Mother Pleads Guilty In Incest/Baby Murder Case

Linda Rinehart has pleaded guilty to child endangerment and hindering the investigation of a felony. In June of 2010, her husband, Danial Rinehart, was sentenced to twenty-two years in prison for having incest with his daughter for years. He was also sentenced for the murder of at least one of the four children that his daughter gave birth to as a result of the incest. Three of the babies did not survive.

Danial Rinehart’s daughter, Ashley, tearfully testified at her father’s trial when she was twenty. She said the incest had begun when she was just five years-old. Her first child was born when she was only fourteen.


Ashley testified that, not only did her mother know about the incest, but that she was jealous of her daughter and helped in the birth of the children inside the camper the family lived in.

Ashley told the jury, “I did not want to be my father’s sex slave.” Apparently her mother didn’t mind it. As a matter of fact, according to a police report, Linda Rinehart said she did not stop the incest because she didn’t think she was good enough to find anyone else. Well, she’s right there! She also said that she desperately wanted a boy child in the family –even if it was out of an incestuous relationship between her husband and her daughter.

Folks, this is the epitome of evil. Mother Rinehart sat at the family dinner table every night, knowing full well that her daughter was her husband’s sex slave. For her own selfish, self-serving reasons, Linda not only stayed with the child rapist, but she encouraged it, just in case her daughter had a boy, so she could play mommy to the son she always wanted.

Child endangerment is NOT enough of a charge for this so-called mother to face. The child endangerment charge only has a maximum sentence of seven years and the hindering of the prosecution charge only carries a maximum of four years in prison.

I just called the prosecutor in this case and found out that we can send an email to her office and she will forward it to the judge in the case. Sentencing is scheduled for tomorrow, so you must send your email right away. Please explain briefly why you feel this woman should receive the maximum sentence of eleven years. Be brief, polite, and to the point; otherwise, the email will not be taken seriously and will not be forwarded.

Linda Rinehart is morally guilty of rape, incest, and murder. I know it is too late for her to be criminally charged for this, but it’s not too late to do something. This woman did nothing while her daughter was raped and molested for over a decade, and she helped deliver the children. As far as the victim is concerned, her mother’s lack of protection and helping in the birth of the children, is as emotionally devastating as the perpetrator’s rapes –maybe even more so. To the child’s psyche, it’s as if her mother raped her too.

Until these kind of women are charged with more serious crimes, there will be no justice for the victims, and future victims will be abundant. These mothers need to be sent a very strong message: Either you PROTECT your child from a rapist, or you will suffer the consequences right along with him.

Linda Rinehart is to be sentenced tomorrow. Please take action, if you are an incest survivor, sending an email can help you to feel like you have the power to do something, and it can help future victims. If you are not a previous victim, do it for the victim in this case, and for her four innocent children. Anyone care to join me?

Send the email to the judge in the case, in care of Teri:

Carbon Copy to the Prosecutor, Teresa Hensley

Thank you!

You can read more about the crimes by clicking here



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34 Responses to Mother Pleads Guilty In Incest/Baby Murder Case

  1. nitz says:

    I would just liked to say its parents like them that dont understand how precious life is and how blessed&grateful that they were to have children as there are many people in the world that are not able to have children and would move mountains to have them as a mother it is your rights to love and protect your loved ones from any evils not only outside your doors but especially inside them and if your husban or partner is that in any way then be a strong women and protect your babys wellbeing with all your live if you are a slave to him in anyway that is abnormal then that is your doing not your young beautiful innocent daughter children that you have allowed your evil husban and yourself to take pleasure in degrading them to expose them to unhuman behaviour that yous class as normal you and your husban will pay all your life for such a cruel act of evilness as sometimes there are certain things in life that are unforgiveable and this maybe one of them lean to be more grateful&gracious as life it short and people like these people dont deserve to parent or be round other people a cage is were they belong and hopefully will stay as for this young lady that has had to exprience this life ordeal. hopefully this will not ruin or tarnish all the other wonderful achievements&all the good things that would teach you that thru going thru this ordeal will pave the way to becoming a strong beautiful women with a golden heart that deserve the world at your feet your are a gem and a strong person for facing those evil parents that have become world known as real evil monsters that lived among society and remind us that real monster can be human .

