Twelve Year-Old Brittany Mae Smith Found in California, Dead Mother’s Boy Friend Arrested: I Have Some Hard Truths

The Brittany Mae Smith case has intrigued me, but probably not for the same reasons that it has interested other people.

Twelve  year-old girl Brittany “went missing” from her Virgina home about a week ago with Jeffrey Scott Easley, age 32. The two disappeared after Brittany’s mother, 41 year-old, Tina Smith, was found murdered in the home they all shared. Brittany has now been “found safe” in San Francisco California. Safe? How do we know she wasn’t repeatedly raped by her mother’s boyfriend?

Easley is now in custody in connection with the murder of Brittany’s mother and the alleged kidnapping of Brittany.

Police say Brittany and Easley were spotted shopping in a retail store in the San Francisco area. Police responded, and Easley was arrested without incident. Police say Brittany and Easley had been living in a tent, not far from the store.

Authorities say surveillance video taken inside a Walmart store, shortly after Brittany and Easley were reported missing, showed Brittany being calm.  In the video, Easley was pushing a shopping cart and Brittany walked close to him. Police say the 12 year-old was not seen motioning to anyone for help, and that she assisted Easley in unloading camping equipment in the checkout line.

“Friends Describe Tina Smith as Trusting”

I watched Nancy Grace talk about this case the other night. She made a remark about Tina Smith being ‘in Heaven now,’ and that she couldn’t protect her daughter anymore. Hmmmm. Isn’t this the same woman who brought Easely into Brittany’s home just a few short months after meeting him on the Internet?

First of all, I do not believe that, just because someone has died, they automatically go to Heaven. Secondly, if Brittany’s mother brought this man into her child’s life, after only knowing him for a short time, then she certainly did not protect her daughter. Quite the contrary.

I know, some people feel it isn’t nice to talk about the dead in such negative ways. However, most of my readers know by now that I am not into niceties.  I am into truth, and speaking it.

“As police focused on finding Brittany, friends of the missing girl’s family said that Brittany’s murdered mother, Tina, was too trusting. Lisa Ennemoser and Mark Lankford said they had known Tina Smith since childhood. “She would give you the shirt off her back, she would do anything to make you laugh,” Ennemoser told ABC affiliate WSET in Lynchburg, Va.”

Okay, so does Brittany’s mother having a sense of humor, and that she was a giving person, make her a good mother? No.

Police suspect that Tina Smith allowing Easley to live with her and her child, ultimately led to her death, and to her daughter’s disappearance. Gee, ya think?

Easley, a landscaper, and Tina Smith, met online last summer and Smith allowed him to move into her home, with her daughter, in October. Police say they are still looking into the nature of the relationship between Easley and Brittany. Nancy Grace reported that relatives saw Easley stroking Brittany’s hair and face inappropriately, and police say that Brittany’s Face book page showed her name as “Brittany Easley” (instead of her legal name). Her last MySpace page update is said to have read, “Brittany Easleys what they call me.” Interesting. A father figure? Or something else? And why was Tina Smith allowing her daughter to take this man’s name?

I certainly want to know more about this case, but not for self-oriented reasons, but because I want children protected. I feel that the truth, and only the truth, about child sexual abuse will help stop it.  I know that most apple pie Americans want to believe that Brittnay was a complete victim of this man. I also know that this may indeed be true. But I think that if people recognize the fact that twelve year-old girls can become attracted to much older men, and can willingly have sex with them, then America’s children are much better off because the truth stops the lies. The truth stings, it isn’t pretty, but the truth is that, after the man abuses the relationship he has with the child, and takes advantage of her vulnerability, the child might enjoy sex with him, and even be willing to run away with him. The lie is that all children feel victimized by the adult and that none of them enjoy being touched sexually. And because of that lie, America’s children NEED people like me to say, “Hey! It’s NOT okay to bring a stranger into your home to live with your twelve year-old daughter!”

I also feel that if people are honest with themselves and others, they will see that it doesn’t matter how “nice” a mother is. If she places her young daughter (who is just coming of a sexual age and who lacks a father figure in the home) at risk by bringing a virtual stranger home to live with the child, then every “nice” thing she has done for others is canceled out. Ipso-facto.


ABC News Has the Entire Story

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3 Responses to Twelve Year-Old Brittany Mae Smith Found in California, Dead Mother’s Boy Friend Arrested: I Have Some Hard Truths

  1. Anne says:

    Lolita, in Nabokov’s eponym master work, is just 12 years old.
    Tina Smith and Brittany, you should mention it, had been fragilized, one year back, by the death of Brittany’s older brother (from another father)in doing the Choking Game.
    What I can’t understand, in this story, is why the family, though conscious the relationship between Brittany and Easley wasn’t appropriate, though knowing Tina was very vulnerable, didn’t interfere. I wonder whether Brittany and Easley didn’t meet first on the social network before Easley started to seduce Tina in order to have access to Brittany.
    Well thanks for making me feel I’m not the only one to speak of dead people as you would speak of them, were they alive…

    • Alethea says:

      Hi Anne. I too have wondered if they tried to interfere. News reports are sketchy so far, so we don’t know for certain if family members tried to tell Tina Smith that she was wrong and to get him out of the house, or if they tried to take Brittany out of the house.

      I am hoping that Nancy Grace will cover this case on her show tonight and that we will get more of the story.

      I’m happy that I helped you to feel less alone in your opinions about this.

      Best wishes,

  2. Carol in VA says:

    Good morning. I agree with you. I am so sick of “Nice” people being so careless/stupid with their children. Every day we hear about this demonic behavior happening to children. BE A MOTHER. MOTHERS DON’T TAKE DRUGS OR SLEEP WITH STRANGERS. PROTECT THE CHILDREN YOU HAVE. When they are grown and on their own you can act like an idiot but until then be responsible.

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