25 Year-Old Woman Charged With Having Sex With Two Small Children and a Dog

In a suburb of Minneapolis Minnesota, a 25-year-old woman has been charged with two counts of first degree criminal sexual conduct and one count of bestiality.

Earlier this month, Krystal Violet Norby was investigated and then arrested for engaging in sex acts with two small children and a dog. Police say Norby sent images of the crimes across the Internet and the Child Exploitation Unit of the Toronto Police Service in Canada, got a hold of the images. According to reports, their investigation quickly led them to Norby. Toronto police located Norby in an undercover online chat sting, and with the help of the U.S. Postal Service.

Norby’s bail was only set at $60,000 with formal pre-trial supervision, and a conditional bail of $40,000 was also set. Her conditions for release is that she have no contact with children, computers, cameras or animals.

So, once again, a woman is allowed a low bail and to be free –even after police say they have images of her having sex with children. I also feel sorry for the poor dog. Out of all the species on earth, I think human beings are the lowest of the low. How does God expect me to love the soul of someone like this? I don’t think I can.

The children from the images are now in protective custody.


I am adding this after-note. This morning I wrote, how does God expect me to love the soul of someone like this woman? I have since done some reflection and meditation.  I know that many of my readers don’t understand this, because they don’t know about subconscious drives, but these degenerates are driven by their subconscious. Their soul is suffering. Their soul is not (yet) in as much pain as their victims, but it suffers nonetheless. My spiritual decision is to have compassion for the suffering of the soul of these degenerates, and to continue to have the courage and strength to strive for justice for victims. I know that the demonic side drives humans to  molest, abuse, and murder. I will love the Christ power that exists within them, and hope that one day that power will over-ride their evil nature, and their love nature will triumph with sorrow over what they have done.



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3 Responses to 25 Year-Old Woman Charged With Having Sex With Two Small Children and a Dog

  1. Darrell Williams says:

    In my opinion this woman is a member of a pack of internet sexual perverts. It would appear to me that she was given a deal of low bail because she has promised the police she would help them in the investigation of this pack of internet sexual perverts. She has been caught red handed and given bail. I don’t think the police will let her out of their site. She will still stand trial. Animalistic yes. Lowest of the human race actually sub human in my opinion. As the human race increases in population we will have more and more of this kind of activity. Which leaves myself at odds with religion all together. Animals like this are quick to use modern types of communication. This is why any decent parent will be proactive in their childs life and teach them about people like this. The moral fabric of the human race is seriously in danger. Some people depending on their childhood back ground have lost that internal moral alarm not to do such things. While others were taught to ignore their internal alarm. Of course there are those animals out there who have no excuse they were born bad.

    • Alethea says:

      Hi Darrell. You will notice an amendment to my comment about trying to love the soul of degenerates.

      I agree with you about the plea deal, that is probably very true.

      It is not only population increase, but the power of the anti-Christic nature that permeates our world. It has grown stronger in the past four decades.

      • Serieve Marie Elizabeth Andrews says:

        I read the post and the ammendement.

        I’ve never strived to be popular, so here goes…

        I don’t give a crap about her soul. I don’t care if her SOUL is suffering. I don’t care if she has one. I don’t care if she doesn’t have one.

        I care about only those children, and not necessarily their souls. I care about the dog. I care about these two children.

        ‘The woman’s soul is suffering.’
        Let’s say your right, Alethea.

        …So what her soul suffers? I hope it does; I think the children and the dog are suffering more, and if they are not, they deserve more attention, compassion, empathy, therapy and what have you than this deranged object.

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