“Mothers Are Known to Protect Their Children.” Uh, I Don’t Think So


Mom Pleads Guilty to Killing Her Baby During Farmville Game


In response to my article about the mother who killed her infant for interrupting her Farmville game, Hassan responded:

“This is just Disgusting !!! how could a mother do that ??? Mothers are known to raise and protect their children but by reading this news i m speechless and i can just feel sorry for poor little fairy who lost her life due to her own Mother…”

Mothers are known to protect their children? Quite the contrary. I personally know of many women who have abused, abandoned, and betrayed their children, and many who have knowingly allowed the man in their life to sexually abuse and rape their child.  At least 45% of women in incestuous homes know about and allow the incest of their child to continue.

In the animal world, mothers are known to protect their young —even defend them to their death. In the human world, not so much.

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2 Responses to “Mothers Are Known to Protect Their Children.” Uh, I Don’t Think So

  1. Andre' says:

    yes, women who have come from abusive homes seem to have lost the maternal instinct. In Dr Estes book Women Who Run With the Wolves, she states that women have lost their wolf like instinct of loyalty, maternity, and ferocity. That the wolf was used as a universal archetype across all cultures.

  2. Carol in VA says:

    Yes, humans are not even close to the loyal love of animals. That’s why Jane Valez Mitchell hates to hear someone say that a killer is like an animal. Animals don’t kill or be mean for kicks. God help the children and the animals.

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