31 Year-Old Teacher Caught Naked With 16 Year-Old Boy in Her SUV: “Experts” Say The Boy Will Suffer From PTSD…Oh Please!

Loveland Co.— Thirty-one year old, Courtney Bowles, has been arrested on suspicion of sexual assault, after a police officer says she found the teacher and a 16 year-old boy naked and having sex in Bowles’ car.

The two were approached after dark in a closed public park in northern Colorado.  When the officer saw that Bowles and the boy were naked and having sex, she questioned them. The boy lied by saying that he was 21. After some time, the boy finally admitted to his real age.


Bowles also faces charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Vodka was found at the scene, and the boy is said to have been intoxicated.

Nancy Grace spent about 45 minutes reporting on this case on her show Jan 27th, 2011. Her panel of “experts” included a Harvard psychiatrist who stated that the boy will likely suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and that he will probably have nightmares and anxiety problems.

As much as I think this teacher is a child abuser, and as perverted as her thinking is, this young boy will most likely NOT suffer from PTSD. He will probably have no physical problems at all. The chances of a 16 year-old boy having gone through trauma from having sex with a 31 year-old female teacher are slim and none. Don’t misunderstand me; this woman is a sexual perpetrator, and she took advantage of a young teenage boy. She totally violated her role as a teacher and as an adult woman. She should pay for her crime. However! It is so ridiculous that a Harvard psychiatrist would say that the boy will probably suffer from PTSD and nightmares. This is a total slap in the face to TRUE trauma victims.

Maybe the alcohol was given to the boy so he would be less inhibited, and this is an abuse on the teacher’s part, but I can almost guarantee that the boy will not, and does not feel sexually abused, and certainly not traumatized. This woman is not bad or old-looking, so I doubt the alcohol was for him to get through something gross. He is 16 years-old, he has most likely drank alcohol before, and probably had some kind of sex before. Even if he was a virgin and never drank alcohol, this kid was not traumatized. Let’s be honest shall we? It probably felt great.

Trauma is a seven year-old child being raped by an adult male on a cold bathroom floor. Trauma is experiencing death threats with a weapon, or being beaten bloody with a belt. Trauma is being held down and unable to breathe, while being violently molested. Trauma indicates terror, helplessness, either witnessing or being a victim of death, of a death threat, or serious injury. I highly doubt that this 16 year-old boy got in this woman’s car against his will, or that he felt helpless while having sex with her. I’m not saying it can’t happen, but let’s use some common sense here. The kid certainly did not yell out to the officer, “Help me, I’m being raped!” He lied about his age because he most assuredly knew that the woman could be arrested.

Nancy Grace and her other panel members even encouraged this idea of the kid being traumatized and that he will suffer later in life. What a bunch of nincompoops, and the psychiatrist is irresponsible, and guilty of professional stupidity. What kind of nonsense do they teach at Harvard? Remember this is the same school who brought us, Susan Clancy, who says that child sexual abuse is “rarely” painful or terrifying and that children are not always abused against their will.

When the psychiatrist on Nancy Grace proclaimed that this teen will suffer trauma symptoms, he immediately minimized the experiences and after-affects of true trauma victims. He makes rape and child abuse a joke.

For now, Bowles has been released from jail and from her duties. The married mother of two, is also not allowed to be around any children under the age of 18, including her own.

Please note, that I am referring to physical trauma. It is still possible for this boy to experience emotional upheaval and psychological after-effects from the loss of his relationship (sex abuse) with this woman and her betrayal of his trust.


CNN Headline News, Nancy Grace, Jan 27th 2011

Reporter Herald



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14 Responses to 31 Year-Old Teacher Caught Naked With 16 Year-Old Boy in Her SUV: “Experts” Say The Boy Will Suffer From PTSD…Oh Please!

  1. Alethea –

    Bravo –

    Thank you so much for being a voice of reason.

  2. Whether the boy will suffer long-term effects has – in my opinion – far more to do with what occurs in the aftermath: the worldwide publicity, and embarrassement of getting caught the way they did; his parents & neighbors & classmates reactions. And If the kid watches 30 minutes of Nancy Grace he may well indeed be scarred for life.

    I personally view the “expert” as playing to the audience, his moment of fame far more damaging than the teacher.

    The relationship itself can – in my opinion – be considerably the least of his stressors.

    I am in no way condoning any aspect of this, but as a male who was 15 when seduced by my mother’s “best friend” I can honestly say that it depends on the individuals involved. My personal relationship with a 40-year old woman was loving & kind, and the memories are good ones. I would likely be pretty scarred by the whole matter, however, if our relationship had been memorialized on the internet & Jay Leno.

  3. bob says:

    In my humble personal opinion, this author has no idea what they’re are talking about. I’m not claiming to be an expert on PTSD or sexual abuse (and I particularly hate Nancy Grace’s sensationalist journalism) but I am married to a man that was molested by his teacher when he was 13. It’s still a difficult issue for him to talk about. Part of what makes it so difficult is ignorant people saying things like “it probably felt great.” It did because sex feels good but that is where the dichotomy lies. It may have physically felt good (which is commonly reported by rape/molestation victims of any age) but psychologically he still feels dirty and ashamed, as ANY molestation victim would. Hearing this author refer to younger or physical abuse victims as “true trauma victims” is beyond offensive and frankly, breaks my heart. This article and others like it are the proverbial two steps back of progress.

    • Alethea says:

      Dear Bob,

      There is a big difference between a 13 year old and a 16 year old.

      I’m sorry that you took offense to “true trauma victims” but a 16 year-old boy did not experience trauma by having sex with a 31 year-old female. Please look up the definition for trauma.

