Columbia Professor Accused of Having Sex With His Daughter: Attorney Says It Was Consensual

David Epstein, a 46 year-old Columbia professor,  has been accused of engaging in a sexual relationship with his 24 year-old daughter for the past three years.

Authorities say Epstein was charged with one-count of third-degree incest for what has been described as a “consensual” sexual relationship. is reporting that Epstein’s lawyer, Matthew Galluzzo, stated, “Academically, we are obviously all morally opposed to incest and rightfully so.” …”At the same time, there is an argument to be made in the Swiss case to let go what goes on privately in bedrooms.” “It’s OK for homosexuals to do whatever they want in their own home,” he said. “How is this so different? We have to figure out why some behavior is tolerated and some is not.”

How is this different? Well, for one thing, homosexuals can’t procreate with each other. For another, it is possible that Epstein psychologically groomed his daughter, since she was a child, into having this ‘consensual’ relationship. It is also possible that he was already sexually abusing her as a teenager, or even as a child. A man with no moral or spiritual boundaries is bound to have had sexual thoughts about his daughter LONG before she turned twenty.

Galluzzo says that, although Epstein’s daughter has come forth as a victim in the case, she could be “described as an accomplice.”

Ah!, the daughter has not only consented to having sex with her father, but she is also a partner in crime!

And here it is; the famous nincompoop quote….. Raahi Sheth, who had Epstein as a major adviser, said: “he was surprised to hear of the allegations, since Epstein has always been helpful. “He’d always been fairly jovial,” he said. “He seemed to be a very nice guy.”

Yes, jovial, nice people NEVER sexually abuse kids, or have sex with their own daughter!

“Incest is still socially and legally taboo in the United States, but attitudes may be changing in other parts of the world, at least when it involves adults and not minors.”

In many other countries, incest with children has been openly practiced for centuries and is accepted as perfectly normal. Currently, the United States has laws that enforce the prosecution of incest. In addition, even though incest takes place behind closed doors on a regular basis in American homes, and even though family members often ignore or facilitate it, the American legal system has at least favored putting child rapists and child molesters behind bars.

Groups like NAMLBA, and comments made by Epstein’s attorney, raise the question: Will American society soon legally allow adult/child “sex?” (also known as child sexual abuse and child rape).


Last year, former child actress, Mackenzie Phillips, came forward to say that she and her father, John Phillips, had been having sex for ten years. At first, Mackenzie described the sex as consensual, but she later realized that she had been betrayed by her father. Mackenzie stated, “No matter what kind of incest, it is an abuse of power” ….”A betrayal of trust.”

Phillips wrote in her book, High On Arrival: “I woke up that night from a blackout to find myself having sex with my own father,” and, after she became pregnant, Mackenzie never let her father touch her again. She didn’t know who the father of the child was, but Mackenzie says her father paid for an abortion.

“Those who have been in incestuous relationships with a parent — even as adults — “mix up” power, love, affection, attention and abuse” Like Phillips, they can lose their identity, struggle with forming meaningful attachments and can resort to drugs, self-cutting and even suicide.

“If you are saying consenting adults can do whatever they want, then what about therapists and their clients, employers and their employees, clergy and their parishioners?”

Good points.

Epstein’s wife, Sharyn O’Halloran, chair of the executive committee of the University Senate and a tenured professor, has declined to make any statements. Professor Epstein is currently on administrative leave and not teaching students. His trial date has not been set.


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Sources for this article:

David Epstein’s Lawyer: ‘We Have To Figure Out Why Some Behavior Is Tolerated And Some Is Not’.


to see a photo of Epstein, click here

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18 Responses to Columbia Professor Accused of Having Sex With His Daughter: Attorney Says It Was Consensual

  1. Alethea says:

    Interesting comment made by Epstein’s attorney:

  2. Alethea says:

    Epstein update: the relationship ended a year ago. If he is convicted of the incest charge, he could face up to four years in prison.

  3. Anne says:

    Oh I do totally agree, Alethea, on that topic. I’m commenting here because the space is very narrow now for one who replies to you !
    We do have social care agencies for this kind of case. It is a pity they at least didn’t have conception protection after the first kid. Just let me say that some people, who are no kins have the same defect gene and their descendance has a high risk to get it on both chromosomes, meaning that the defect is effective in the phenotype.
    So there’s no fatality with kins mating and we can’t interpret as a sign from mother Nature we shouldn’t do it. But of course defective offspring will not mate and they’re lost for evolution (special care has changed a bit this rule).
    You’re very right anyhow about the psychological effects on the offspring, if by chance it isn’t defective. Incest prohibition has social motives for sure.
    What I tried to say is that, socially and in patrilineage, the incest mother/son is much more taboo than father/daughter. Mother/daughter and father/son are totally kept untalked : they’re sterile.
    These are very interesting questions, ethically speaking, Alethea. What do you think about bearing a child for someone else ? In France, it isn’t allowed. I would have done that for a dear friend, if and only if the ovocyte wasn’t mine. Strange ?

  4. Alethea says:

    Another word or two on this case: I do not believe that it is a ‘coincidence’ that parental and sibling incest can easily create defective children, nor that too much open sex can cause venereal diseases, nor that AIDS is strongly transmittable between actively sexual gay men. I think that the Universe/God/Life/nature….whatever one wants to call it, has ways of saying to human beings, “Hey, this is not okay, this is not normal, you need to check yourself out.”

