Child Sex Ring Leader Sentenced to 25 Years For Running Sex With Young Boys “Vacations”

New York (CNN) — “A Canadian man who admitted to running a sex ring involving young boys at his home in Thailand was sentenced by a federal judge in Newark, New Jersey, to 25 years in prison, court officials said Monday.”

John Wrenshall, seen in an undated photo, was sentenced to 25 years in prison Monday for running a brothel for pedophiles in Thailand, and producing and distributing pornography involving children as young as four.

John Wrenshall has pleaded guilty to conspiracy to engage in sex tourism, conspiracy to produce child pornography and distribution of child pornography.

Since 2000, John Wrenshall, a 64 year-old Canadian, has been arranging vacation pleasures for American men who were willing to pay to have sex with, and engage in, child porn with young boys in Thailand –boys as young as four.

Wrenshall also sexually abused the boys, in order to “train” them for customers.

Wrenshall was arrested at London Heathrow Airport in December 2008. Some of his clients have been sentenced for sex tourism and other charges.

“In 2009, 2,888 people were charged with having sex with children under the age of 15 in Thailand, which has become a destination of choice for sex tourists looking to prey on children.”

Wrenshall is a former scout master and senior choir member. He was jailed for a year in 1997 for assaulting eight young choir boys as far back as 36 years ago. He was also convicted of a sexual offense against a child in 1970, and was given a suspended sentence with two years probation.

He should have gotten 25 years for EACH of his victims.




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6 Responses to Child Sex Ring Leader Sentenced to 25 Years For Running Sex With Young Boys “Vacations”

  1. Darrell Williams says:

    In 2008 over 200,000 children went missing, 50,000 were taken by one parent who had not been given coustidy. IN 1998 I was responsiable for arrest and inprisonment for 40 years of a man who was also a boy Scout leader who had molested more than five boys on a camping trip. There is no telling how many more he had molested prier. He mad the mistake of inviting me over for coffee one afternoon. He had forgotten to put his pictures of the event away. When I saw the photo’s and him in the act I got so mad that I could not hear or speak. I knew then I would have to leave or kill the SOB. I simply took one of his pictures left without saying a word he was in the kitchen. I went straight to the police department. He tried to implacate me but when all the boys were interviewed they all said they didn’t know me. I almost got locked up too. This man was an elder in the Morman Church also in charge of looking up family trees. A slap on the wrist is correct. No more than almost nothing. The only pleasure I get out of the sentence is he won’t make it out of prison alive because of his age. The Texico Oil corperation has and sponsors a group called child watch. They find missing children if still alive. Primarily children that have been stolen by an undeserving parent. Notifie the local police or FBI. Take the children and slowly reintraduce them to the parent which they had been taken from years ago. Yes and he is worst than an SOB.

    • Alethea says:

      Wow Darrell. That is some experience you had! I can imagine you were very scared when you thought they were going to charge you too. Good for you for taking action!

      You might be interested in Jack Wall’s story if you haven’t read it yet:

    • Andre' says:

      Mormons = Freemasons + Elizabeth Smart = ???’s I am absolutely convinced this planet is run by satanic pedophiles, of ALL religions. This isn’t coming from a “born again” position, this is how I see it at this point.

  2. Andre' says:

    you notice these SOB’s barely get a slap on the wrist ?

  3. Clark Kent says:

    I just came across your site, looking for information for a class I am taking. I noticed in one of the posts that you state you are a Roman Catholic. I was pretty surprised by the fact that you choose to report on an article about a man who molested s young boy when you are a filthy Catholic and belong to the LARGEST pedophile ring disguised under the name of religion. This pretty much makes you a hypocrite and a supporter of pedophiles too. Maybe even a pedophile yourself. Don’t you think? Why don’t you start to report on the sex abuse scandal in the Catholic church? Maybe you will learn that you are not so enlightened after all.

    • Alethea says:

      Dear “Mr. Kent,”

      Had you taken two minutes to personally ask me why, you would have saved yourself the embarrassment of looking like the presumptuous, ignorant fool that you are.

      Talk about hypocrites Mr. Kent. Are you a “religious” person, or a “Christian?” Because 99% of the time, it is non-Catholic “Christians” who call Catholics words like “filthy” and who are quick to attempt to demean, degrade, or personally attack others.

      Yes, I am a Roman Catholic Apostolic. Had you taken the time to email me, or personally ask me in your comment why I haven’t reported on the sex abuse issue in the Catholic Church, instead of calling me a hypocrite or a pedophile, then you would have shed enlightenment on yourself.

      I have answered your question in an entire Blogpost:

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