Saying Merry Christmas! Is Not an Offense to Others. It is a Celebration of Love

In the United States, many people have been made shy of wishing others Merry Christmas. People tell them that this awesome wish may offend others.  This is an unfortunate misunderstanding of this celebration, and is due to ignorance of the true nature of Christmas. Love doesn’t discriminate against anyone. Everyone is welcome to celebrate Love!

Love was born as a Man in Jesus to show us With His Life, not only with words, that the Power of Love conquers all self-created limitations, and with His Death and Resurrection, that Love triumphs –even over death.

Love Itself came to show us that the transmutation of carnal flesh, into flesh of man divine is possible.

Now is our task to find the way to enter into that Sacred Place within us where Divine Love abides.

It is in that Sacred Place within us that God’s Light gives life to our being, transforming that which is elemental in us, by raising it to Divine Splendor, and our lives into a constant Christmas.

Know that thoughts have power. Words are manifested thoughts and affect our mind, lives and environment. Thus, it is important to know the power connotation of what you speak, and know it when you say, Merry Christmas!

Remember, thoughts have power; let’s start to rebuild this downtrodden world by immersing ourselves in God’s Love. KNOW that whoever you are, whatever your religion may be, wherever you may find yourself and whatever the circumstances are in the environment around you – you are welcome!

Use your God-given mental powers and start creating a better world for all, and for yourself, today! Go forth, be Merry and Celebrate with Joy, that your resurrection from death is made possible through Christ, The Love of God made manifest to men in Jesus!

Merry Christmas!

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