Hailey Dunn Update: Police Report That Adkins Had Threatened to Kill Hailey’s Mother and Ex-Husband in a Way That Would Be Brutal

Police say Shawn Adkins was the last person to see Hailey Dunn before she was reported missing by her mother on December 28th.

Now a report out of The Colorado City Police Department, states that they responded to a domestic dispute in February of 2010, where Shawn Adkins had allegedly threatened Billie and Hailey Dunn.

Billie Dunn called police to report that Adkins had threatened to kill her and her ex-husband [Hailey’s father], and stated that Adkins said the murders would be “remembered for a long time.”

Billie Dunn denies that Shawn Adkins threatened to kill Hailey.

Marc Klaas appeared on Nancy Grace and said he thinks that someone “not identified in the case” might have abducted Hailey. What he bases this on is beyond me.

Tuesday night, Billie Dunn told Nancy Grace that police removed bedsheets from Hailey’s bed in order to test them for evidence.




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10 Responses to Hailey Dunn Update: Police Report That Adkins Had Threatened to Kill Hailey’s Mother and Ex-Husband in a Way That Would Be Brutal

  1. Leo Nielsen says:

    The supporting Affidavit stated that the vehicle was being utilized by Adkins on the day of Haileys disappearance. Upon her second attempt Dunn stated she was informed prior to her test being performed that her boyfriend Shawn Adkins had showed deceptive in his polygraph results. .In one of Affidavits law enforcement state that Billie Dunn and Shawn Adkins hosted a New Years Eve party 2 days following Haileys disappearance.

  2. Darrell Williams says:

    Canada I know how Canadian law works being part of the UK Canada does many things I don’t agree with.

    Finding the little girl is top piority but when the police can’t seem to find her they have to drag suspects in for questioning.

    Go ahead start your own blog and by all means become a lawyer.

    Have a nice day

    • Serieve Marie Elizabeth Andrews says:

      Hi Darrell

      Sorry about that. Most people don’t seem to know Canada’s laws if they aren’t living in the country or a country that has similar laws/laws based on, etc.

      I assume by your post you are in the UK?

      I agree with you & Alethea on Dunn’s stupidity. If anyone threatened to kill me seriously, I would NOT let them near any child, much less my own, because, hello…? If Hailey’s mother’s boyfriend wanted to kill her, he could easily kill Hailey. I am not familiar with this case other than from this blog. I ponder weather the ‘evil’s’ intention was to kill Hailey’s mother so he could have easier access to Hailey so that he could either rape her or sell Hailey to a group of evils who wanted to rape her, torture her and videotape it.

      I hope police are right – Hailey ran from this house of horrors; I hope she’s hiding – that someone truly nice is helping her hide (I would!).

      But…I think she’s deceased or been sold or is bound and gagged in someone’s home.

      Sometimes…I wonder what is worse: Death or surviving, and becoming one of what I call ‘the invisible, walking wounded.’

      There are memorials for the dead. This is fine. There are none for people like me, I find.

      And yes, Darrell, I would have dragged them BOTH in for questioning. No bail. And I would have questioned them every week or every second day until someobody said something. We all know it’s called ratting or plea deals. I would say to the ‘mother,’ ‘you tell me what you know [especially if she knows her…boyfriend, is it? murdered her daghter]and I ‘might’ try to convince the D.A to scrap death or general population’ for you.’

      Note, I said ‘might.’ But yes, QUESTION.

      When Ontario police called in the ‘colonel,’ he was cocky, arrogant, willing to help the investigation. After/during 10 hours, they had a confession.

      If our foolish country can manage that…I believe from what I’ve read so far that the police have really damaged the chances of finding Hailey, especially alive.

      Why are their rights for murderers or suspected criminals but not for victims? WHY did – and does – my father, for example, have more rights than I?

      He could have left, gotten an apartment, kept his job, certainly kept his friends, etc. I could not leave (I so tried).

      Watch. Hailey will be found alive just to prove my sick point “Yeah, you’re back! Family therapy for you and your mother! She just needs a bit of parenting skills, is all.”

      • Alethea says:

        “Sometimes…I wonder what is worse: Death or surviving, and becoming one of what I call ‘the invisible, walking wounded.’”

        I felt like the walking dead. Or death warmed over.

      • Darrell Williams says:

        Dear If your Father had left which he should have that would be a loss of control for him. Most men regardless of what they say or how sweet and harmless as they may seem are control freaks. I am sorry to say that about my gender but it’s true. It hasn’t been that long ago that the police and athoritys actually started taking wife beating child abuse etc. seriously. In my day when I was growing up my dad would come home from a bad day at work and beat the whole family bloody. We lived very far out in the country also and I was 17 years old before he would allow a phone to be connected in the home and then he put a lock on it and put the key in his pocket. Thats one reason I started thumbing all over the country was to get away from him. Control freaks an Alpha male thing makes me sick. Anyway I grew up and carried the scares of my childhood untill I was around 30 years old and one day I told myself enough is enough it’s not my fault he was like he was why should I allow what happened to me in the past rule the rest of my life! Back then if the police did get involved they would have a good old boy talk with my dad and a few laughs and off they would go leaving us battered and scared. So anyway I forgot my childhood and eventually forgave him for what he did. I went on became the first Williams in our clans history to graduate from collage.

