Police: Mother Takes Prescription Drugs and Alcohol, Wakes to Dead Child

Authorities say twenty-six year-old Megin Gray took Xanax, Percocet and drank alcohol, then went to sleep. Only thing is, she forgot that a nine month-old child can’t take care of herself. The infant girl burned to death while mommy was taking a break from the realities of life.

(Kenton County Jail)

Police say that when Megin woke up late Tuesday morning, she found her daughter badly burned and took her to a hospital. The child was then pronounced dead. Gray is charged with second-degree criminal abuse. Her court hearing is scheduled for Jan. 26, 2011.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I grow tired of these stories. I think she ought to be charged with second degree murder, resulting from child abuse.

The human race is degrading more rapidly every day.



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4 Responses to Police: Mother Takes Prescription Drugs and Alcohol, Wakes to Dead Child

  1. Darrell Williams says:

    This is a premetataded case to me and should carry the death sentence. She knowingly and willfully took the drugs etc. knowing full well her child would be in danger if she did. It is no different than planning a murder. She wasn’t forced to take the stuff. It was a willfull premetated act. murder in the second is the wrong charge. People out there who have children must be made aware that if you are going to have children you had better take good care of them. They are a 24/7 job. This is a case of willfull and want of child neglect and if we the careing americans donot stand up for the children of this country who can’t stand up for themselves then we are as guilty as the offender. Second degree murder is not strong enough. First degree murder and when convicted a death sentence needs to be carried out with out appeal. She could have ask for a sitter, took the child to a day care center, anything but let the child crawl around the house. Did’t the child have a crib ? this was a wilfull act.

    • Alethea says:

      Hi Darrell. You make good points. I guess we would have to get into the mind of the mother: Did she secretly wish to not have the child in her life? Did she have a thought in her mind before taking the pills and alcohol that said, ‘I don’t want to be a mother, it is a burden that I cannot handle.’ Or, ‘Maybe I ought to put her in her crib before I do this so that she will be safer’ but she ignored that thought out of self-convenience.

      I think that First degree murder would depend on the above. I think Second degree murder would be more appropriate if she did not have any ill thoughts about the child, and honestly did not think, “put her in the crib.”

      Some people are just so simple-minded and ignorant because of their psychological problems and upbringing that they don’t think about the consequences.

  2. Megin Gray, 26, woke up Tuesday around 11 a.m. to find her nine month old daughter next to a baseboard heater and badly burned.
    Officials say the infant suffered from severe burns from head to toe on the left side of her body.

    Jeez! I agree. I am sick of these breeders. People having babies that in reality do not care!
    Sterilize them, if you hurt your baby you do not get a chance to hurt another.
    Sounds mean I know, o does letting a baby cook to death because you wanted a buzz.

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