Man Convicted of Buying Three Year-Old Girl and Keeping Her As Sex Slave for Two Decades

A jury in Florida has convicted George Joseph England, 66, of making a woman his sex-slave for almost twenty years.

Fla. Man Convicted of Turning Woman Into Sex Slave When She Was Toddler 

(George Joseph England, Broward Sheriff’s Office)

England bought the child from her mother in Vietnam when she was three years-old. He raped or molested her every day until she turned eighteen. The victim is now 43 years-old and testified last week about her two decades of hell.

England has been convicted on all five federal counts, including taking a minor across state lines for the purposes of sexual assault.

“Today’s guilty verdict brings to an end this international decades-long tragedy of child abuse and exploitation,” U.S. Attorney Wifredo Ferrer said in a statement. “Although nothing can restore a child’s lost innocence, we hope that the verdict will at least help heal deep wounds and provide victims of abuse with hope and trust in our justice system.”

Children won’t have any hope or trust in our justice system until child sexual abuse and the sex-slave industry is STOPPED at its core. Children don’t want to be victims in the first place. Once the child is taken and raped for years, the damage is done.

The victim testified that her perpetrator impregnated her as many as nine times. Five of the pregnancies happened before she was age sixteen. One child was given up for adoption, and the rest were forced abortions.

When the victim turned eighteen, she said she threatened to commit suicide if England raped her again. She later escaped and eventually told her second husband about her horrific childhood.

FBI agents caught England in south Florida in 2005 when he attempted to obtain a passport. Federal charges were filed against him five years later.

England is facing 30 years in prison.

Why not life without parole? Or maybe all child sexual abusers should face a mandatory death penalty if caught? Maybe this will stop some perpetrators from assigning many children a death sentence of their soul.

England’s sentencing is set for March 24.



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3 Responses to Man Convicted of Buying Three Year-Old Girl and Keeping Her As Sex Slave for Two Decades

  1. Darrell Williams says:

    This is not a comment made about this subject matter above . This is an orginazation that you as a responsiable adult can go and report porn sites.They will be investigated and shut down if a child can just enter a url and enter the site. go to there you will read foryourself what you can do to stop this crap on the internet.

  2. Alethea says:

    Hi Darrell.

    I too think that there are some “humans” who are not human at all but some evil entity in human form. This guy might just fall into that category.

    Not only does this woman have to deal with, and try to heal, from her own mother selling her and from being raped for so many years, but she also has to deal with being forced into so many abortions. She has a long hard road and will probably never have peace in her life. She will probably suffer in many ways, forever.

  3. Darrell Williams says:

    I think and feel life is to good for a person if you can call him that. Actually there are things amoung us who have to be nothing more than he is. Hiding in a human body. I believe death with out appeal without even being allowed to see another day of life is a just and fitting punishment to this person.

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