Christmas: A One of a Kind Event…The Birth of Love in Human Form

A Christmas Message from an Angel:

“Christ means Universal Love, Impersonal, Unlimited Power of Love.

Mass means Celebration rite of a specific event.

Christmas commemorates the Birth of Christ, The Power of Life and Love Within Time and Space on planet earth. So when we say Merry Christmas!, we are inviting everyone to celebrate Love.

Let all human-beings, who want Peace and Love on Earth, go beyond religions, concepts or practices that separate us and let us all celebrate Christmas together with a consciousness of Love.

This Unique Event, that has to do solely with God’s Love, happened only once in human history.  .  .  So it is not just a Holy day, there are many Holy days as you know.  This is a one of a kind event which tied together, in an untie-able knot, God and men. The Birth of the Christ –God’s  Universal, Impersonal, Unlimited Power of Love  in a human form, that of Jesus, changed time, the configuration of the Stars in Heaven, and the destiny of mankind on earth.  His task was to teach us, with His Life, what God’s Love Is and that Love conquers all limitations, even Death itself! An event to Celebrate for the Christ, Jesus’ birth is for all humans, no matter who you are, or what label you have been given.

Love has no limits and is not for just a few groups, nor was it born for just a few people.  The Christ took human form in Jesus of Nazareth to make us aware of the Immensity and Universality of God’s Love, and the Love is an integral part of All There Is. It is part of our true nature, and we too can become that Love and regain our immortality and Divine Nature –if only we let go of the ideas that limit us and which separate us from feeling and becoming Unlimited Love for everything and everyone at all times.  Not an easy task, but possible if we use our will to let Love become part of our lives.  Let us then, learn this day to go within and join each other in that feeling of the Immensity of God’s Peace and Love.

Merry, Merry Christmas to all Angels of Peace!”

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  1. All_Black says:

    Something we do agree on: Christmas and Christ is all about Love.

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