or is being beaten by a spouse –then she can give her children to friends or relatives, or go to a shelter for battered women. Or she can go on welfare or check herself into a hospital and let the state take her kids, but if she murders them, then her sole motivation is pure selfishness –to get out of her way what came between her and her need for freedom. Or for some women, the need for a man that doesn’t want kids. Remember Susan Smith and Diane Downs?

      It’s so sad because when Farrah Fawcett made that film, Small Sacrifices, it was done at a time when mothers who murder their kids was so unheard of, that they had to make a film about it. Now, there are so many women murdering their children for self-gain that they don’t even bother making films about it anymore.

  10. knight owl says:

    Hilde, i forgot to say, i am so sorry you got treated this way by Gohde too, as i know you didn’t do anything either.

  11. knight owl says:

    Alethea, many many apologies for being off your topic but it was so nice of Hilde to support me against a bully/nut. I also want to say Hilde, your point of adding she was a blonde is a good one as most would think ones that can do something this heinous has to be from the dregs of society and ugly straggle heads. Remember, Elizabeth, pretty blonde girl and was horrible to her adorable little baby boy Gabriel, and we still don’t know what she did with him. These women are pretty on the outside but horribly ugly on the inside. Hope your having a great day today Alethea.

    • Alethea says:

      That’s okay Knight Owl, but now you two have me curious. Maybe you can direct me to this Blog you speak of? Maybe I can support you there.

      Thanks for your comments. My point was that people often refer to goodness as ‘golden haired’ people. They look at blonde, beautiful Elizabeth Johnson and think to themselves, “How could this beautiful young woman possibly have killed her child, or handed him over to strangers?”

      My day is okay, thanks for caring.

      • Hilde says:

        Aletha, the Blog was John Gohde’s. He shut his Blog down after he said he was tired of all the Idiots commenting on his Blog. He really isn’t even worth mentioning. He has a serious Problem and I am not interested in finding out what it is. Again, I am sorry to be off Topic. I just couldn’t believe how that Person intimidated or tried too all the People visiting his Blog.
        No wonder he shut down his Blog before he would get reported. JMO

  12. knight owl says:

    Hilde, thank you so much for your support to me. I did nothing to that Gohde, he has a serious problem. You should read the nasty threatening email he sent me. unreal. Says he deleted my 76 posts and where he comes up with i wrote that many posts is pure nuts too. He only had 50 posts to start with so how did i write 76. I barely ever frequent his site, did this time only due to it was about Misty. He is trying to make me sound like an obsessed posters perhaps. He needs to never have a blog. Thanks again Hilde.

  13. knight owl says:

    Hi Alethea, great post, great title. well done. Here we go again, another nut killing her children. It is horrible. I have no idea what is happening to people now days but it just seems to never end. Thanks for the post.

    • Hilde says:

      off topic, knight owl I am sorry what happened to You at John Gohde Blog. You didn’t deserve to be talked to that Way! He has done that to me before and I never posted there again!

  14. Kim says:

    What does her being blonde have to do with anything?

    • Alethea says:

      Because my blog is geared towards making people more aware that it is not just people from inner cities or scraggly looking human beings who rape, molest, and murder children. “Evil Sits at the Dinner Table” is to say that it is often “America’s sweetheart” or the “girl next door” type who harm children.

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