Childhood Rape Can Raise Risk for Psychosis

“Childhood sexual abuse involving penetration appears to increase the risk of developing psychotic disorders later in life, according to research published in the November issue of the Archives of General Psychiatry.”

TUESDAY, Nov. 2 (HealthDay News) — Childhood sexual abuse involving penetration appears to increase the risk of developing psychotic disorders later in life, according to research published in the November issue of the Archives of General Psychiatry.

Margaret C. Cutajar, of Monash University in Clifton Hill, Australia, and colleagues studied mental health data on 2,759 subjects who had been sexually abused as children, matched with community-based controls, to explore whether childhood sexual abuse raises the risk for subsequent psychotic disorders.

The researchers found rates for general psychosis, and particularly for schizophrenic disorders, significantly higher in the childhood sexual abuse subjects than in the controls (2.8 versus 1.4 percent for general psychosis and 1.9 versus 0.7 percent for schizophrenic disorders in abuse subjects and controls, respectively). Risk for later psychosis was highest in those whose abuse occurred after age 12, involved penetration, and involved more than one perpetrator. Abuse without penetration was not related to significant increases in general psychosis or schizophrenia.

“Child sexual abuse involving penetration is a risk factor for developing psychotic and schizophrenic syndromes. The risk is greater for adolescents subjected to penetration. Irrespective of whether this statistical association reflects any causal link, it does identify an at-risk population in need of ongoing support and treatment,” the authors write.”

Source:  Childhood Sexual Abuse May Raise Risk for Psychosis –Doctors Lounge.

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11 Responses to Childhood Rape Can Raise Risk for Psychosis

  1. Andre' says:

    You have my eyes and ears. Im listening. God bless you for open up this topic. Childhood abuse has been a research topic for the last ten years. It cannot be ignored. And yes because they havent filed a suit for defamation, they are guilty in my mind. Its unbelievable how they covered up the Franklin Cover Up at the local level. They shut everyone down, thru threat and duress. They accused the accusers of perjury and locked them up. Its a crying shame. America is mentally ill. Too bad there are not more men like me.

    • Alethea says:

      Threats of death are very powerful. I know from first hand experience how they can paralyze a person; especially a child.

      Are you familiar with Lloyd deMause? You might find his research on child abuse very interesting:

  2. Andre' says:

    List of republican pedophiles –
    democrat pedophiles –

    Now would you still vote for these ghouls ?

    (Note: the author of this Blog has not checked the accuracy of the claims made at the above links. It is up to each person to check out the sources. When it comes to accusations of child sexual abuse, one must be absolutely sure.)

    • Alethea says:

      Notice how many more republicans there are than democrats. Not surprising, because in Cathy O’Brien’s books, she accuses mostly all republicans of child sexual abuse and satanism.

      • Andre' says:

        Cathy O Brien accuses democrat’s Hillary and Bill Clinton. And states that Hillary was a pedophile who “went down on her” the 2 party system is a ruse, why dont we call it for what it is, the pedophile party.
        more MK survivors –
        I believe all politicians are involved, or you dont do business. throw in CEOs and lunatics like Tony Mottola etc. MJ spoke out against Mottola/Sony and I believe they killed him. MJ was serially abused by his own father, as they all were. People need to wake up.

      • Alethea says:

        Cathy O’Brien even has proof in her book of the mutilation of her vagina in the form of a Satanic symbol. She published the physician’s findings of her vagina.

        I believe her when she says that Hillary Clinton sexually abused her.

        I believe that MJ was severely abused by his father, but from what I understand, those demons in the child sexual abuse ring like white blonde kids. It’s possible that MJ was a part of the victims but it will never excuse him for any molestation of children that he perpetrated.

    • Alethea says:

      Thanks for all the links Andre’. People need to inform themselves about who and WHAT runs the U.S. Govt.

      • Andre' says:

        Im sorry I have to post these things, I would like to believe they are not true because the accusations are so unbelievable dand dark, but remember this is what happens if a child comes forward and tries to speak, 1) nobody believes them 2) they are usually under threat of retaliation. At this point, because they name names, and the Franklin Cover Up was pretty well documented, it mirrors what these women are saying, I have to at this point believe them until someone shows me otherwise. My experience as a researcher is, when I speak of these things, nobody listens to me. So I do it for the children, because someday I will go before God and have to answer for my actions. The pedophilia is so rampant in this country and world, its just too unbelievable to accept.

      • Alethea says:

        Don’t be sorry for posting the truth Andre’. You are correct that this is excalty what happens if a child comes forward and tries to speak; nobody believes them and they are threatened.

        I find that, because no one has filed a lawsuit against Cathy or Mark, that their claims are true. If I was being publicly falsely accused of child sexual abuse I would sue them. Also, the fact that congress won’t allow them to seek justice under the excuse of “for reasons of national security,” is evidence of their claims being true.

        No one listens to me either Andre’. Americans are like the little monkeys covering their eyes, ears, and mouths.

        But I too speak for the children.

  3. Andre' says:

    here are links for pedophilia rampant in government. Something that isnt adressed often enough. Its so out of control.
    Conspiracy of Silence – Banned from TV –

    The Franklin Cover Up – homosexual pedophile prostitution ring – running up to the White House –

    More MK Ultra – Trance-formation of America by Cathy O Brien –

    MK Ultra Mind Controlled Sex Slaves –

    copy and save these files and make them go viral around the world. The Children are waiting for us. God Bless

  4. Andre' says:

    This would completely explain Marilyn Monroe’s behavior and all the ghouls around her preyed on her, they didnt help her. None of them. We live in a sick world.

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