Boy Raped? In Library Bathroom. Library Employees Lock Perp Inside Restroom

“Michael Joseph Snowden, 21, was charged with sexual abuse of a child.”

Michael Joseph Snowden

(Michael Joseph Snowden)


Sexual abuse, or rape??? I wish the press would be truthful! Call it what it is.

“Investigators said he was at the Freed-Montrose library branch, 4100 Montrose Boulevard, on Friday and viewing child pornography on one of the library’s computers.”

“A 6-year-old boy was at the library with his father and 9-year-old brother, officials said. The father sent the boys to the restroom to change clothes for a nearby swimming lesson while he waited outside.

“The boy was in the stall. That’s when the defendant walked in behind him and crawled underneath the stall,” said Maritza Ancu, an assistant Harris County prosecutor. Snowden then sexually assaulted him, prosecutors said. The boy screamed, and he and his brother ran out of the restroom, officials said.”

A library employee locked the restroom door, trapping Snowden inside until police arrived, according to investigators.

“Snowden is being held on a $50,000 bond. If convicted, he faces a minimum of 15 years to life in prison.”

Sounds like it was rape.

“Library officials said they have filters on their computers for pornography, but Snowden must have gotten around the filters.

“This is the first that we’re hearing about this. We were not alerted to any inappropriate activity on our computers on that day,” said Sandra Hernandez with the Houston Public Library.

According to the indictment, Snowden has a conviction for aggravated sexual assault of a child that he committed when he was a juvenile in 2005 in Upshur County, Texas. He also has a conviction for assault of a public servant in San Saba County, Texas.

Source Click2Houston

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4 Responses to Boy Raped? In Library Bathroom. Library Employees Lock Perp Inside Restroom

  1. Blas says:

    What ever it is this guy needs to be hung by his nut sack and beat down with a cane

  2. Dan Kleinman says:

    How this guy got past the filters needs to be investigated. Was he clever? Were the filters not terribly functional? If so, was that on purpose? The library gets federal funding for Internet Access under the CIPA E-rate program. Is it violating that program like some other libraries do just to defraud the federal government of money?

  3. Alethea says:

    I don’t know, but if it was attempted rape, then they need to say that. If it was just touching the boy, then they would probably have said “molestation.” The media and others usually tone down rape with the words, “sexual assault.” And the fact that he is facing fifteen years to LIFE tells me it was a serious crime. They usually give those who just touch children, a few short years in prison (if that much), or even probation.

    Maybe it was forced oral sex. If so, the media should report it.

    “Sexual assault” is a watered down term for the very real and horrific sexual violence on children.

    To those who might be offended by my saying “just touched” the boy: I know that when a child is touched sexually by an adult, it is harmful and can be overwhelming for the child. However, it is not traumatic in the same way as raping a child, or forced oral sex on a child.

  4. Andre' says:

    how does Michael Joseph Snowden, 21 “rape” a boy? not to sound glib about it, was there actual penetration? Because anal penetration isnt that easy, excuse my language. But if Michael Joseph Snowden did rape this boy, he is extremely dangerous. So the question begs – who are his parents, how was he raised and WHAT happened to him growing up? did he go to church? Which church? What other institutions/clubs/organization did he belong? ie. Boy Scouts etc. They never tell you much about these peaple. This was a learned behavior is my guess from someone who violently violated him, repeatedly.

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