  5. stan rogaine says:

    this daughter appears to have been someone he illegitimately fathered while in college, not a daughter who was growing up in his home.

    it doesn’t make it any more justifiable, but it the picture of him seducing someone who had lived in his house since infancy is inaccurate.

    • Alethea says:

      Thanks Stan. Do you have a link to a reference?

      This information makes this case even more interesting to me. Not because it is not worse if he groomed the girl since childhood, but interesting in relation to how the relationship turned sexual if they only lived together as adults, or did not live together at all.

      Furthermore, look at the photo of Epstein. He’s no beauty. So it would seem to me that it was still more of a father/daughter bond than a young woman, just out of high school, being visually sexually aroused by a much older and not very attractive father.

      • Alethea says:

        Furthermore, It would seem that if he is guilty of incest with her, he has even more of a sexual attraction to incest if the girl did not live with him growing up.

        Often, when incest occurs in the home, it happens because the offending parent or sibling, and the child they end up abusing, all live in the same home, undress in front of each other, or touch each other in non-sexual ways. This can all lead to the sexual stimulation of the offender, that would not have taken place had they not lived with the child. This kind of abuser is called a “Situational Offender.”

  6. Anne says:

    Hi Alethea !
    Do you know who accused David Epstein ? His own daughter ? His wife ?

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Anne. Merry Christmas! No, I don’t. But I have a google alert set up for any more news that comes in. I’ll keep you posted if I learn anything.

      • Anne says:

        Hi Alethea !
        What Stan says, if confirmed, makes a lot of difference, imo. They may have had an emotionally adult and respectful relationship. Can we speak of abuse if he only provided the DNA that turned a cell into an egg and then a girl ? Human relationships are in themselves so complex that it’s better to avoid kinship, at least when known (see all these kids from semen and ovocytes givers, the probability they’ll mate is small but exists, the only hope being that they’ll never discover). But I admit that exceptionally a very strong attraction might develop between two ADULTS that are DNA related, without one or the other being an abuser.

        • Alethea says:

          Anne, I still think it is abusive, no matter what, because -on the father’s part- it is an abuse of the father/daughter relationship –his parental authority, and the soul bond that the two share. It is a violation of psychological, moral, and spiritual boundaries. This girl was still so young and immature. A father has a duty and responsibility to not act on his feelings for his child –even if she wants it. Her reasons for the ‘affair’ might be that she longed for the father she never had as a child and that she had learned somewhere to associate love with sex.

          He was also a highly educated man. He had to have known that he was risking creating a child with her that would have serious birth defects.

      • Anne says:

        Anonymous, thank you very much !
        Have a wonderful end of 2010 !

        • Alethea says:

          That was me Anne. For unknown reasons, Word press made my comment as “anonymous” instead of me. 😦

          I hope you have a beautiful, prosperous, joyful and peaceful NEW YEAR.


          • Anne says:

            Well, Alethea, I first thought it was you, then, after posting, I saw Anonymous…
            We don’t know whether this 24 years old was immature or not, whether they knew they were biological father and daughter, and if they knew when they learnt about it… If she had some kind of mental weakness I would agree with abuse, but not more because the seducer is her biological (only that) father.
            I think it is a difficult relationship to build and live, especially with incest prohibition background. In fact the only really taboo incest is between mother and son.

            • Anne says:

              I forgot to say that it has been proven that defects of the offspring doesn’t explain the universality of incest prohibition. Genetic defects but also genetic qualities are more likely to appear in phenotypes of kins.

              • Alethea says:

                Germany’s Patrick Stuebing, who had an incestuous relationship with his biological sister, produced four children with her. Three had physical or mental disabilities.
                The older two suffer from “severe physical and mental disabilities.” The third child was born with a heart condition, and all three were placed in foster care.

                I believe that brother/sister incest is the least psychologically damaging to the participants, but the children are rarely considered. Three of these kids are unhealthy and in foster care. Did this brother and sister stop to think for one second about the outcome of their sexual activities? No. They chose to cater to their sexual desires, and even after having children with birth defects, they chose to have more! Human beings are so fucking selfish.

            • Alethea says:

              Anne, respectfully, I don’t know what you mean by the only really taboo incest is between mother and son because not only is mother/daughter incest a taboo subject but it is a heinous relationship that can cause serious emotional and psychological conflict.

              And, as as I said above: I do not believe that it is a ‘coincidence’ that parental and sibling incest can easily create defective children, nor that too much open sex can cause venereal diseases, nor that AIDS is strongly transmittable between actively sexual gay men. I think that the Universe/God/Life/nature…. whatever ones wants to call it, has ways of saying to human beings, “Hey, this is not okay, this is not normal, you need to check yourself out.”

              Any possibility of “genetic qualities” derived out of incestuous child-bearing are canceled out by the risk of genetic defects.

              And do people, who wish to engage in these relationships, think for one second that the child they might bear could be psychologically damaged when they learn who mommy and daddy are? My mom is my sister??? What???

              I do not think it is as simple as ‘live and let live.’

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