New and Sad Details in Case of Mother Who Murdered Her Teens

Julie Schenecker, who police say bought a gun and then within a few days, systematically shot her two teenagers, was investigated for child abuse in November.

Schenecker allegedly admitted to killing her son, Beau, 13, and her daughter Calyx, 16, because, according to police, they “talked back, they were mouthy and she was tired of it.”

A Tampa police report, filed in November 2010, stated that police visited the Schenecker home on November 6, 2010 to investigate a report made by Calyx about her mother.

Calyx had complained that her mother had hit her in the face “with an open hand” for about 30 seconds. Schenecker admitted to investigators that she “backhanded her daughter three times” but that Calyx “was not bruised or bleeding during the incident.”

Calyx had apparently stopped at a grocery store, but wouldn’t show her mother what was in the bag. Schenecker said that Calyx told her to “stay out of her business,” and that the girl said “you’re disgusting” and “you’re not my parent.” Calyx also told police her mother had hit her a month earlier and made her bleed, but she did not report it. Schenecker admitted she had hit her daughter a month earlier. No charges were ever filed for either incident.

Two days after the slapping incident with Calyx was reported to police, Schenecker was in a car accident. The Florida Hwy Patrol said she “showed signs of drug impairment.” Schenecker was charged with “careless driving.”

ABC News is reporting that an anonymous person says the father, Colonel Schenecker, and the two teens, Beau and Calyx, all attended an Al-Anon meeting three weeks ago.

“He was just like any normal dad. He was there to help his kids,” the woman said. “It was mentioned by the dad that they were there for the mother [Schenecker]…he said that she did have a drug and alcohol problem and they were here to cope with it.” Beau, 13, didn’t speak at the meeting but 16-year-old Calyx did. “Calyx started to speak and she started to say, ‘my mom.’ She said, ‘my mom’ maybe about twice. She couldn’t say any more, she started bawling,” the woman said.

Police say Schenecker’s mother said she got an e-mail from her daughter on the day of the murders in which her daughter complained that the two teens were talking back and wrote at the end of the email that it, “would all be over soon.”

“It’s hard to believe that a mother authored the notes because it’s very methodical, non-emotional description of the murder of two innocent children, of her own children. When she’s describing it, it’s just a very matter of fact, devoid of emotion, matter,” McElroy said.

Why is it so hard to believe? Because she is a woman? She is a human being. Having children does not heal people of their mental health problems, their lack of ability to love, and from hidden rage.

Army Colonel Parker Schenecker was not in court today, and news reports make it sound as though he will not be supporting his wife.

Brad Garrett, a former FBI profiler and special agent who’s now an ABC News consultant, said, “In situations where women kill their children … about 80 percent of the time, it’s driven by some mental illness issue … and what happens is women become so depressed, they believe they can’t go on in life and in some situations, they believe that it’s better that the children not go on without them there, so they kill the children, then kill themselves.”

Ah! But she didn’t kill herself. Many of these women never get around to that part. And what does this FBI profiler say about all the men out there who murder their children and wives? Would he also say that most of those men also suffer from a “mental issue.” Of course it’s a mental issue, but when do people take responsibility for their actions?

Police say that not only did Schenecker write a suicide note and forget to kill herself, but she also wrote “detailed notes” planning the murders, and after she killed her children, she wrote more detailed notes which described the crimes.

Investigators report that Schenecker was not remorseful when she was arrested and no remorse was seen during her confession to the crimes.

“I see a woman in shock. That uncontrollable shaking is one of the symptoms of shock,” Garrett, the former FBI agent, said. “You’ve got shock, trauma and probably very little will to live.”

This is one thing I will agree with the experts about. Schenecker was shaking uncontrollably when they removed her from the home. She looked as if she had a neurological problem. I would not be surprised if there is a history of child sexual abuse or some kind of trauma in Schenecker’s childhood, and yes, probably very little will to live, but enough will to not kill herself after killing her beautiful teenagers.

Calyx and Beau have been described by many as star athletes and top students. A Facebook page has been created in their honor. May they rest in peace.



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5 Responses to New and Sad Details in Case of Mother Who Murdered Her Teens

  1. Andre' says:

    My number one question is – what SSRI or anti depressant drugs etc was she on? This is something many people do not discuss and want to overlook. They always seem to gloss over it, because she was depressed. Fact is these drugs make you homicidal/suicidal. Then add whatever recreational/alcohol drugs/pills etc add that to the mix.

    • Alethea says:

      Thank you Andre’ I meant to bring that up but totally forgot. Psychotropic drugs don’t work. They merely suppress all the dysfunction, pain and rage. For many people on these drugs, one day the cork pops off and the person goes on a rampage of killing or psychotic behavior.

      But we can’t forget that this woman killed her kids. She did not blow away a guy on the street who cut her off in traffic. She did not kill a customer service rep who was rude to her, or a neighbor who parked in her driveway. She killed the people who she had built up resentment and anger for, maybe even jealousy.

      The human soul lays its own seed for good or for evil. There is always a seed of some kind; the seed is nurtured with good thoughts or poisoned with bad thoughts, and the seed grows into love or evil. If a woman has any resentment for her children or her children’s father and the mother’s resentment, stress, or anger is triggered, she might very well take that rage out on the child when she comes to a point of desperation.

      • Alethea says:

        Immediately after posting this comment, I clicked on my email and saw this article had just come in:

        “Some medications have been linked to an increased risk for violent, even homicidal behavior. A recent study identified 31 drugs that are disproportionately linked with violent behavior.

        Time Magazine lists the top ten offenders:

        1. Varenicline (Chantix): The number one violence-inducing drug on the list, this anti-smoking medication is 18 times more likely to be linked with violence when compared to other drugs
        2. Fluoxetine (Prozac): This drug was the first well-known SSRI antidepressant
        3. Paroxetine (Paxil): Another SSRI antidepressant, Paxil is also linked with severe withdrawal symptoms and a risk of birth defects
        4. Amphetamines: (Various): Used to treat ADHD
        5. Mefoquine (Lariam): A treatment for malaria which is often linked with reports of strange behavior
        6. Atomoxetine (Strattera): An ADHD drug that affects the neurotransmitter noradrenaline
        7. Triazolam (Halcion): This potentially addictive drug is used to treat insomnia
        8. Fluvoxamine (Luvox): Another SSRI antidepressant
        9. Venlafaxine (Effexor): An antidepressant also used to treat anxiety disorders
        10. Desvenlafaxine (Pristiq): An antidepressant which affects both serotonin and noradrenaline”

        Full article:

        • Andre' says:

          yeah I saw that, Im not sure but I think I saw Luvox around my parents house. I hope Im wrong. What was she supposed to do? She goes and seeks help but they make it worse!

  2. R.I.P. young ones.
    Such a sad case for so many reasons.

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