Disturbing Video Released in Hailey Dunn Case

Last night Nancy Grace showed videos of what is reportedly Shawn Adkins, the boyfriend of Hailey Dunn’s mother, wearing a disturbing mask from horror films.

I was pretty bothered by the mask, I could not look at the TV when Grace was showing the video. The mask reminded me of what might be seen in a snuff film or hard-core pornography film that includes bondage and pain.

Hailey Dunn, the 13-year-old cheerleader, is still missing. Shawn Adkins was the last to see Hailey, and according to police, his account of where she was going the day she disappeared, has been challenged as being truthful.

Adkins has been named a suspect in the case.

In reference to the YouTube video shown on Nancy Grace’s program, Billie Jean Dunn, Hailey’s mother said, “I knew that he had the masks,” … “I think he made the videos before we were together.”




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