      I don’t like it when people lump all acts of sex abuse between adults and children into one bag, as it is NOT all the same by any means. Saying that this 16 year-old will be damaged by this is ridiculous. It wasn’t even his own teacher. She was just a teacher that worked at the school as a consultant.


      • Serieve Marie Elizabeth Andrews says:

        I both disagree & agree. I think the 16-year-old could be negatively affected by having a 31 year old be sexual against him.

        I say ‘against’ because if one is a teacher they should not be having sex ‘with’ a student, theirs or any other teachers’. That it may be his teacher or not matters nothing to me.

        At the same time, the 16-year-old might be feeling pretty good. Society says it is bad if a 16 year old GIRL has sex with a teacher, but if a 16-year-old BOY has sex because a teacher wanted to, well, aren’t they lucky that they ‘got some.’

        I didn’t see the Nancy Grace show. Do I think the author of the post was harsh? Yes.
        Do I think she ‘went over the line? Yes.
        Do I also think she made good points? Yes.
        I could write a post in response, but I don’t care too. Do I think NG and the ‘experts’ are right about this boy experiencing actual, clinical definition signs of PTSD? Not at all. By definition, Alethea may have got one thing correct: It is likely this boy was traumatized. And I mean the definition of trauma. Trauma applied to this case by the definition that it is makes little sense. At the same time, I think this boy could have both positive and negative effects from being ‘chosen.’ So she worked as a consultant & wasn’t his ‘real’ teacher;’ big deal. But PTSD? I don’t think so.

        Those that have been physically abused DO suffer. They CAN be traumatized. At times, comparisons of what ‘real’ trauma is and ‘real’ pain is simply not useful. ‘True trauma victim’ could be debated over and over from many different angles. I’ve known people traumatized by being in or witnessing a car accident; I’ve known others who are not. We are all different; we can be very similar, but different too.

        I will never speak with this boy; in this case, I withold most of my judgement because I just don’t know.

        PTSD though? As in DSM defined PTSD? I would think it unlikely.

        But you never know.

        Hopefully, this boy will get some assistance to realize that even if your teacher wants to have sex – and even if you want the teacher too – this is NOT something that should take place.

        • Serieve Marie Elizabeth Andrews says:

          I meant: By definition, Alethea may have got one thing correct:

          It is likely this boy was traumatized.

          This should read: It is UNLIKELY this boy was traumatized.

        • Alethea says:

          Hi Serieve,

          Of course a teacher should not be having sex with a student, but you can’t use that fact to say that the 16 year-old will be badly affected by it. A teacher violating her role as a teacher and as an adult, does not mean the teen will feel violated. This was a young-looking, somewhat attractive 31 year-old woman, and she was not his teacher.

          If a 16 year old girl had had sex with a young looking somewhat attractive 31 year-old man, who was a teacher, but not her teacher, then there is a good chance she too would have enjoyed it and would NOT be traumatized. However, there is a difference between a 16 year-old boy and a 16 year-old girl. Society is right when they say the boy will feel he had ‘gotten some’ and would probably brag about it. That’s how boys feel, and who is to judge that?

          A 16 year-old female might feel shame (or be made to feel shame by society), but that is understandable for her to feel. There is a psychological and physiological difference between boys and girls, men and women. I don’t care what people try and do to make that untrue. It is scientifically impossible to consider the psyche of males and females as the same.

          Truth is harsh Serieve. You know that. You think I ‘went over the line’ with my article, but you did not witness the ignorance, the outright negligence on the part of the psychiatrist and the rest of the so-called “expert” panel. Maybe if you had, you too would have been angry enough to want to voice the truth “harshly.”

          I stick to my use of “True trauma victims” because what I witnessed on that N.G program, was a so-called expert making child sexual abuse out to be a joke. To compare this 16 year-old’s experience of having a wanted sex act –to a rape victim– is absolutely outrageous.

    • Serieve Marie Elizabeth Andrews says:

      I agree with most of what you say. I think it IS a two step backwards approach at times to say ‘well, person X is traumatized; but person W is not or should not be.

      At the same time, if one looks at the actual definition of trauma, the author made a couple good points that I agree with. I disagree with HOW she said it, but I see her viewpoint [excluding the ‘true trauma victim bit, that both confuses me & could be debated about from so many angles I just won’t get into it too much] and I see yours.

      I admire and respect the fact that you came here and spoke your truth – you found the author’s blog post offensive and you SAID it. Kudos.

  4. Anonymous says:

    It seems more & more women teacher are having sex with their students…and sad thing is there is double standards when it comes to their punishment. I’m sick of them getting barely anything,yet a male teacher gets far worse punishment. They’re both in the wrong, and both should be treated the same!

  5. Bob says:

    I completely agree with the author on this one regarding how ridiculous NG was being on this subject, along with the pyschiatrist. Not only will the boy not be traumatized, he will be bragging to his friends how great it was and probably wishes it will happen again. He just made A-list status at the school.

  6. Iagree says:

    I agree, the stress and trauma will be from the Media circus ….especially Nancy Grace show and all the performance and drama that was shown for an hour over and over. Her “performance” alone was drama filled and uncalled for. More ratings.

  7. Andre' says:

    The stress and trauma will be from the legal media circus that will play out in public. He was 16 he had volition, he wasnt forced, thats for sure. But WHAT was SHE thinking ?

    • Alethea says:

      It seems as though there are more and more women who are desperately seeking to fill some emotional void or deep insecurity, and think that temporarily being with a young teen, who happens to show them some attention and who provides sexual chemistry, will cure that.

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