Teen Beats Friend To Death and Then Burns The Body

“Authorities now say that Joshua Wilkerson, 18, was beaten with a large wooden rod and that his body was burned. Hermilio Moralez, 19, is charged with murder in Wilkerson’s death.



We are told by police that Moralez knew Wilkerson for about five years, that they were friends and that he often received rides home from school from Wilkerson. Now Moralez is in jail, accused of killing his own friend.

“While this is not the end that we had hoped for, we had to know something. They have helped us to bring a little sense of closure for us,” said Laura Wilkerson, Joshua’s mother.

As she thanked the community for helping locate her son’s body, we are learning more about the suspect. He was arrested Tuesday, allegedly roaming near the crime scene. Authorities say after initially refusing to identify himself, he claimed he had struck Wilkerson with a piece of wood after the teen made advances towards him.”

Full Story: Suspect charged in Pearland teenager’s death | abc13.com.

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