Police: Babysitter Murdered By Her Employer

“(CNN) — A body found near Lubbock, Texas, has been identified as that of a baby sitter seen in a motel surveillance video with a longtime family friend charged in the case, authorities said Wednesday.

The medical examiner identified the remains found Monday about seven miles outside of the city as belonging to Elizabeth Ennen, 15. She had been strangled, Capt. Greg Stevens told CNN.

Source: LSO

Stevens told reporters that Humberto Salinas Jr., 45, [above]was being held on a $250,000 bond on an aggravated kidnapping charge. Police are talking with the district attorney about taking a murder charge to the grand jury, he said.

Elizabeth was reported missing after baby-sitting at a motel for Salinas, who was a friend of the Ennen family and the father of her boyfriend, police said. The girl did baby-sitting jobs several times for Salinas at the motel, where he lived, police said.”

“Salinas was married and “always presented himself very respectful,” said Huckabee, who described Elizabeth as loving, caring, shy and interested in music.”

Ah yes, “He’s married, so he must be safe.”

“Police have a January 4 surveillance video of Elizabeth being taken from the Carriage House Inn, but they did not know of it when they began their investigation, Stevens told CNN. According to an arrest affidavit, the video shows Salinas holding the teen’s arm and leaving the motel, he said.

“We believe he killed her while he was gone with her,” Stevens said.

Salinas went to Elizabeth’s home and talked with her mother early January 5, police said. He helped her file an initial report, the captain said.

According to that report, Salinas said he brought Elizabeth home from the motel and went back to get her purse. When he showed up at the house, the mother asked about her daughter’s whereabouts. The suspect indicated Elizabeth might have left the neighborhood with his son, believed to be 18 or 19, Stevens said.”

So if police are correct, and Salinas killed her, he even tried to pin the crime on his son.

“He began misdirecting the investigation, leading it in the opposite direction of the truth,” the officer said.

Police initially classified the case as a runaway, but within days learned the son had a solid alibi. They began looking at the elder Salinas, who initially gave another location for the baby-sitting, said Stevens, adding police for much of the investigation believed Elizabeth had disappeared from her home.”

Police say Salinas has a conviction for injury to a child, and that he served twelve years for that crime. The report states that Salinas hit his four-month old daughter repeatedly with a steel box. “When officers asked if he was trying to kill his daughter he stated quote “I don’t know I guess I’m crazy.”

Police say Salinas was also arrested for hitting his current wife and for striking her head against the dash of a vehicle. News reports state that he paid a fine and served one day in jail. His current wife is the mother of the children that Elizabeth was babysitting when she was murdered. There is also strong indication that she was probably raped in the motel.

Parents need to do a background check on anyone their children are going to spend time alone with. Married or not, nice or not, and it doesn’t matter if they are male or female.

Women also need to do a background check on a man before they marry and have children with him.


Elizabeth, may you now be in peace.


CNN Source and Video


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5 Responses to Police: Babysitter Murdered By Her Employer

  1. jade says:

    how evil is that!!!!!! i will follow my child every day to school and not leave her if i have to go to work i can not trused baby sitters ANY MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Serieve Marie Elizabeth Andrews says:

      Hello Jade

      I wonder, if, by your post, you are saying that THIS story made you realize that you can no longer trust babysitter’s.

      I support and agree with ‘going’ to school with your child; I’d suggest walking with your child to school, seeing they get in the door, being there before the bell rings at the end of the day and walking home with them. Or, ensuring the child walk with a large group of friends – and that you know these friends – and their parents’ well.

      However, by your post, I also encourage you to remember that it was not the babysitter in this case that was dangerous. I disagree with calling the ‘man’ an employer; he was the father of this teen’s boyfriend, so, in a teen’s developmental stance – a “trusted” friend. While childcare is a paying job, it is a different from a ‘real’ job with a ‘real’ employer that one has 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

      Yes, do your research on your babysitters’. Them stating ‘I’m responsible, I’ve got First Aid/CPR is not enough’ in my opinion.