        You my dear need to stand by your convictions keep your chin up and keep doing what you are doing. You are not a member of the walking dead. You are a surviver to the core. From what I have read you have already had a long road to recovery don’t let that demon out of the box ever again. I admire your strong since of being. Please by all means don’t become invisiable it would be a waste of a talent you have many do not have.

        • Alethea says:

          Hi Darrell. What a great comment. Thank you for your honesty and such kind words for others. I don’t know if you were referring to myself, or Serieve, but yes, I have healed tremendously. I *used* to feel like the walking dead. I don’t anymore, but I do have some lingering symptoms, and will one day be 100% FREE.

          You are so right about the history of child abuse. Sadly, the good old boy club still exists but things are better.

          Being that I was so physically sick for so many years, I never had the opportunity to attend college but I sure as heck am happy for you.

          Thanks for posting here. Your comments are great.


          • Serieve Marie Elizabeth Andrews says:

            Hi Darrell
            I know. Yes, you are correct – most men are control freaks. To clarify, I agree absolutely that my father moving to an apartment would have been an admission of his loss of control over his possession (I was not his daughter, but an object)which is why he would have NEVER done anything like that. What I meant was THE CHILDREN’S AID SOCIETY OF THE DISTRICT OF THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO, CANADA should have MADE him leave. Yes, I know, he would have never ‘swallowed’ that pill, but I was 14, 15. I should have been more important than him and protecting an image or reputation. A child’s well-being always is – weather 14 or 18 or 26. My father loved and enjoyed exercising his control over me through ‘my poor, sick daughter I’m so concerned about.’ In Canada, child abuse wasn’t even begun to be taken seriously until the mid-90’s. It used to be that professionals were so uncomfortable with the truth that people were raping babies and children (people that were likely family or colleagues as well) that they came up with an explanation…’spontaneous sphyllis,’ which, in the way the cases were appearing in children, was and is medically impossible.

            I know about the ‘boy’s club,’ the ‘abuser’s club.’ I spent 6 weeks in a psychiatric facility because I ran away from home to a shelter and my father had to regain his control so he got me locked up.

            I ‘escaped’ permanently in September 2009 and fully escaped by March 2010.

            I’m sorry, really sorry that your father did what he did – that he beat you, terrorized you, that people who were supposed to protect you from the ‘protectors’ did not. Really, I am.

            ‘one day I told myself enough is enough it’s not my fault he was like he was why should I allow what happened to me in the past rule the rest of my life!’

            I admire that…but it’s not like that for me, Darrell. I can’t tell myself something in a day and make it go away – if that is what you are suggesting?
            I’m not sure.

            I’m not invisible as I used to be – why do you think I have no friends 🙂 ‘Cause I want to talk about child abuse, trauma, its effects, people raping babies – and they want to talk about the weather or other trivial things – anything to deny my reality.

            This post is why I look at Elizabeth Smart and shake my head – almost everyone affected like she says she was cannot ‘just not think about it, ‘not let it define my life, and be ‘unscarred -‘ it is almost impossible.

            Believe me, Elizabeth, if I COULD have, I WOULD! I would have been cured the day before mitchell and barzee decided that June 5, 2002, would be the night they came for you.

            I ask Alethea that you do not remove the sentence where I identified the CAS that, through, deliberate indifference and reckless disregard, sent me to live with my own philip and nancy garrido – for FIVE YEARS.
            They can come ‘get me’ anytime, like they should have – in Janruary 1999. I would LOVE to battle them again – this time, on my terms. I ask that you not…help them deny my abuse and captivity by editing out the particular CAS’s name. Thank you.

  3. Alethea says:

    Darrell, you are right on. If these death threats are true, Billie Dunn put her child in danger by allowing this guy to live with her and her children one more second after the threats.

  4. Darrell Williams says:

    In my way of thinking this Dun woman is totally stupied for continueing to live with a man who had made a threat of killing her and her ex. What would he have done to the little girl if he had killed them. He didn’t have to mention the little girl because he would have done the same to the child. In my mind the Dun woman knows more than what she is telling out of fear of Adkins. They both should be in jail. The police are dragging their feet. The truth to the matter is with in Adkins and Duns heads. Mr. Klass maybe correct however not connected to the case Adkins and maybe even Dun knows who they are. According to what I have heard on the news they bought drugs with money from the ATM. How much evidence is needed to put the both of them behind bars and shake them up? If I had my way they would be in jail and not allowed to sit, sleep, eat or drink until someone started spilling the beans. I know it’s a hard thing to say but that child needs to be justified, justice for the child is the bottom line.

    • Serieve Marie Elizabeth Andrews says:

      Hi Darrell,
      You seem to be a new reader or at least, poster, to ESATDT. Welcome! I like some of your ideas; I must say I enjoy your passion much more!

