Police: Mother Admits to Murdering Her Two Teens, One On the Way to Soccer Practice, the Other While Doing Her Homework

Tampa Florida– Police say 50 year-old Julie K. Schenecker, has killed her two teenagers, “for mouthing off.”

Authorities are reporting that Schenecker’s mother had requested someone check on the family because her daughter was depressed. When police arrived, they found Schenecker on the back porch, her clothes covered in blood.


Schenecker’s son Beau, 13, was found dead in the family SUV. Calyx  Schenecker was 16. Her body was discovered in an upstairs bedroom.

Tampa police spokeswoman Laura McElroy said Schenecker told them that her kids “talked back, that they were mouthy.”

Police say Julie shot her son while driving him to soccer practice, and then went home to shoot her daughter, who was doing homework on her computer. Julie’s daughter was shot in the back of the head and her son was shot twice in the head.

Apparently, a note was found that had been written by Julie Schenecker. Police say it stated her intent to kill her children and then herself. Investigators say Schenecker readily confessed to the crimes. Evidence shows that Julie killed her kids with a .38-caliber pistol she purchased last weekend, and that she killed them Thursday night.

Julie Schenecker was booked at county jail  on first degree murder and then transferred to Tampa General Hospital for “treatment of an existing medical condition.”

It seems as though these women often don’t find the gumption or time to kill themselves after they write their suicide note, but they seem to find the will and time to kill the kids.

I am certain that this woman’s family will defend her as having a mental illness, but why is it that she was well enough to buy the weapon, shoot her son before taking him to soccer, shoot her daughter upstairs in the bedroom, and well enough to forget to shoot herself? She didn’t kill some strangers on the street, or a bank teller, or her neighbor. She shot her kids. She was in her own mind enough to kill the people who she probably had problems with and who might have, in her mind, been stopping her from doing what she wanted in life, or who she had no patience for, or was jealous of.




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