  2. Andre' says:

    I doubt they even say at a dinner table. MO seems to have a lot of incest and pedophilia abuse going on. Pedophilia goes right up to the top of our worlds elite. Judges, Lawyers, cops, politicians etc. I also bet her mother was sexually abused growing up. It meant nothing to her that her daughter was raped. There is no excuse for a man who does this. He is just plain sick.

    • Andre' says:

      I think we need to discuss the rampant pedophilia of the ruling world elite, including Washington and the rest of America. If we want to get to the heart of the matter, this is it right here. Dave McGowen did us a great service compiling news from around the world.

    • Darrell Williams says:

      I agree Andre You can never tell who is there are is no way of telling who is with out observation of suspected person or person’s. I suggest you read the book called the Flock or watch the movie the Flock. It will give you a small glimps in to this dark underworld. I am like the main charater which in the movie is played by Richard Geer.

    • Alethea says:

      Andre’ As you know, it is not just Missouri, or Tennessee, or Arkansas that has “a lot of incest and pedophilia” it is every state of the Nation of the United States that has a lot of it. So what if her mother was sexually abused growing up? I know that, but so what? You wrote that there is no excuse for the man, and that he is just plain sick…Linda Rinehart is even sicker than he is, and she has NO excuse either.

    • Serieve Marie Elizabeth Andrews says:

      ‘I also bet her mother was sexually abused growing up.’


      ‘There is no excuse for a man who does this. He is just plain sick.’

      I would like to rephrase this sentence.
      There is no excuse for anyone – either a man or a woman – who does this. THEY are just plain evil.’

      I’m sick, Andre. I have illnesses. THESE ‘people’ are evil. And any good-evil tug in every human that Alethea believes exists…I think evil won out on this one.

      • Alethea says:

        “I’m sick, Andre. I have illnesses. THESE ‘people’ are evil.”

        Although I know what Andre’ meant, I think that what you said here Serieve is of vital importance. I don’t say this to be critical of Andre’ or to pick on him. I say this because it is very important to distinguish between “sick” and evil. Illness is having a sickness. I think there are truly mentally ill people, but not many, compared to the vast majority of just plain self-oriented, selfish people who care more about their own selves and their desires than other human beings.

        • Andre' says:

          I think you are being rational about it, these people are broken, they have NO conscience to even consider morality.

          • Serieve Marie Elizabeth Andrews says:

            Your point being?

            • Andre' says:

              Its a far bigger problem than just one family in a trailer. Its multi generational abuse, usually that never gets examined. Just like the elite pedophile ghouls who have been doing it since at least rome.

  3. Darrell Williams says:

    I some what agree. But abuseing or raping a child or woman and robbing banks have never crossed my mind. But if I were forced against my will then they would just have to put a bullet in my brain pan because I would do nither. Robbing a bank could lead to murder. As far as Manson goes he had his own agenda in mind and no one else mattered.

    • Andre' says:

      read about Manson and the Hippie Movement here. This is one of the most interesting article Ive read in decades. there is plenty of childhood abouse thrown in too - This is the original authors website –

      • Darrell Williams says:

        I know Manson like the back of my hand, He, Ted Bundy, and many others were subjects of my Criminal law classes. I am a criminal profiler person.(retired)

        • Alethea says:

          Darrell, that is a fascinating field to me. Had my life been different, I would love to have done something like this.

          Do you have any real background on Ted Bundy’s childhood? His family has always stated that he had a ‘normal’ family blah blah blah…and the media don’t usually dig any deeper than the apple pie version of a killer’s childhood, so I have always wondered.

