Grandmother of Missing Girl, Hailey Dunn: She Was Afraid of Her Mother’s Boyfriend

ABC News– “The Texas girl missing for nearly three weeks, was scared of her mother’s boyfriend Shawn Adkins, and said he would stand in the doorway of her bedroom at night watching her. “Hailey did not like him. She was afraid of him and she didn’t want him there,” Hailey’s paternal grandmother, Connie Jones, told today.”

“Hailey told her grandmother that Adkins would pace around the house at night, talking on his cell phone in the bathroom and peering into her bedroom. “She had told me on a couple of occasions that…he walked around at night and she said that she could see his shadow standing at her door. She said, ‘Nana, he scared me. I’m afraid he’s going to come in there,'” Jones said.

Hailey’s grandmother said she prays that Dunn was not involved in Hailey’s disappearance.”

“Ever since this has happened, he’s been my top priority as a suspect. I’ve just always had an eerie feeling about him…just a gut feeling that he’s not a trustworthy person,” Jones said.

“Adkins’ car, a white Chevrolet Lumina, and cell phone have been seized. The mother’s cell phone has also been seized and her home has been searched.

Records show that police were called to Dunn’s home in February of last year after Adkins threatened to hurt Billie and Hailey Dunn.

In their bedroom were hundreds of pages printed from news web sites including ABC News about “mass murderers, serial killers, sexual sadist, murders of family members,” according to the affidavit.”

“Adkins told investigators that he drove straight to his mother’s home in Big Spring, Texas. Cell phone records show Adkins making calls from Dunn’s home between 6:35 a.m. until 6:56 a.m., the court papers state.

Dunn left for work as a receptionist at a hospital at 6:20 a.m.

“According to all reports, Hailey Dunn would have been alone in the residence during this time period,” the affidavit said.”


ABC News has the story

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2 Responses to Grandmother of Missing Girl, Hailey Dunn: She Was Afraid of Her Mother’s Boyfriend

  1. Darrell Williams says:

    I’m not stating that the boyfriend has done anything to the little girl. But it has been my experance from observation that a parent or parents will lie for their child and provide an aliby. The reasons range of being afraid of the child to trusting and love. A girlfriend will lie for her boyfriend out of fear ignorance or disbelief. If the girl was unable to convence her mom that she was afraid of the man then she would have gone to someone who she knew she could trust the grandmother. I know if one of my children had ever told me something like that I would have been hell bent to find out the truth. I don’t care who it was or who it hurt not when a child is invoved.

    In any case it has taken way to long and I fear the worst outcome in this case as with many others.

    • Alethea says:

      Darrell, in my own experience, and in all the research I have done, I have found that parents often lie for their child, even if the child has murdered or abused a child. And many many women lie and protect their husband or boyfriend, but most often it is not out of fear, ignorance, or disbelief. Most often it is out of self-survival, self-protection. The man is the provider, or the woman is so insecure that she needs a man, or she just plain loves her man more than the child.

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