Child Beauty Pageants: Legalized Child Sexual Abuse

These parents ought to be arrested and charged with child abuse. The mother of the little girl in the gold cone bra-dress ought to be arrested for child sexual abuse.

The mothers of these children need serious psychiatric help. After they have been arrested, the judge should order them to choose jail or therapy. These little girls are being taught that their body and sex are how they can gain attention, approval, and love.

These mothers need intensive mental analysis to find out why they are so perverted and why they have chosen to take it out on their children. I wonder if these women would be shocked if their daughters are being sexually abused by the father, boyfriend, or step-father? Would they actually be surprised if they found that their man has been engaging in the molestation of the child, or even child rape?

Would America be shocked if they found out one or more of these women are sexually abusing their daughters at home? I wouldn’t… not for one second.

Do these women care that countless pedophiles watch these little girls and masturbate, fulfill their fantasies, or go sexually abuse a child after being perversely sexually stimulated by these images?

These little girls are being forced into this and the psychological abuse alone warrants criminal intervention.


Many thanks to my reader, Car Lady, for sending me this link.

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14 Responses to Child Beauty Pageants: Legalized Child Sexual Abuse

  1. EDith Karcag says:

    Arrest these parents for child-abuse!!!

  2. Darrell Williams says:

    Yes people are stupied idots and if you were to mention child abuse to one of these’s parients they would probably claw your eyes out. Not only are they sick so are the people who promote such events. It is done soley for the gradification of the parient or parients. It doesn’t matter if it is child abuse as long as we simply just talk about it and not act. Talk is cheap and does nothing. Actions speak louder than words. Now who of you are willing to paint on a sign (Child abuse is happening here)? Then walk up and down the street, road, or sidewalk where such events are taking place ?

    • Alethea says:

      I would do it in a hot minute but I live in a very rural area. Only 800 people here. No chance of such an event happening within a few hundred miles of me.

      I had a professional sign made for the Michael Jackson molestation trial. I drove three hours up to Santa Maria Calif and walked up and down for two days outside the courthouse. My sign read: “Parents and Famous People Molest Children Too” on one side, and “Silence Allows Child Abuse to Continue” on the other. I was vilified, mocked, harassed, threatened, and had my sign held down against a trash can by three young aggressive Jackson fans. I couldn’t move, they had me pinned down so Jackson wouldn’t see my sign as he drove by.

      I was scared, intimidated, and felt very alone outside that courthouse. But I’d go through all of that again if given the opportunity.

  3. whatsaysyou says:

    Your article makes an excellent point about the fact that child beauty pageants definitely legalise child abuse and sexualisation of children. I want you to know that you are not the only person who is against child beauty pageants.

    Childhood is all about letting a little girl be a little girl, not forcing her to be a mini-adult especially when she cannot make an informed decision. Last but not least, please keep up the great work.

  4. car lady says:


    There should be a petition against this show. In case you missed this one, here is the link to another video that Anderson Cooper was talking about from “Toddlers and Tiaras.” It is absolutely disturbing. This mother should have her child taken away from her. I love how she states at the end that “normally I would just hold her down and rip it off.” It is amazing what parent’s can get away with doing to their own children. If she had done this to another person’s child she could be charged with assault and holding someone against their will. This child is clearly being traumatized over and over and over. She is going to be one screwed up adult.

    • Alethea says:

      Thanks for posting this Car Lady. This is child abuse. This mother is a sick sadistic witch, and I would tell her that to her face if I ever saw her.

      • car lady says:

        I agree. She is a twisted, evil and completely lacks natural affection for her own child. She should be charged.

        I have been meaning to ask you, because I always was interested in the Jonbenet Ramsey case, have you written any articles about this case? It always seemed to me like the parents had something to do with it, but I never did much reading about it, and supposedly the father was cleared.

        • whatsaysyou says:

          Car lady, you have a point. It’s just wrong beyond words and how can a mother be so senseless enough to make her 5-year-old child undergo eyebrow waxing?

          The poor kid is gonna grow up, look back in embarrassment and maybe book a time with a psychologist all no thanks to mummy dearest who forced her to go into a beauty pageant. Man, that sucks to be that kid with a mother like that.

  5. Stacy says:

    I watched a show called “Toddlers in Tiaras”….. ONCE!…. why is this behavior accepted as NORMAL? There is nothing NORMAL about it. Sad.

  6. Darrell Williams says:

    I agree that mental evauation of the parents of a child trained in the ways of beauty contest at such an early age. Usually it’s the mother wanting to live out her childhood dreams by useing their little girls to do so. It is sick, The Ramsey case brought this form of child abuse to light for me, Parents like this need their children taken away from them so the child can grow up naturally. People are idots and by boycotting and pickting such events shameing the twisted promoters of such events may stop the whole perverted process and putting resposiable parties in jail even parents and make them regester as child abusers may stop it.

    • Alethea says:

      Hi Darrell. Thanks for commenting.

      “Usually it’s the mother wanting to live out her childhood dreams by useing their little girls to do so.”

      Actually, we can’t make conscious conclusions about why people do these kind of complex, bizarre things. Unless a person penetrates their unconscious, they usually don’t know for certain why they behave in such destructive and abusive ways.

      But you are right, it is sick. Jon Benet was a victim of this kind of abuse and it probably led to her demise (if her parents didn’t do it).

      “People are idots and by boycotting and pickting such events shameing the twisted promoters of such events may stop the whole perverted process and putting resposiable parties in jail even parents and make them regester as child abusers may stop it.”

      I like your ideas.

  7. Andre' says:

    Parents are stupid. Never ceases to amaze me how stupid these jack asses are. People are idiots.

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