Grandson Pleads Guilty to Rape of Grandmother and Murder of Both Grandparents

CLEVELAND – Denny Obermiller, 28, pleaded guilty yesterday to a nineteen count count indictment in the murder of his grandparents and the rape of his 61 year-old grandmother.

Authorities say Obermiller raped his grandmother last summer, left her handcuffed and naked from the waist down, and strangled both of his grandparents.  He then attempted to cover up the evidence by trying to set fire to the home. No fire ignited, even though Obermiller rigged the stove to leak gas and left candles burning. Police discovered the bodies.

Obermiller will most likely face the death penalty.

I wish they would report more on this story. I would like to know more about this man’s childhood and relationship with his parents and grandparents while growing up. I know that it does not excuse his crimes, but I like to know the root cause of things.


Full Story and photo of Obermiller:


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