Incest Victim Shows Sorrow and Grief in Courtroom After Her Mother Sentenced

“After all the tears, anger and scary nights, the daughter still had it in her heart Tuesday to refer to her mother in court as “my mom.”

Linda Rinehart probably shouldn’t have counted on such a familiar gesture. She was there for sentencing on charges of sitting by while her husband carried on an incestuous relationship with their daughter that lasted for years and produced four babies.

Rinehart, 49, of Harrisonville, had pleaded guilty instead of going to trial for child endangerment and hindering prosecution. She received a seven-year prison term.

Saying she didn’t know about the abuse would not have been much of a defense. Much of it took place as the family, which included three other daughters, slept nights in a crowded, overhead pickup camper.

Last June, the victim daughter, now 21, tearfully and at times angrily told the whole story at her father’s trial that ended with Danial Rinehart being sentenced to 22 years for incest, murder and abandonment of a corpse.

Linda Rinehart had told investigators that she was jealous of her daughter and stayed with her husband because she wasn’t good enough to find somebody else.

Still, on Tuesday, while watching her mother being handcuffed after sentencing, the daughter jerked her head away and cried.”

My notes: This shows that no matter what a parent does to a child, the child can still (and most often does) retain love for their abuser. I have read many cases of children and adults who state in court that they still love their abuser. Children often deny to police that abuse is taking place or accept blame because of their unconditional love for the parent.

“Just moments earlier in the Cass County courtroom, Prosecutor Teresa Hensley read the daughter’s statement: “It hurts me to know my mom could have been there for me and help me. I wish I had a mom I could talk to and hang out with, but that will never happen.”

Circuit Judge Mike Wagner told the daughter that no child should ever suffer the abuse she did and that he wished the court had the power to make her pain go away.

“But now only God and time can do that,” Wagner said.

He then turned to the defendant.

“There are animals out there who will fight to protect their young, and you let this happen to your daughter,” Wagner told Rinehart. “You robbed her of her childhood and she will live with what happened to her for the rest of her life.”

Good for the judge. I’m so happy that he pointed this out to Linda Rinehart.


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5 Responses to Incest Victim Shows Sorrow and Grief in Courtroom After Her Mother Sentenced

  1. Serieve Marie Elizabeth Andrews says:

    It’s called bonding, unconditional whatever. It took me about several months to get to the point where ‘mom’ became ‘Debbie,’ or ‘Debra’ when I spoke of her.

    Half the time I called her mom, not out of meaning to me, but out of clarity for my therapist – no, I’m not talking about my uncle, my french teacher, the special education teacher, the 3 neighbourhood boys and a girl, the vice-principal, the woman at the shelter – I’m talking about MY MOTHER.

    Whatever the judge pointed out to linda – really, do you think she cares? A person who stays with a man because she ‘can’t to any better’ in a situation like this is a narcissist. Jealous of her ‘competition-‘ wow. It’s not that he even liked his wife likely, he got a wife to have a child so that he could rape the child! My father did the exact same thing. I don’t believe this man married his wife for the wife – because he loved her – he married her because he knew he would enable him to rape their child. ‘Hey, you let me rape what I want and you might get a boy in exchange!’

    I hope she dies. I hope he dies. I hope they are both attacked in prison and killed.

    In, what, less than 7 years likely, she will be free to repeat everything she was sentenced for.

    Way to go, judge and state law. Brillant you are, really.

    • Alethea says:

      Hi Serieve, well yes, bonding, but maybe more than that. A person can bond to many different people. The parent/child relationship is unique in many ways.

      It took me until age forty to call my mother her first name and to mean it. This was a very strong move on my part. This began to break the emotional attachment that I had to her as “my mother.” I haven’t tried it to her face yet though. I wonder how that would go over! I rarely see her.

      I don’t think Linda Rinehart would take in what the judge said to her in that moment, but her soul heard those words. The soul knows the truth when it is spoken and part of that goes into the mind of the person. They don’t always know it or recognize it right away, but down the road, it usually affects the person in a positive way –be it remorse, self-reflection, or just an understanding of it as truth.

      • Serieve Marie Elizabeth Andrews says:

        Here is one area you and I disagree greatly. She’s evil. In my opinion, she will NEVER have any positive anything in regards to what the judge said. I don’t think she cares. I don’t think she cares if her soul DOESN’T care right now. It’s all ‘Linda, Linda, Linda.’ What LINDA wanted; not ‘what is in my child’s best interest?”

        So her ‘soul’ knows the truth. I don’t care about her soul!!! because I don’t think Linda cares.

        • Alethea says:

          Every human being has good and evil inside of them. Linda Rinehart, you, me, Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, your neighbors, your parents, Mother Theresa, every person on earth has good and evil inside of them.

  2. Darrell Williams says:

    The Judges last words to this woman were very true.
    In the animal kingdom the female will either run the male mate off when the new born arrive or even kill the male mate or male animal. The Penguin is the only animal I know that the male will sit on the egg until it hatches. The mother’s work is done after she lays the egg.If allowed to stay around the male will eat their young.

    The womans words spoken as to why she had not reported the abuse was very selfish and self centered. I could care less if I ever got another mate in this case either he would have went or I would have taken the children and left.

    The woung womans compassion for her mother after all that had happened over the years is profoundly kind.

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