Brittany Mae Smith Update: Brittany’s Grandmother Called Social Services About Relationship With Mom’s Live-In Boyfriend

According to True Crime Report:

“Elizabeth Dyer, Tina Smith’s mom, says she called Halifax County Social Services just days before Brittany disappeared, telling them that something wasn’t right about her granddaughter’s relationship with Easley. But she was told that nothing could be done without physical evidence.

Elizabeth won’t say what led her to believe Easley might be going perv on the girl, since police have asked her to keep quiet. She does hope that Halifax County will release its records on the case. The county, however, says it can’t comment due to confidentiality laws.”

“Police still aren’t saying whether Brittany went willingly with Easley, nor have they said what — if anything — the pair have said about Tina Smith’s murder.”

Source: True Crime Report

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7 Responses to Brittany Mae Smith Update: Brittany’s Grandmother Called Social Services About Relationship With Mom’s Live-In Boyfriend

  1. Anne says:

    Alethea, reading you makes one feel well. You know why ? Because you don’t judge and say what you think. The world would be a better place to live in if you could multiply yourself infinitely !
    This Easley guy may be 32 but he looks very childish. His relationship with Brittany doesn’t seem to be a paedophile one, more a sort of connivance. The fact she used his name on FB betrays it.
    The terrible point is the mother’s death. By chance I had an e-mail exchange with Tina Smith on a forum dedicated to TCG. Someone reminded this to me the other day. I had totally forgotten. TS lacked of delicacy and was quite aggressive to me, basically because she misunderstood a conversation I had with someone about suicide as a convenient verdict. What stroke me was that she, who was new on the forum, didn’t try to understand before being inquisitive.

    • Alethea says:

      Hi Anne. Well thanks for the nice words! I wish everyone could just speak the truth, we would all be better off.

      What’s TCG? and how do you know for certain that it was this Tina Smith? (just curious).

      Thanks again for the nice post!

      • Anne says:

        Hi Alethea !
        I’m sure this is the same TS. The media mentioned her son Tyler died last year doing the Chocking Game (TCG : if you want to know seriously about it I can send you the link to an article I wrote for the British Journal of School Nursing).
        A friend of mine is part of a forum for parents who have lost a child through TCG (this is my friend’s case. She asked me to join the forum because she doesn’t understand nor write well English. She’s French, as I am, though I live in Portugal). When the news broke in, my friend asked me if I knew Tina Smith. Though I said I had no idea of TS, my friend looked for posts from TS and found mine… I kept saying I didn’t know her, so she sent me the thread and reading it made me remember.
        It wasn’t like this 4 or 5 years back, but now the only interest seems to be sending candles and prayers twice a year (real birthday and what they call angel birthday). We were (I quitted, but still have some warm contacts off) practically only two or three to send and discuss news and articles about prevention and work in progress concerning that “game”. Tina Smith obviously wasn’t expecting that and made me feel like the odd one out with her inquisition.
        That’s all !

        • Alethea says:

          Hi Anne. So you are French! That is why you recognize and appreciate the speaking of truth. My therapist is French and she is the one who has helped me to find my voice and to not fear speaking the truth.

          Ah, Portugal! Lucky you.

          Have a beautiful day!

          • Anne says:

            Hi Alethea !
            It has been a very beautiful day and I’m more than lucky.
            In front of me and my laptop, on my balcony, a Xmas tree, a real one in a vase, expecting Sol Invictus on the 24th, night of the winter solstice. Then a descent of red roofs down to the river, the Tagus, today very much looking like the Atlantic because it is windy. Then far, far away, the mountains of the Serra de Arabida.
            More than lucky.
            Take care !

  2. Serieve Marie Elizabeth Andrews says:

    ‘Going perv on the girl?’

    ARGH! WRITE IT! ‘might be sexually abusing or raping the girl.’ ‘Sexual assaulting’ is a more appropriate term than a slang term! WOW. Has the English language changed and eroded some much? Society: STOP minimizing child abuse and child torture. These actions must not be sugar-coated!

    On the side, it is just poor journalism to use ‘going perv.’ Geez.

    It does not matter if Brittany went ‘willingly.’ She is TWELVE. The man is in his 30’s. HE SHOULD KNOW – HE KNOWS! He just may not care.

    ‘Physical evidence?’ I am not that much into niceities when it comes to murder, kidnapping and child abuse —

    There is a dead body. Is that enough appropriate physical evidence for social services now!?

    And ‘confidentiality laws?’
    Most often, this is bullshit. These laws are used as defenses to enable those in power to HIDE AND DEFLECT. They protect the staff or workers, NOT THE CHILDREN.

    With this case, I rest for now my case.

    • Alethea says:

      “‘Going perv on the girl?’”

      I thought the same thing. Bad journalism, and vile choice of words. Minimizes child sexual abuse and almost sounds like the author of the article was using a titillating remark.

      I don’t blame Brittany if she went willingly. I just brought it up because a lot of people think kids are totally disgusted by the adult’s sexual perversion. I just wanted to point out that the girl might have liked the affection and maybe even felt good about taking the boyfriend’s attention away from her mother. As a child, I was happy that I drew my father’s attention away from my cold and distant mother.

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