Teenage Girl Arrested For Trying To Poison Her Pregnant Step-Mother

“A 14-year-old Oconto County girl is accused of trying to kill her pregnant stepmother by putting antifreeze in the woman’s sports drink.

Chyanne Otto of Suring is charged with attempted first-degree intentional homicide, a felony. A criminal complaint filed in Oconto County Circuit Court alleged that the teen in May 2010 slipped anti-freeze into a bottle of PowerAde, and that her stepmother, Dawn Otto, drank from it.

“I so want to kill Dawn, but she is pregnant. So I am going to kill her and the baby or just her and wait until October,” the complaint claims that Chyanne Otto wrote in her journal.

The complaint also alleges that the teen wrote, “Dawn won’t die, I gave her a bunch of junk of stuff out of the garage last week and she is not dead, so I am doing it again with only antifreeze, so hopefully it works.”

Chyanne Otto is scheduled for the balance of her initial appearance Wednesday. She was released on a $50,000 signature bond under the conditions that she live with her grandfather”



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One Response to Teenage Girl Arrested For Trying To Poison Her Pregnant Step-Mother

  1. Darrell Williams says:

    This girl really wanted her stepmother dead. Probably because her father got remarried and her mother is no longer in the picture. But attempting to kill the unborn child too is really sick. The whole thing is sick and her bond was actually kind of low. I think she should have stayed in jail. However there is probably more to this story that hasn’t been told.

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