12 Year-Old Boy’s Burned Body Found in Ditch, Female Friend of Family in Custody

“Mona Yvette Nelson, the Texas woman charged with capital murder in the death of a 12-year-old Houston boy who disappeared on Christmas Eve, has admitted to being with the boy following his reported kidnapping, police said.

“She gave a self-serving statement to investigators, which placed her with Jonathan [Foster],” Houston police spokesman Kese Smith told AOL News.”


“Jonathan was last seen by his stepfather at his family’s apartment in northwest Houston around 1:45 p.m. on Christmas Eve. Jonathan’s mother reported him missing later that night after she returned home from work, police said.

On Tuesday, the fifth-grader’s badly burned body was found by a passer-by in a ditch. Evidence at the scene suggested the boy had been murdered and burned elsewhere before his body was dumped, police said.

According to the Houston Chronicle, surveillance cameras from a nearby business had recorded Nelson’s image. That footage led police to her home, where they reportedly found a “boatload” of evidence, including burned carpet and twine similar to string that was found on Jonathan’s hands.

Nelson, 44, was arrested at her apartment Wednesday and charged with capital murder. She was scheduled to appear in court this morning, but did not appear due to an undisclosed medical condition.

Smith said Nelson has not admitted to killing Jonathan and has offered no motive in the case.”

“Nelson was an acquaintance of Jonathan’s family. She was also reportedly friends with a woman who frequently baby-sat the boy.

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7 Responses to 12 Year-Old Boy’s Burned Body Found in Ditch, Female Friend of Family in Custody

  1. Alethea says:

    Look at the photo of this woman. Why is it that many women don’t even look like women anymore? Is it the genetically engineered “food” people are shoveling in their mouths by the pound? Is it all the hormones they put in our food?

    This is one of the reasons I only eat organic food.

    • Serieve Marie Elizabeth says:

      I don’t mean this badly; it’s why I dislike posts because I can’t put my facial or verbal expression into them.

      My overiding reaction to your comment Alethea is…”what is the relevance of what the suspected murderer looks like?”

      If she did harm the boy – the harm leading to his death – IT SHOULDN’T MATTER what she looks like!
      Can you provide links to peer-reviewed about genetically altered food? I ask because I have heard what you have said about such food, but have never seen such reports.

      This person may have murdered another person. What, if anything, does what this person’s biological gender, gender expression, gender identity or FOOD have to do with their suspected actions?

      If Angelina Jolie harmed and killed one of her son’s friend’s…yes, she ‘looks’ like what social constructionism states a woman should look like, but so what? She would have harmed someone. What a person LOOKS like should have no bearing on assumed gender or the actions they are capable of.
      It’s DNA, genes, hormones, chromosones, fetal development, melatonin, make up, no make up, and yes, food engineering may have something to do with it.

      As well, just because food says ‘organic’ may not mean it’s trustworthy. It could be another manipulation of higher coporate powers. Some people – like myself – would like to try and eat more ‘organic food,’ but cannot financially afford too. I am lucky if I eat once every 2 weeks at all. I once saw report on my local news that stated ‘pre-washed’ packaged vegetables should be washed again by the buyer.

      But this person may have killed another person – a child. That is what I would prefer to focus on – not which gender or not a possible killer looks like.

      Finally, what says a ‘woman’ must look like a ‘woman?’ What life-impacting issue would you have if I stated I look more masculine than feminine? I do.

      A suspected killer doesn’t look like some people think they should. Big deal in regards to a child being dead, I say.

      • Alethea says:

        Good evening Serieve. I am going to answer you first on the food issue because it is fastest for me right now. I’ll have to get back to you on the other.

        I don’t know if GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and hormones are causing men to be more feminine and women to look more like men. I posed the question because I don’t know. However, I do know that GMOs and hormones are most likely causing the obese deformities seen in many people these days, and ARE linked to death and disease.

