E! Entertainment Specal: When Women Kill, Jan. 26 – Monsters and Critics

“E! examines how four women went down the path to murder when the E! Entertainment Special: When Women Kill premieres Wednesday, January 26 at 10pm ET/PT only on E!

The disappearance of 8-year-old Sandra Cantu from her Tracy, California home in 2009 gripped the nation.


(Melissa Huckaby)

This E! special takes a close look at former Sunday School teacher Melissa Huckaby – Sandra’s neighbor and mother of a 5-year-old herself – who eventually admitted to kidnapping and murdering Sandra. Huckaby’s own mother and aunt, who continue to support Melissa, spoke with E! They share the experience of having two families shaken to the core by Huckaby’s actions, and the fact that she was diagnosed with a mental illness only after she was in police custody. Ultimately, Huckaby avoided the death penalty, though she will spend the rest of her life in prison for murdering Sandra Cantu.”

“Susan Wright was a young stay-at-home mother of two from Texas who stabbed her husband Jeffery 193 times before burying his body in a shallow grave at their home. Wright later admitted to the killing as an act of self defense after suffering years of domestic abuse.

She was convicted of murder and initially given 25 years in prison, although her sentence was reduced to 20 years, after an appeal.

E! presents viewers with testimony and footage from the trial, along with insight from all attorneys involved.

Andrea Petrosky is the subject of another tragic story. She was a wife mother of two who grew up in rural Virginia plagued by depression and incapacitating migraines.

In a phone interview with E!, Petrosky talks about being an unhappy child despite being brought up in a loving home, and the unchecked mental illness that led her to have marital affairs, and attempt suicide twice—all before committing the horrifying act of violence that landed her in prison in 2006.

In addition, viewers will hear the chilling 911 call Petrosky made, in which she admitted to killing her only son. Petrosky speaks with E! about her life in prison, and where her relationship stands with her, now adult, surviving daughter. We also go behind bars to hear from Elizabeth Romero, a mother of eight children who was convicted of solicitation of capital murder and sentenced to 12 years in prison.

Don’t miss these terrible, true tales of heartbreak inflicted by seemingly unassuming wives and mothers when “E! Entertainment Special: When Women Kill” premiering Wednesday, January 26 at 10pm ET/PT only on E!”


E Entertainment Special

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6 Responses to E! Entertainment Specal: When Women Kill, Jan. 26 – Monsters and Critics

  1. Angel J says:

    Alethea, MH did not use a Cross to violate Sandra to make that clear. It was a metal Rolling PIN – disgusting to even have to type this.

    Sandra was an innocent victim in all of this. MH knew Sandra in her world as a playmate to her Daughter. Sandra contributing within the mobile home community, her wanting to be helpful to others. Everyone knew Sandra. All loved her. All offering she was kind, sweet, and helpful.
    Sandra was chosen not only that she was available – Because MH wanted a child that everyone knew so it would RIVET the entire community, State and possibly gain national attention. MH got her Wish. All was for MH to gain notoriety, using Sandra for her fame. MH worked very hard to obtain this, she is not insane, she is diabolical. She chose Sandra.

    Her family is covering for her. Her family to even state MH was clinically unstable, yet they allowed MH to walk away ” from Doctor’s” because MH claimed she was fine. Her MH to be caretaker of her own children. Two. One to be removed. One for her to keep. I have looked into all aspects of everyone within the dynamics.. There are others guilty within Sandra’s Death. They know who they are. They hide behind their cloth, age and reputation. One day they will find they are not as Holy as they think they are. I doubt they will ever See Sandra in the after world. She is in a place that they will never know.

    • Alethea says:

      Hey, thanks Angel. I have corrected myself. You are right, it was a rolling pin. Wasn’t it used in the church for something though?

      Thanks for the comment, it was a good one.

  2. Alethea says:

    This program was pretty disappointing. They stuck to the superficial version of everything and just tried to put psychiatric labels on Melissa Huckaby.

    They needed to dig into WHY she sexually abused a little girl in the church where she taught Sunday school –her grandfather’s Church.

    Did someone in her religious family sexually abuse Melissa? Did Melissa see and experience a religious hypocrite growing up? Did she transfer her rage over a sexual abuser’s religious hypocrisy onto the little girl?

    Did she try to kill what she wanted to kill in herself, by killing Sandra Cantu?

    There are complex subconscious reasons for child abuse and murder. I wish the mental health professionals, reporters, and the general public understood this.

  3. Andre' says:

    you see, men can be just as evil as women 🙂

  4. Darrell Williams says:

    I must say that this was one case the police solved pretty quick. She left enough evidence behind it left no dought that she did it. But who knows her Grand father preacher may have involved. She did admit to violateing the child with a religious cross. There was also pryer knowage of her having drugged the children she abused. However they were not able save the child because she was already dead before she was reported missing I believe. This animal I certainly hope will be sent to death. I recently read where the state of North Carolina is considering reactivating old sparky as they call an electric chair. For starters I think every responsiable parent should get on the internet and seek out and report such porn and chat sites to the athoritys. If the local police won’t do anything then go to your local congressman, If that doesn’t work appeal to higher goverment. But I have also quite a bit of luck by drafting a letter to my local congressman on other unrelated manners. Crag’s list should be shut down and so does the site backpage.com.
    There is one very grapic pornagraphic site I am currently working on shutting down. Because a child only needs to know the url of the site which I won’t mention and they are in.

    • Alethea says:

      Darrell, I think they gave her life in prison without parole in exchange for her pleading guilty, and for not letting them officially charge her of the sexual abuse of that innocent little nine year-old. I only hope that Sandra was drugged when that monster violated her with a cross. This woman was not only driven by her subconscious malignancies, but by Satan himself.

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