      What I mean by that is there are a multitude of reasons why we can’t carry out a dealth penalty sentence in one month; but the fact you SAID THAT makes me very proud. And I somewhat agree with you on this example. Canada has two men convicted/imprisoned for abducting, torturing, raping and then killing women. Both videotaped these acts extensively. With paul bernardo, there is undeniable physical proof that he was the pepetrator, along with wife, karla holmolka. He was convicted in 1995 and declared a dangerous offender (http://www.cbc.ca/canada/story/2010/10/21/f-dangerous-offender.html)

      Everyone knows he did it. I sometimes think that it is the appeals process that needs a limit, not the death penalty – penalities take years to be carried out because it can take 6-15 years for a convict to get appeals winded through the courts.

      In bernardo’s case, I would have said, sure – get your appeals. YOU HAVE TWO YEARS, Judge Whoever, to determine if paul did the crimes, was given a fair trial, no one erred, etc. At and after that point, because bernardo was clearly responsible, he should have died in 1998.

      I’ve called it Canada’s ‘selective death penalty;’ those criminals WE KNOW/PROVE did the crime – should die. Not in one month, but yes, die.
      However, some good cases against even a selective death penalty are the Canadian cases of Steven Truscott, Guy Paul Morin, David Milgaard, and William Mullins-Johnson. http://www.cbc.ca/canada/story/2009/08/06/f-wrongfully-convicted.html

      If you had ”your way,” – no sllep, food, etc – that could backfire in terms of confessions – not legally, I mean. There have been cases where people knew nothing of a crime, had no involvement in it whatsoever – but after 18 hours of social isolation, no food or water, constant police interrogation – admitted to a crime they had no involvement in because all they wanted was their fatigue to go away, the pressure. They said later they were so ‘badgered,’ all they wanted was it to stop.

      If this were to happen in Hailey’s situation, you may have one or more innocent people – and still – no Hailey.

      You say ‘justice for the child is the bottom line.’

      I don’t know precisely what you mean by this. I would say, No, finding Hailey – dead or alive – is the bottom line. Finding her. Where is Hailey? She’s ‘only’ 13. She could be being tortured by a child pornography ring she was sold into.

      Let’s find her, first. Then, let’s attempt justice. I say attempt because if Hailey went missing in my country and was found deaceased, her killer [s] would be sentenced to 25 years [they call it life; it actually isn’t atural life in prison] and out in 15. Or sentenced to 15 years, and out on parole in 10. Many rapists get ”two years less a day” for the crime. This usually means they are out in 2 months, 4 or 6 months – and we call that a ‘long’ sentence if they get 6 months, that’s how often they don’t serve even a full 3 months. OR they get 6 months, serve 90 days total and get out – and those 90 days were done during the weekends only.

      But a Montreal man was ordered to Facebook $1 BILLION.

      We have our priorities straight in Canada – I am SO glad! Not like Alethea’s country, who sentenced a man who kidnapped and raped a 14-year-old to 421 years in prison. I mean, that’s just cruel. His whole life is gone. Awww.

      I’m sorry Darrel and Alethea – way off topic. god, I need my own blog! And I think sometimes I should be a lawyer too.

      OH, and the people these criminals I mentioned first hurt? Most Canadians cannot name them. They know the killers’ and attackers’ names.

      TAMMY LYNN HOLMOLKA, 15. She liked Snoopy. Her sister karla helped paul rape and murder her – planned, deliberate, filmed the attack – and neither were never legally convicted of it. While they were both charged with Tammy’s murder, at one point, it was legally ‘manslaughter.’

      LESLIE ERIN MAHAFFY, 15. She was very social and for 15, was very close to her brother, who was then 9. Leslie was interested in becoming a vet or a marine biologist.

      KRISTEN DAWN MAHAFFY, 14. In grade 10 and an avid rower with her school’s rowing team. She was a member of a blended family and at 14, had her first boyfriend.

      TERRI ANDERSON, 14. Likely victim of paul. She went missing and her body was found in a lake, like Leslie’s was. This is a reason out of several why I and others believe she may have been paul’s victim. He was never charged. The saddest thing? I just told you where her body was found. I know NOTHING else about Terri.

      JESSICA LLOYD, 27. Murdered by a former colonel. Had held a job for 3 years after graduating with a diploma in Business Admin. Her brother was said to be her best friend.

      CPL. MARIE-FRANCE COMPEAU, 37. Flight attendent for 6 months at the base where her murderer worked. He ‘chose’ her and found out where she lived because as her ‘upper boss’ and his rank, he had access to her file.

      This is a reason I tell people a fake name; meet food delivery persons outside of nearby a building instead of giving them my address, refuse to give my library my current address [they have an old one & don’t know it], don’t give my phone number out, use a fake name on Facebook and my profile is not filled out or accessible – and even my therapist and my professors do not know where I live and my phone number expires Feb.

      Yes, Society, I trust no one. And I trust others in superfical ways. Deal with it. I must.

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