        You can check out these websites to start:




        I bet you can get his books at the library.

        I will come up with more later if you want. I totally get the fact that many people cannot afford organic but if people would at least read about the dangers of GMOs and hormones, anti-biotics, and steroids, and then inform others when they can , and sign petitions etc. then at least we can try to make a difference and stop it.

        If you can, at least avoid non-organic soy, cotton seed oil, corn, and corn oil, tomatoes, and potatoes,. Those are the WORST of GMOs. Try to buy meat that doesn’t have hormones injected into it, and just try to shop at farmer’s markets when you can, and locally grown produce etc if you can. You can only do the best you can do.

        I also avoid rice that is not organic because they put human genes in some rice.


        Not to mention the cloned animals that are already in the food chain.

        The Documentary, “The Future of Food” is also a good film to watch.


      • Alethea says:

        Dear Serieve,

        My comment about how the woman looked was not meant to be in connection with the molestation or murder of children. My comment was a sort of side note. I’m sorry I did not make that clear.

        DNA, genes, hormones, etc. do have something to do with how a person ends up looking, but the human mind also has to do with how a person looks. (more on what I mean later in this comment)

        In addition, being that there are so many grossly obese people in America right now, and being that many of them look horrible in their skin and eyes, it is absolutely possible that hormones and GMOs in food are contributing to this, AS WELL AS high levels of stress, depression, and a general lack of morals. Of course there are exceptions, I am speaking generally.

        Also, do the added growth hormones injected into so much meat and poultry have anything to do with it? Maybe.

        As far as women looking like men and vice verse, I have noticed in the past few years that there is a significantly higher number of men who behave more feminine and have more feminine features, but many of them willfully adhere to more femininity, even though they are heterosexual. Likewise, I notice many more women shaped like men, who wear masculine clothes and hairdos, and their voices even sound more masculine. Some of them are homosexual, some are not.

        Child sexual abuse often contributes to a person becoming gay. There are more gay and lesbians among people who have been sexually abused than there are in the general population and I have corresponded with gays who say they know for a fact that child sexual abuse made them become gay or lesbian.

        There are some people who were predisposed to be gay or lesbian when they were born, but many more have become gay or lesbian because of child sexual abuse, some kind of psychological confusion, or because of other external (non-sexual) child abuse.

        So this is what I meant above when I said the mind is a factor in many cases of how a person looks. Sometimes, a woman might literally look more masculine because of child sexual abuse, and not because of DNA or genetic make-up. Abuse has the ability to alter chemicals and hormones in the brain and body.

        Your belief is that women do not have to look like women, and that is your right to believe so. My belief is that what is natural/organic/intrinsic/in harmony with life, has been altered and mutated over the past few decades into unnaturalness.

        I’m sorry if you take offense to this, as it is not meant to offend you or anyone else. But as you know, I don’t hold back my beliefs, feelings, or facts if I feel they need to be spoken.

        I feel this subject needs to be brought out because too many people deny it, ignore it, don’t want to hear it, or think it’s “socially incorrect” to speak of it.

      • Alethea says:

        One more note on this:

        I know very well that just because food says ‘organic’ that it is not necessarily trustworthy, but I have read about this for so long that I know which companies to trust and how to read the ingredients on packages.

  2. RMA Faith says:

    Jonathon, RIP dear boy.
    There are people in this world that love you and care about you.
    Some things that happen, we’ll never understand what goes on in the minds of evil-doing people. We all need to keep a close watch on devient people. They are amongst us, and we all must be careful of their where abouts. If we see or know something, we need to allert the athorities, and the caregivers, to protect the children, or the abused – a woman that gets beaten or sexually abused, an elderly person who is taken advantage of, a child who is being hoodwinked into doing something that is not right and so on. Don’t let the evil-doers run so freely amongst us, watch them like a hawk would. This child abuse is happening too much. Children need to be protected, cared about, cared for, fed well, and guided rightly and loved.

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