      I write the following so that others can understand and recognize perhaps what a good childcare provider should know and should WANT to know; what I do myself and what prospective young babysitters’ should be.

      When I provide prospective childcare, I meet with the parents & the child [ren] first. I provide a criminal police check, and offer references. I offer to provide a resume. I ask about the child’s routines, structures, expected discipline, allergies, possible fears. I ALWAYS ask about working fire alarms, where the first aid kit is, is there a working carbon monoxide detector, does the family have a fire safety plan? Who are the contacts if I can’t reach the parents? WHO are the contacts?

      I prefer to meet the child and spend a bit of time with the child – while the parents’ are home. If I’m going to be caring for a child the CHILD is my ’employer,’ not the parents. The parents may really like me, but if the child doesn’t or does not feel safe with me, I cannot & will not babysit the child.

      I provided childcare on a consistent basis from 12-21, providing care for those ages 8 months to 10 years. I never had an issue or problem with the parents’ or the child. ‘Sadly,’ these parents were more caring and loving from what I observed than my own parents. Many families answered my questions willingly.

      At times, wonder if 12 or 14 is too young to babysit. A ‘babysitting course,’ however legitimate, is not enough.

      I thoroughly enjoy providing childcare. I play with the children. Most babysitters I came across ignore the children; they talk on the phone. This is always confused me.

      If I am going to watch a child, the parents and I MUST understand – the most important ‘thing’ is the CHILD – ALWAYS. I speak for the child and I serve their best interests. I don’t care if the house burns down – I’d risk my life five times over to make sure the child was safe and outside.

      Which makes me wonder: did this young teen’s parents’ ever wonder about sending their child to a motel, unsupervised, to have contact with this ‘family friend?’ Personally, I don’t care about the status you have in my life – among other things, I want a criminal reference check. I wouldn’t even let my therapist near children I was watching – just because I ‘know’ her does not mean she would be or is safe enough for children. Because I DON’T KNOW, not really, I would rather be overprotective than regretful later on.

      I wish more parents would be overprotective.

      And I don’t care if you’re young: if the children you babysit for makes you feel uncomfortable in ANY way, tell someone good and healthy and that you trust. Even if it is a ‘family friend.’ It may save the children in some way, your life, your virginity, your soul, your peace of mind.

  2. Serieve Marie Elizabeth Andrews says:

    I think that goes for relatives, both immediate and extended as well. I know of a case where a grandfather had sexually abused and beat his daughters, but left the son alone. When the son had his own children, guess who he let babysit his children – without his wife’s knowledge of what the grandfather had done to his own daughters? Luckily, a daughter blew the whistle and the man’s wife left her husband and took her children.

    I’m still amazed at how parents let their children attend birthday parties and sleepovers – their children are on the front porch, an adult opens the door, says hi, and the parent is already turned away and halfway down the driveway.

    I witnessed this when I was part of a 6 & 8 year old’s party. I’d open the door, say hi, begin to say my name – and the parent would be getting in the car!

    I remember thinking, do you not think of who your children spend time with? Just because your child’s invited somewhere by another school parent for their own child does not make anyone in that house a safe person.

    I honestly wanted to stand at the front door and hand out my police check to them – and tell them WAKE UP.

    When I meet a potential ‘babysitting’ child’s parents, one of the first things I do is say “here is a copy of my CPIC.” Every parent I’ve ever encountered has looked shocked and asked why they would want or need this! “Oh, it’s okay, Serieve. We know you.”

    Yeah, you know my father too.

    Be grateful I am not like him.

    It just drives me nuts at how lazzie-faire so many parents are with their children.

    • Alethea says:

      Serieve, Sadly, I think that in many cases, the parents are just so happy to have their own time away from the children that they will allow anyone who seems “normal” to care for the kids.

  3. Andre' says:

    he looks like Anton LeVey.

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