          • Darrell Williams says:

            Ted Bundy was a very confused child. His mother pretended to be his sister for years. His father was unknown.It had been rumored but never proven that Bundys grandfather was actually his dad. Bundys grandfather had a temper and liked porn materials. Later when he and his mother moved to Washinton state she finially told him after some time that she was his mother. Bundy often refered to her as his sister and mother. Bundy was exposed to some very prolific porn material in his early teens. As he roamed the streets with other boys they would find porn in garbage cans or were exposed to it at the local drug store. Graphic materials of women being raped, mutalated etc. Bundy had confessed to some 28 murders. But he was suspected of seven others the first one when he was 15 years old. He was a self serving socialpathic genius. He had a degree in phycology. I could go for page after page on bundy. If you wish just type in Ted Bundy into your search on your computer and read and I mean there are endless amounts of data on Bundy and his own admission as to why he did it just before just before he was put to death in 1989. It is believed he actually murdered as many as 50 women during his life.
            If this is true he murdered approx 1.5 women for every year he had been alive. He was much more cunning than Manson. He blended into the social situation he was in. He worked the suicide hotline at one time. So he could enjoy talking people out of commiting suicide. He was very polite and kind. How ever he was evil to the core his very soul was evil. In the end Bundy blamed his early childhood exposure to graphic porn materials for his murdering ways.

            • Andre' says:

              SOMEBODY introduced Bundy to graphic sex porn OR he was part of a ritualized satanic cult that does this, just like Manson, Berkowitz, Process Church, LeVey, Aquino, etc. Even I found out West Point was brought up on allegations of ritual sexual abuse at the campus and Gulliani pretty much covered it up.

              • Darrell Williams says:

                Oh ladies what a debate has been started over the orginal topic. We have covered Manson, Bundy, and even the son of sam was mentioned. People I would love to stay up and debate all night if I could but this old man has to get his sleep. Everyone have a good night and forget this horriable world for a little while. Good night all. Bless you.

            • Alethea says:

              Thank you Darrell. That’s right, I do recall that Ted Bundy was deceived about his real mother. I spoke with someone this morning that told me something that indicates that his grandfather was indeed his father.

              All of this, combined with Bundy’s “grandfather’s” temper and porn obsession are enough to cause his subconscious mind to develop indescribable rage, and rage against women in particular for the betrayal.

              As you know, pornogrpahy is often violent. It mixes sex with violence and it does so graphically and subliminally.

              “In the end Bundy blamed his early childhood exposure to graphic porn materials for his murdering ways.”

              He has a right to include this as part of a cocktail of subconscious energies that he could not handle. Porn, abuse, betrayal, lies, violence in the home etc. all have the power to afflict his subconscious mind and to cause him to let it control him.

              Thanks for taking the time to write this. One day I will look his information online.

        • Andre' says:

          Read the article I posted. Ill bet they get into aspects they didnt teach in college. so now I have a question – how do you prosecute a ruling pedophile elite with judges, lawyers, police, politicians, famous celebrities,etc who engage in child rape/prostitution/porn and snuff films? How do you arrest these people and convict them ? Tell me because I want to know.

          • Darrell Williams says:

            Dear Andre’ If I had the answer to your question. I promise you there would be no such activity going on. The only answer I have is to We would not be talking about it. These’s actions have been going on at least as far back as recorded history. It was considered normal by the romans for a man to take a young boy as a mate before he wed a woman. You never know who is untill they are caught when it’s to late. My advice to you is to become active in your community and become an observer of your surroundings and environment. Report promtly any kind of unusual activitys. If you have children be there for them be in there lives in everything they do. Guide them, advise them, point out certain things to them.
            be their friend so they will talk to you about things. be involved in their activitys. Let teachers and others in your area that you are aware of your childrens activitys. Hold them, tell them you love them and often.

          • Serieve Marie Elizabeth Andrews says:

            Sadly…you don’t. WE don’t.

        • Alethea says:

          Darrell, I tried to send you an email but your email address failed. If you get this comment, can you please help me find the best source on the childhood, and mind, of Ted Bundy. I sort of need the information as soon as possible and can’t spend a lot of time doing a lot of searches that might lead me no where.

          If you cannot tell me the best source, maybe you at least know if Ted Bundy’s mother (AKA his “sister”) looked a lot like his victims when she was their age? I cannot find any photos of her at that age, or very few photos of her at all.

          I am also very interested in finding a good source on his grandfather being his real father.

          Thanks for any help you can provide.
          This is important to me if you can help at all.

  4. Darrell Williams says:

    AS soon as I read this horriable case of child abuse and murder I did as suggested. I sent email to the judge and the prosicuter requesting the full sentence by law to be applied to Mrs. Rinehart.

    This woman is just as evil as her husband and should actually be charged with murder also she was present.
    The idea of a mother allowing this to happen to a child is beyond anything I can say. Other than hang em high!

    • Alethea says:

      Thank you Darrell. When people take action, it sends things in a shift that, might be ever so slight, but it moves the Universe in the direction of the protection of children.

      As you know, evil is allowed to exist because of the so-called “good” people who do nothing.

      THANK YOU!

    • Andre' says:

      I wanted to reply here as thread was getting thin again. Because what I am seeing is in our public school system, are people in positions of authority, principals, superintendents and teachers taking advantage of students. One girl I knew, she said she was 9 when she started having a “relationship” with her school teacher. So I would never send my children to public school to begin with along with all its other problems. I would never send my child out intot the world without some fighting capacity such as close combat, and id show them how to use a gun as soon as they could walk. Society is mentally ill and for the most part people cant take responsibility for their actions. What set me on this path of knowledge over 30 years ago, was I asked a sister of a girl I liked “about her sister and what was up” and she said to me was, “Her sister was sexually abused and ‘sold her soul to Satan'” I am suspecting that there was more going on than the sister told me of a more organized nature, with adults involved. So here I am.

      • Alethea says:

        Society isn’t mentally ill.

        Self-oriented, self-driven, self-centered unconscious people are allowing their evil nature to drive them. The ‘self’ is not a mental illness, it is a disease of the soul.

  5. Serieve Marie Elizabeth Andrews says:

    Life imprisonment, general population, for the rest of their natural lives for BOTH of them.

    She got child endangerment because she is a woman. Let’s remember, women are ALWAYS kind, loving, gentle, nuturing, etc. They CAN’T be as evil as men; it is impossible, don’t you know? It’s like Wanda Barzee; 15 years to her husband’s likely life.

    If I’m walking down a road and see a gang-rape in progress and I watch it, am I a rapist? You bet. If I ‘just’ drive the getaway car for the person who robbed a bank, am I also a bank robber? Absolutely. What is between my legs, my hormones, my chromosomes, my gender identity and expression, etc. would have – should have – no releavence in 99% of the crimes I could decide to commit.

    I remember seeing either an interview or reading an article about this woman (the victim). She’s…broken.

    Yes, child endangerment is NOT enough.

    But incest does not matter. Sex matters only if a stranger has sex against you; not if it’s the daddy and especially if it is mommy.

    Hell, my therapist and I are still trying to decide – should I rob a bank or rape a child (should I ever decide to become a criminal)?

    As we say ‘Can’t take people’s money; oh, no, that’s bad! But rape a child…eh, we’ll get back to you on that.’

    It’s not meant to be funny. We say it to make a very sad point sometimes in my therapy sessions:

    In North America – Canada particularly, you get more time for robbing a bank, insurance fraud, embezzlement, etc. than you do if you rape someone or abuse them for years. One can rape a woman on the street and get eight years in prison in some States. Or, you can rape your own daughter for 6 years repeatedly – and get three months’ probation, family therapy with your victim, reunification, a ‘don’t do that again, sir; now that we’ve told him he’ll stop’ and you can continue sexually assaulting your children for years.

    With just a child endangerment charge.

    That’s ridiculous!

    You know, maybe manson was on to something. How bad is murder, really, when you don’t care that millions are living – already murdered – in your own backyard, sometimes literally?

    I hate the world. I don’t like most people

    • Alethea says:

      You are right Serieve. I’m sure some law must exist that would have provided for more than child endangerment for Linda Rinehart. But because she is a woman, she got a huge break.

      “But incest does not matter. Sex matters only if a stranger has sex against you; not if it’s the daddy and especially if it is mommy.”

      Sad, but very true.

      “I hate the world. I don’t like most people.”

      I can relate to these feelings. I used to hate the world, but I do still see so much beauty and love too. However, the world is harsh and hard. Life is full of pain and suffering. I have much disappointment in humanity and I am grateful that I don’t follow the masses, and that I am “different” from most people.

      It’s hard to like most people. Human beings are selfish and self-absorbed. They are uninformed, don’t even stop to rescue a stray dog, and cheat on their spouses with their spouse’s best friend. They throw garbage in nature and laugh at the misery of others. I just try to love their soul, not who they are in their human body. It’s all I can do.

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